Genesee County Michigan assistance programs.

Get applications for financial help. Grants or loans may help pay everything from utility bills to rent, a mortgage, or prescription drug. Charities or churches in Genesee County may also pass out free food, school supplies, furniture, or gasoline vouchers. Charitable and government assistance programs help low income families, seniors, the disabled, and others with paying their bills.

The organizations in the Flint area, whether government or charities, also offer free job placement skills, debt or foreclosure counseling, and other social services. There is also cash aid as well as free healthcare or dental care in the county. There are even financial assistance programs that help single moms, the disabled, or lower income seniors.

Help with heating and energy bills

There are several different programs in effect. They are offered by Genesee County Community Action Resource Department, and include:

  • Home Heating Credit - This is a program that is offered by the state of Michigan to help low and moderate income households pay their heating costs and utility bills. Eligibility will be based on income, and qualified households can receive cash grants for their bills.
  • Michigan LIHEAP - This is the federal government funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. If provides monies that are used to help low income families with paying for their energy bills. In Michigan the LIHEAP block grant is in addition to the Home Heating Credit, Weatherization, and the Michigan State Emergency Relief Program. These three services help thousands of people every year make it through the cold winter months.





  • State Emergency Relief (SER) fund - This fund helps people who are facing a crisis, or short term financial hardship. It provides applicants with a wide range of non-energy and energy related emergency services such money to pay for heating bills, electricity, home repairs, and repairs to appliances. Immediate funds can be used to pay for a bill before the service is disconnected as well. The program can even pay for home repairs and new heating systems, such as furnaces, oil heaters, and more. Or it can repair said heating units. There are some conditions in order to be eligible, including income, family size, and the type of fuel that is used.
  • The main number is (810) 232-2185. Or learn more on GCCARD assistance programs.

Contact for energy bill help

While most of these programs are funded by the federal government or the state of Michigan, the non-profit community action agency that can help you to apply for aid is the Genesee County Community Action Resource Department. The main office is located in Flint, Michigan, and you can call them at (810) 232-2185. They may be able to accept applications, or provide you information on who to contact.





Prescription assistance program

For those struggling with paying for medical and hospital bills and who need help getting medicines, a Prescription Assistance Program was created from a significant grant that was provided by the United Way of Genesee County. This program was created to assist over 60,000 underinsured and uninsured patients who live in Genesee County. It can make some medications more affordable or pass them out for free th Flint residents.

The grant will help these people pay for prescription drug costs. Generic and name brand may be covered. This prescription assistance program has obtained desperately needed medication for dozens of not hundreds of individuals each and every year. Yes resources vary. Call the Genesee Health Foundation at 810-232-4200 to learn more or to apply.

Dental aid

If you need to get a dental cleaning, pay for a dental bill, or have an emergency dental need, the local branch of the Red Cross may be able to help you. The assistance program that they offer provides support with emergency dental procedures for both the uninsured and underinsured families. The service is for individuals who reside in Genesee and Lapeer counties. Dial 810-232-1401 ext. 306.

Legal advice and assistance

Lawyers from Legal Services of Eastern Michigan can provide free advice. The greater Genesee County area is part of the territory too. The firm is a non-profit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance and representation to low and moderate income people. Its mission is to use it expertise and the legal skills of attorneys or staff to address the causes and effects of poverty, and to ensure all people have fair and equal access to attorneys and counsel.

Special emphasis will be placed on those issues that affect survival needs of low-income people. In addition to legal assistance, they offer help on Credit Repair, Bankruptcy, various Legal Empowerment & Advice Programs. Click here to learn more on finding free lawyers in Michigan, or call Legal Services of Eastern Michigan in Flint at 888-873-6532.

Emergency assistance in Genesee County

The Salvation Army offers grants and Comprehensive Emergency Assistance to people to help them pay bills or rent. The charity offers families free Christmas holiday gifts and meals, and they may even have funds to help people make a mortgage payment. Call them at 810-232-2199. Click here to find more on the Salvation Army Peoplecare program.




This organization has centers across Genesee County. In addition to the financial aid indicated above, case managers from the Salvation Army can provide advice and case management. This includes services such as credit counseling, budgeting, transportation, and even gas vouchers for a critical job interview. They also have a shelter and free school supplies for students. Read more Flint Salvation Army.

Outreach of Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church (phone number (810) 743-3050) offers help to Burton Michigan area residents. Receive access to rent and mortgage payment assistance (if facing a foreclosure or an eviction), food pantry, and also utility and water bill assistance.

