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Guilford County assistance programs.

If you are behind on your bills, and need some help to make it through a short term hardship or financial emergency, there are several organizations, churches as well as charities in the Greensboro and Guilford County area that may be able to help. Find where to apply at for rent or energy bill help; free stuff such as food, medical care or school supplies; section 8 HUD or affordable housing; budgeting workshops and other aid.

Options in Guilford County range from the Salvation Army, Greensboro Urban Ministry, Legal Aid of North Carolina, churches or the local community action agency, the Welfare Reform Liaison Project, Inc, and many others. These groups may be able to provide you resources to help pay your utility or mortgage, medical needs, get your kids free school supplies, and they even offer housing assistance. Or get help in locating free stuff or find food, meals, hotel vouchers clothing, and other basic needs.

Crisis assistance program

Find help for paying your rent, electric bills, free food, and even funds to pay your mortgage. The Greensboro Urban Ministry (336-271-5959) offers several services to local families, as funding allows. The Emergency Assistance Program (EAP), which they administer, provides household goods, free food, clothing, and financial aid to people in need in the Greensboro North Carolina area. The EAP program does have some qualification, and counselors will interview clients for financial assistance by written referral only. Referrals need to be made by the Department of Social Services or by other EAP approved human services agencies or charities in the area.

Money for resources for emergency assistance are available for security deposits for rent, water, electric, and gas, past due rent, utility bills, past due mortgage payments, food, and clothing. The Greensboro Urban Ministry also operates a food pantry on the site. More on Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Open Door Ministries of High Point, which can be reached at (336) 885-0191, offers emergency assistance programs for those in need of help, such as food, rent assistance, a soup kitchen, shelter, and clothing. They are based in High Point North Carolina but provide a number of services to those that qualify for assistance. Continue with Open Door Ministries programs.





Guilford County Department of Social Services may be able to offer temporary financial assistance and cash grants for paying rent or utilities. They are also an application site for many government assistance programs. Help may be provided for local county residents who may be experiencing personal crisis when other resources, including government programs, are not available. Call (336) 845-7756

St. Vincent de Paul Society, which is based in Greensboro, provides financial assistance of up to $50.00 to help pay for rent, utilities, cooling bills, rent, and prescription medications. The program also provides free secondhand furniture to those in need and may deliver the items as well. Call (336) 272-0336, or find details on SVDP Greensboro assistance programs.

High Point, Greensboro and Guilford County Salvation Army is a United Way funded non profit agency. The organization can offer emergency assistance for paying rent, electric bills, utilities, food, household products and furniture. They offer extensive emergency and transitional housing for families, children and single women, and also run a Boy's and Girl's Club. 301 Thrift Shops, Clothing Banks, and other aid offered too. West Green Drive, High Point, North Carolina 27260, (336) 881-5400

Additional locations of the Salvation Army are in Greensboro and other nearby communities. When you have an emergency, need free food, money for basic needs, or just need assistance around Christmas, then the Salvation Army may have the resources you need. Or call them to learn about giveaway programs, such as free back to school supplies, Thanksgiving turkeys, or Christmas gifts or meals. Or they can refer you to nearby agencies. Learn more on Greensboro area Salvation Army.





Guilford Low Income Energy Assistance Program – This is offered for Guilford County families. The federal government created Low Income Energy Assistance Program provides a one-time cash grant payment to help eligible low-income families pay their electric and heating bills. 1203 Maple Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27405, (336) 641-3000

Government and Cash Assistance - The county administers several emergency and self-sufficiency programs. Residents of Guilford NC can get help with energy bills and food, rent, and other expenses. In addition, work with a case manager who may be able to help you find a job or improve your employment skills. More on Guilford public assistance.

