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Any assistance from Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions is combined with a solid case management process. The non-profit organization and its partners arrange everything from applications to emergency rent or utility assistance to food from a pantry or Bag lunches Another focus is on addressing basic medical needs, and that may include referrals to community clinics in Hampton  or similar services.

HELP will strive to provide short term assistance to income qualified clients in the form of temporary financial support. This will be short term though, and is limited. After the crisis has been averted, the next step is to help families become stabilized. This will involve the creation of a case management plan which will take part with one-on-one counseling. The goal is to solve the problems that brought the hardship to the family.

Connections are offered to health services. Clinics in the eastern Virginia region have doctors (most of whom are volunteers) and often a part-time nurse on staff. The centers provide routine checkups, screenings and basic medical care. There may also be flu shots, substance abuse screenings, counseling and care for diabetes and heart disease, immunizations and more. There can also be vouchers for medications as well. If needed, the clinic will offer other medical professionals as needed.

Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions Outreach and Support includes basic needs and financial assistance, and that is combined with financial aid. There may be free items ranging from grants for household supplies to clothes. The services are also supplemented with any needed Health Services as noted above.




Income qualified families have access to some or all of the following at no cost to them. It also depends on resources that are available, which is driven by funding. The basic needs may be clothing, hygiene and toiletries. Telephones and computers can be used for job searching or training. If more complicated needs are out there, then the financial aid below may be an option. Find additional details on free stuff for the needy.

The Homelessness Prevention team works with tenants facing eviction due to unpaid rent or even utilities. Staff from the non-profit will help people become self-sufficient. This may include applications to grants as well as tips on stabilizing their current situation. There will then be education arranged to help them manage their finances moving forward. If unpaid utility bills are what is causing the hardship, then Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions will try to arrange cash assistance for overdue heating or electric bills for income eligible individuals who have received notice of service termination.





HELP will try to provide initial support to tenants in the form of temporary financial support. After that goal has been met, and if the client has some form of income, then they try to next help them become stabilized via client-centered support. It combines both general workshops with other guidance.

If someone is homeless, or will never be able to sustain their accommodations over time, then Re-Housing may be an option. This is available for residents from the Hampton Roads service area that have lost their homes.

Transitional Housing as well as the Nights Welcome shelter may be the first step as part of rehousing. This is for qualified single men and women for whom permanent housing is not yet available. It offers clients time to save money and gain skills that they need for a job, or a higher paying position.

When ready, rehousing will offer support in many other ways. The programs will assist people with locating stable housing that is appropriate for their needs in as short of a timeframe as possible. If and when possible, and also based on the funding that is available, there may be one time financial support for expenses such as security deposits or application fees. The staff will try to also help participants find subsidies or enter long-term housing programs.

Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions Food Pantry is for when the household budget is under pressure. Members of the Hampton Virginia community can turn centers for free, short-term emergency food assistance. Depending on the results of an application process, visitors to the pantry are provided with a three-day supply of groceries. It depends on donations from partners such as Emergency Food and Shelter Program, local churches, and the national Feeding America Organization. There are other resources available in the community too, and find Virginia free food pantries for the low income.




The case management from the social workers were set up to be a unique and comprehensive. It will tackle all barriers faced daily by low-income families. There is also support for senior citizens as well as the disabled. Everything will help them gain self-sufficiency for their goals. It includes, as needed, the following.

Clients can sign up for GED self-study classes. Free tax preparation for income-eligible individuals and families as part of VITA. There are also referrals and application assistance to other public aid programs such as Human Resource Development and Job Training, Food Stamps, Meals on Wheels, and more. So various support services are arranged. For more details on the services from HELP, dial 757-727-2577.


By Jon McNamara

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