Flint Michigan based Catholic Outreach provides services to Genesee County families. Get help with such items as diapers, medical transportation, eviction prevention/rent assistance, and funds for paying energy and heating bills. Meals, emergency financial aid, clothing closet and more is offered. The organization works with local churches and other charities in an effort to help the low income and people who are at risk, such as the unemployed and homeless. (810) 234-4693. Continue Flint Catholic Charities.

Day and after school child care assistance is offered. Paying for daycare is often a barrier to a job, especially for single parents or mothers. The county of Genesee, state of Michigan, and federal government all administer it. Find government help with daycare.

Outreach East of Davison Michigan provides emergency assistance and cash grants to help pay rent or mortgage payments, every three months, when funds are available. Applicants to the program of course need to meet program eligibility guidelines. In addition, funds can help pay electric and heating bills. Last, but not least, call them for baby food, diapers, and access to a pantry for free food or meals. Phone (810) 653-7711

St. John OutReach of Fenton Michigan provides for the emergency payment for all or a portion of the electric, gas, fuel oil, and heating fuel bills for people who live in the Linden or Fenton area of Michigan and who meet eligibility guidelines. Baby supplies, including diapers and formula can be provided to families with young children. Also, if faced with a foreclosure or eviction, the non-profit can provide funds for paying rent or a partial mortgage payment. Call (810) 629-1817

Too many people face evictions or homelessness in Genesee County. Or they struggle to come up with money to move, pay a deposit, or first months rent. There are federal rehousing and homeless prevention services. Funds flow to local organizations. Find a list of homeless prevention services.

Holiday programs provide free food, Christmas toys, Thanksgiving turkeys, and other support. Agencies across Flint help low income families and the needy. There may be the following: Toys, gifts, games, food boxes, electronic items, laptops, clothing, winter coats, and much more passed out. Continue with free holiday assistance programs.





Love Inc is a partnership of churches in Genesee County. If someone has a referral, and has already been applying for public aid and human services, then the churches may be able to assist as a last resort. All resources, in particular financial programs, are very limited. Free food, clothing, and other items may be passed out, depending on donation levels. Intake in required. (810) 235-4990. Click more on Love Inc.

Marshall Area Community Services - Emergency assistance with paying utility bills (including electric, heat, and water) may be offered. Other programs provide food, groceries, or basic need such as clothing. 111 N. Jefferson Street, Marshall, Michigan 49068, dial (269) 781-2954

Genesee County short term housing - Solutions for the homeless and those struggling to pay their rent are available. There are charities like the YWCA which provide support as well as many other agencies. Families, including single parents and others in Flint Michigan can also receive placement into a new, low income apartment or home. Read more transitional housing in Genesee County.

Wellness Aids Services, Inc. can help Genesee County residents who are HIV positive or who have AIDS. Receive help with housing and rent or other accommodations, provided conditions are met. Address is 311 E. Court Street, Flint, MI 48502. Call (810) 232-0888.

Flint Housing Commission offers affordable and safe housing for low as well as moderate income families. The agency can also assist senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The agency can also help relocate those displaced by non-profit community improvement programs. 3820 Richfield Road, Flint, Michigan 48506-2678, telephone number is (810) 736-3050. Or find details on section 8 HUD vouchers in Michigan.

Genesee County housing programs can stop evictions and offer foreclosure help. Agencies, ranging from DHS to local churches, provide financial help as well as case management. The goal is to end homelessness in the county.

When resources allow, either low interest loans or cash grants are used for paying bills such as water, legal costs or heating bills. Of course, when an eviction is due to rent being owned to the landlord, then money may be issued for that expense too. More information on Flint area homeless prevention.

Free clothes and household goods may be provided by clothing closets. Only the lowest income Flint Michigan families may qualify for items at no cost. Other individuals, regardless of their income, can receive lower priced goods. Some of what may be provided in Genessee County includes school supplies, Christmas assistance, household appliances, winter coats for children, work clothing, and other basic needs. More on Genessee County free clothing closets or school supplies.

Genesee County Michigan Department of Human Services - Financial assistance and grants may be provided to low to moderate income households, senior citizens, and disabled who meet eligibility requirements when heating or electric service has been or will be shut off. The government agency also runs the Food Assistance Program (food stamps) for low income and people faced with poverty.