High Point Emergency Assistance – A program offers emergency utility and rent funds for greater High Point area residents. The program can also provide counseling and referrals to charities and government programs. Also provides food and a free meal program that serves lunch Mondays - Saturdays and dinner seven days per week to individuals in the community. 400 North Centennial Street, High Point, North Carolina 27262, (336) 885-0191

Greensboro Housing Authority - Offers affordable apartment and housing communities across Greensboro and Guilford County. There is often a waiting list as the capacity of the HUD service is limited. The low income and seniors can access public housing, rental assistance to qualified applicants, and apply for the section 8 rent subsidy program. Other programs from GHA include Family Self-Sufficiency and Neighborhood Resource Centers. 450 North Church Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401, dial (336) 275-8501. Read more Greensboro Housing Authority.

Basic needs such as free clothing - Low income families can receive free items (school supplies, clothes, holiday assistance, etc.) from clothing closets while more moderate income Guilford County families can shop at regional thrift stores. Locations across the area help the needy. Get information on Piedmont Triad free clothing centers.

Homeless prevention/rehousing programs provide everything from financial help to case management. Greensboro area and High Point families (among others) can seek help, which may come if the following fashion.

  • Cash aid can help for bills, rent, water or heating expenses, and housing needs.
  • Non-monetary support, legal aid, and referrals may be given.
  • Families with children, or even single moms, may be placed into short term housing.
  • More on homeless prevention in Guilford County.





The Servant Center provides transitional housing to veterans and the disabled. Clients will also access other services too, including life skills classes, case management, and assistance in finding permanent housing. 1312 Lexington Avenue, Greensboro, North Carolina 27403, call (336) 275-8585

Partnership Village Transitional Housing in Greensboro is for people who were just evicted or that are formerly homeless. The non-profit will also help then gain self-sufficiency, find a home or apartment to live in, and also provides information on rent assistance when needed. Dial (336) 286-6401

A Housing Hotline is available in Guilford County. Families that were evicted or that are homeless can gain information or referrals to shelter, food, clothing, furniture, placement into low income apartments and also emergency financial assistance. Other services includes answers to questions or workshops to develop financial skills and life skills coaching, job training, and case management. 122 North Elm Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401, dial (336) 691-9521, or read more Greensboro Housing Coalition hotline.

The County Community Services Agency, Inc. runs the Weatherization Program. This can help people save money on their heating and summer cooling bills, and is free to low income families. Free upgrades can be made to your home. Phone (336) 229-7031

Free holiday programs help the less fortunate in Greensboro as well as across Guilford County. Businesses and individuals donate to a number of Christmas services, and as a result, qualified families living in or near poverty can get free toys for their child, Christmas meals or Thanksgiving food baskets, and other presents. A holiday meal service is also for the elderly and disabled, and click more details on free Christmas help Guilford County.

Helping Hands is a faith based charity that runs an emergency program. There may be support for low income families that are facing a one time crisis, but they do have a form of income coming in the door.

  • A thrift store has basic goods such as clothing, furniture, or small Christmas toys.
  • One time financial aid, often issued as a loan, can be used for rent, deposits, and other bills.
  • Free soup kitchens and pantries are in High Point North Carolina.
  • Other resources are available too. Read programs from Helping Hands.





Many of the non-profits and programs mentioned above are all inclusive, meaning they can meet many needs of the low income, such as energy bills, food, rent, and more. However there are several organizations that focus just on rent and housing. Read more on rent assistance in Greensboro region.

Legal assistance for evictions, foreclosure, and more

If you need free legal advice on civil issues, such as foreclosures, evictions, utility bill disconnection, government programs, domestic issues and more, Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) is a nonprofit law firm. The lawyers provide free legal services and counsel to lower income people, seniors, disabled, and others. The goal is to ensure everyone has access to justice and fair representation.  Call them at 866-219-5262, or click here to learn more about North Carolina free legal assistance programs.

Guilford County grants and funds for emergency expenses

The Salvation Army is another organization that can provide people with cash grants and funds to pay bills. Their assistance depends on funding, and the demand for help is always very high. They can provide cash to help pay rent, a missed mortgage payment, or gas, electric, and water bills. But the assistance doesn’t stop there.

They also have a food pantry on site, which can provide food once every three (3) months to people who need help. The Greensboro Salvation Army can also offer a clothing voucher once every three (3) months for a maximum three (3) times. After receiving this voucher over that period of time, applicants can receive this aid one every six (6) months after that. (336) 273-5572.

