Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry.

High Point residents and people from the county that need support can call upon Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry for help. The charity, and its partners, administer programs for the low income and working poor. There may be help in an emergency for solving the crisis and then case management for long term stability.

Financial aid may be provided in some cases, but it is not common. More likely the staff from Helping Ministry will refer a client to other options, such as a government benefit or a local food pantry. They are also part of the Community Resource Network in Guilford County, so after the emergency has been addressed, more long term support will be provided.

People facing a medical or health crisis may receive utility bill assistance. There may be grants for different types of service, such as water bills or maybe a free fan or for cooling during the summer. The support from Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry will help ensure low income families with children, the elderly, or disabled are not placed into life threatening situations such as overheating during the summer.

A disconnection notice will normally be required, as well as proof of income and records that show the bills were paid in the past. Any funding for any expense will normally need to show the applicant has made a strong effort in the past to pay their rent and any other obligations they have on time.

Residents facing a one time crisis may receive housing assistance. This can range from placement into transitional housing in Guilford County to emergency money for paying a portion of any back rent due. As resources and funding allows, the non-profit Ministry will provide financial assistance in an effort to keep someone housed and not living on the streets.

The applicant needs to have some source of income so they can pay expenses on their own in the following months, and that income can be from a job, SSI, retirement, or other sources. However Helping Hands will require the tenant or family to be self-sufficient but facing a one-time crisis.

Helping Hands thrift stores are open to the public, and they are a source of affordable household and seasonal goods for families. They may have furniture, appliances, holiday toys, clothing, and more. The inventory will normally change on a weekly or monthly basis.




Not only can families buy gently used and affordable goods from the locations, but they also provide a way to give back to the community. This is possible as the money raised at the stores by selling items is used to pay for the local assistance programs, such as maybe a bag of food for a family with a child.

Residents facing a crisis, such as a disaster or maybe some fleeing from domestic violence, may receive vouchers that they can use to buy clothes, and the items are free. This is a form of emergency relief, and it will help residents get back on their feet in less time. Helping Hands requires proof of ID, incomes, and expenses are needed, as well as other documentation.

Pantries and soup kitchens in High Point North Carolina will also do their part to end hunger. The resources from the non-profit will help feed people of all ages, backgrounds and religions. There will also be special Thanksgiving or Christmas meals served as well.

The pantries will distribute everything from canned non-perishable items to the possible fruit or fresh vegetables. There could also be baby formula for single moms or low income parents, milk, and non-profit items as well, such as paper products. The hours of operation are Tuesday 11 AM - 4 PM as well as Friday from 12 - 2 PM. Appointments are needed.




There are many other resources offered by Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry, and each is focused on helping the needy or those in a crisis. They may offer transitional housing, referrals to other agencies in Guilford County, and case management. The goal of the agency is to find some type of solution to the hardship being faced by the client.

As with all of the charities in High Point, volunteers are needed as well as financial or material donations. Given back to these organizations will do a big part in fighting poverty or helping the less fortunate. So whether making a one time contribution or shopping at a thrift store, there are many ways to contribute.

For more information, Helping Hands Emergency Assistance Ministry is located at 2301 South Main St., High Point, North Carolina 27263. Appointments can be made by dialing (336) 886-2327.




By Jon McNamara

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