Another forms of support can be provided, or referred to as well, such as rent help, section 8 housing vouchers, medications, and much more. DHS will also try to arrange job placement for residents, and public aid can assist with expenses for this. The program is known as state of Michigan emergency relief. 125 East Union Street, Flint, MI 48502, (810) 760-2888, or read more Genesee County public assistance.

Emergency rental and deposit assistance is available. Government agencies offer financial aid from SER and non-profits as well as charities may offer grants for expenses. This can range from security deposits to overdue rent to landlords. Other solutions include landlord and tenant mediation and low income apartments. Find details on rent help in Genesee County.





Home repairs and maintenance

The Genesee County Community Action Resource Department, which is located in Flint, Michigan (phone(810) 232-2185)) provides home repairs and offers Weatherization Assistance. The service can be free for the disabled, seniors, and very low income families in the region.

The non-profit organization provides complete weatherization services to those who qualify. Weatherization can help people save on their heating and utility bills. The program is free to qualified applicants. In addition, the agency provides for the major repair or replacement of hot water heaters and furnaces as well as other Weatherization measures.

Another resources is the Home Improvement Program. This program provides for the emergency repairs and full code rehabilitation for eligible City of Flint homeowners. Grants are available to improve, modernize, and ensure homes are safe to live in. This program is ranked very high among service of this type in the City of Flint. The resource is considered one of the most proficient programs providing code rehabilitation services across the entire nation. The city will even find volunteers to do home repairs.

Foreclosure prevention in Genesee County

Flint Neighborhood Improvement and Preservation Project Inc. offers both group and individual counseling. The program are created to prevent foreclosures, offer mortgage relief and the programs will cover the basics of foreclosure law, FAQ on foreclosures, timelines, budgeting, debt help, loss mitigation options and predatory lending. (810) 766-7212

Mission of Peace National Corporation ((810) 232-0104) provides free advice, assistance, and legal information on foreclosures. The goal is to help people save their own. They even coordinate foreclosure mediation too

Health care for low income and uninsured

Hamilton Community Health Network offers programs including primary health and medical care for low to moderate income patients and persons and those without health insurance including prescription discount program, obstetric, checkups, pediatric, geriatric services, and lab.

Genesee County Free Medical Clinic, Inc. provides a free medical clinic and prescriptions. The facility is staffed by volunteer nurses, doctors, administrators, and other medical professionals.

Another facility is the Genesee County Health Department. Dial (810) 742-2255. The center provides a free or low cost health clinic for low income and uninsured. Click here to find how to get additional help with hospital bills in Michigan.

Patients considered low income or with limited health or dental insurance, or who do not have any insurance at all, have other clinics they can contact for help. Free care for adults or children may be arranged. Locate more free community clinics in Genesee County Michigan.

Food pantries in Flint and Genesee County Michigan

Michigan has thousands of families who are struggling to find where their next meal may come from. Churches, charities, and non-profits provide food, groceries, access to a pantry or soup kitchen, and other forms of aid to stop hunger.

Contact any of the following. Davison United Methodist Church, which is located in Davison Michigan, can be reached at (810) 653-5272. Carriage Town Ministries is based in Flint Michigan. Dial (810) 238-6847. Eastside Compassionate Mission Center Inc. provides free food and clothing. Phone (810) 767-5312. Greater Flint Outreach Center (phone (810) 767-4064) also can provide clothes and food.

These are not the only options that people have for help. Many other charities as well as government affiliated agencies work to stop hunger. Find more free food banks in Flint and Genesee County Michigan.

Get help finding a job

For the thousands of people who are out of work or who have had their hours cut and incomes reduced, the Michigan Works! Employment Service provides assistance to help find a job. The program offers employment and labor exchange services to Genesee County residents. There is help for the community including job seekers, employers, unemployment insurance claimants and others who need a little help with finding and holding down a job.

The service can also direct people to more gig type or even online work from home jobs. As with the evolving economy, Genesee County residents and countless others often take these rules; freelance, consultations, computer coding and so much more. Even find examples of legitimate online survey companies.





Another service is the GCCARD's Work First Program. This is another employment assistance resource that continues to provide state of art services that assist residents of Flint and Genesee County Michigan with gainful employment and tools to help find a job. There are years in which the Work First program places over 1,000 residents in either full time or part time jobs.

Genesee County families can also gain new skills or get other help. As an example, the program can help people in retaining those jobs for more than three months (90 days). The free service has been very successful to the unemployed. Both of these job programs are offered by the Flint branch of the Genesee County Community Action Resource Department. (810) 768-4675.


By Jon McNamara

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