Greensboro Community action agency

The Welfare Reform Liaison Project, Inc. offers job and employment training. Resources are focused on helping students obtain the skills and experiences that are necessary to compete in today’s challenging as well as booming/tight job market. The non-profit faith-based community action agency offers internship trainings as well as classroom instruction.

Economically disadvantaged and challenged individuals and potential employers can use their services. There are even resources such as applications for scholarships for the disadvantaged. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of people in the Guilford County region. Greensboro, NC 27415, (336) 691-5780

Another big focus of Community Action - the Liaison Project is on living with means. To this end, staff show clients how to save, budget, avoid loans, and even get free stuff. As there are many ways to live a lifestyle that is affordable without a huge drastic change. As an example, find details on getting free coupon websites for grocery shopping.

Foreclosure prevention services

Housing Counseling and Education is also offered by Family Service of the Piedmont. The agency (phone number is below) is a federal government HUD certified housing counseling agency providing foreclosure advice and counseling. They offer mortgage resolution counseling and also reverse mortgage counseling. Counselors can direct people to both federal government mortgage programs, as well as North Carolina foreclosure assistance options.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service has locations in Greensboro and High Point. They run debt as well as foreclosure prevention programs for local families. A sampling of the programs offered include both Budget and Housing Counseling.





This includes money management, financial advice, budget review and also the development of a written action plan with a nationally certified non-profit consumer credit counselor to help solve specific individual financial problems. In addition, housing and mortgage counselors can also provide pre- and post-purchase homeownership counseling, default resolution counseling (to prevent foreclosure) and reverse mortgage counseling.

A Debt Management Program from the CCCS in Guilford County allows people and families with a high level of credit card, auto loan or medical debt to consolidate and repay consumer debt. There is also help for paying loans to creditors and rebuild positive credit ratings and scores. (336) 387-6161 x2604

Debt assistance programs

Receive free counseling and debt help from Family Service of the Piedmont. The Greensboro based agency can be reached at (336) 387-6161. The counselors provide free help, and the services include budget counseling. This will help people manage their expenses and set goals. They also offer a Debt Solver Program, which will help individuals consolidate their debts and become debt free. Most of the workshops and services are free.

Community clinics in Guilford County

Five of the leading health and dental centers are listed below. They may be able to provide medication, physicals, dental care, and general family care to residents of all incomes and backgrounds across the region. Some of the programs focus on the low income and underinsured. However if these clinics can’t meet your needs, find information and details on more on free community clinics in Guilford North Carolina.

Some of the options include Community Clinic of High Point. This center provides free or low cost health care to low-income adults 18 - 64, who have no health insurance. Among other services offered include a pharmacy and eye clinic. Phone (336) 841-7154

HealthServe Community Health Clinic, which is located in Greensboro, is a community clinic that provides primary medical and health care to uninsured and underinsured adults and families, as well as the low income, in the greater Greensboro area on a sliding-fee scale. Call (336) 271-5999

Guilford Adult Dental Program - They run a dental assistance program that is organized by Guilford Adult Health, Inc. to provide dental services and aid to Guilford county residents. Services offered by the dental clinic are limited to extractions, pain management, and minor restorative care. (336) 641-7777

Guilford Child Health has locations in High Point and Greensboro. The community clinics provide complete pediatric care including primary health, mental health, social work, neurology, cardiology, asthma. Dial (336) 884-0224.

In addition to those Greensboro and High Point community clinics, find other free community clinics in North Carolina and across the county.





Food pantry and assistance

Some of the local food pantries, soup kitchens and distribution centers to call for help are below. Clients can get free food and groceries or information on SNAP or WIC benefits. Locations include The Hive of Greensboro NC (phone (336) 617-5328), The Servant Center (phone (336) 275-8585) and also Food Assistance Incorporated. Dial (336) 988-8899.

Several other food banks in the region provide clothing, free food and meals, access to soup kitchens and other help. Find the addresses and phone numbers of more free food pantries in Guilford County.


By Jon McNamara

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