Greensboro Urban Ministry assistance programs.

Individuals or families that are facing a hardship can get help from Greensboro Urban Ministry. The charity organization works to address the needs of residents in Guilford County that are facing a crisis. The range of programs administered varies greatly and can include emergency assistance, referrals, rent or utility help, or access to a shelter. A major focus is on preventing homelessness and/or rehousing those from Greensboro North Carolina that need a place to live.

The Emergency Assistance Program  - EAP offers short term help along with case management and self-sufficiency. The number of requests for assistance is very high and only a limited number of qualified applicants can qualify. There will be a formal application and interview process, and the financial assistance is targeted at preventing eviction or utility disconnections. To those that qualify, Greensboro Urban Ministry may offer emergency assistance for paying bills. For residents that have a greater need, the GUM program may be offered. See below. Or call 336.553.2657 for more information on emergency assistance.

For residents that have a greater need, the GUM program may be offered. This will not only offer financial aid, but there will also be other services provided, such as case management for housing and financial issues. Job search and career counseling is part of GUM as well from their Employment Specialist. This service from the ministry will help put clients on the road to self-sufficiency and a higher wage.

If funds are issued by the non-profit, note that Greensboro Urban Ministry will pay out any financial support directly to your landlord or utility company. The money will not go to the individual that applied.

Rehousing, case management, and social services from Beyond GUM is intended for individuals who are looking to break the cycle of poverty. It will help families so that they no longer need to bounce from one shelter to another, children can remain in school, families can stay together, and the usual destructive cycles of homelessness can be broken.

This is better for the individual as well as Guilford County as it is more cost effective to rapidly re-house a family than it is to provide shelter. Oftentimes the costs involved in paying for just one month’s shelter care can both re-house and stabilize a family for the long term.




The Urban Ministry has a couple dedicated Case Managers focused on the GUM program and they work to rehouse dozens of families or singles per year. An Employment Specialist also is heavily involved and can help the individual gain new skills, find and keep a job, and gain other stability.

As resources and the capacity of the program is so limited, priority is given to those individuals who are able to be employed that have another source of income such as a pension or maybe even Social Security Disability Insurance.

The GUM program will also refer people to community resources in Guilford County. This can include local churches, government programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), and Barnabas Network (referral based furniture program), or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Everyone who enrolls will be provided with employment counseling, budgeting, and other associated community resources.

Throughout this process, housing case managers from the Ministry will help the client find and secure appropriate housing in the area. There can be financial support for paying rent, security deposits and utility bills. Your case manager will also continue to work with client to ensure that they are paying their bills and rent in a timely manner and that they are generally working toward stability.

Transitional housing from Partnership Village is for formerly homeless families and individuals in the community. There are many studio, one, and two bedroom apartments. The transitional housing program will help the homeless in becoming self-sufficient with permanent housing within a couple years. There is extensive case management and social services offered as part of Partnership Village. Call 336.286.6401, or the program is run from an office at Partnership Village, 135 Greenbriar Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27405, call 336.286.6401.

Greensboro Urban Ministry WE! (Winter Emergency) operates during the colder North Carolina winter nights. It coordinates support for homeless men and women and will offer them immediate relief from the elements through temporary shelter. It normally runs from December through March.

When someone enters the WE! Program, guests of the center will work with staff to develop a plan for permanent housing and self-sufficiency. They will then need to work towards this during their stay. Clients will be connected with community services, help in obtaining stable housing, and seeking employment to lead to self-sufficiency. Volunteers are relied heavily on for this resource.





There is an in-take screening and placement process in place. The different sites include Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Faith Step Ministries, Grace Community Church, YWCA, and also West Market Street United Methodist. Call the Weaver House Desk at 336.553.2665.

Pathways Center is an emergency shelter. The purpose of this Greensboro Urban Ministry is to provide homeless families a safe, temporary environment to live while they are searching for a permanent solution.

Adult’s shelter is available at the Weaver House.  It is a rear round down type room that really ramps up during the cold winter months. Guests of the shelter will be offered information on housing, jobs, referral services and other means by which they may be helped to overcome homelessness and poverty. Phone 336.553.2665.

Food Bank from Greensboro Urban Ministry is involved in both collecting groceries, canned goods, and food from the community and then redistributing it to the needy and low income. One big way the pantry works is by receiving surplus items from wholesalers, restaurants, grocers, and gardeners. The items collected are then made available to partner agencies or to needy individuals.

The food pantry tries to fill the need between those with a low income and government benefits such as SNAP. Greensboro Urban Ministry is involved in providing emergency bags of groceries, which are distributed to the community and those that are struggling through the Emergency Assistance Program.




While what is offered will depend heavily on donations, the bags of food can include vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein. The non-profit and its case managers try to help ensure that those receiving assistance are eating balanced, healthy nutritious meals. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and commodities are passed out around the region each year, and even more moderate income families will often qualify for assistance. 336.553.2672.

Free meals may be served in Guilford County from Potter’s House Community Kitchen. When in operation, the meal is usually served between 10:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M.

All services are run from Greensboro Urban Ministry, which is located at 305 W Lee St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406. Call 336.271.5959. Another agency and center that helps out is located at 135 Greenbriar Road.

By Jon McNamara

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