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Assistance with mortgage and foreclosure help Florida.

Locate mortgage help, free homeowner counseling programs and find foreclosure assistance in Florida. Support as well as financial aid is available in all cities including Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay. You can also get assistance with paying other types of bills and debts in Florida. Find mortgage assistance programs by calling one of the non-profit counseling agencies or programs listed below.

Palm Beach County foreclosure assistance center

A nationally recognized mortgage and foreclosure assistance program. The center is focused on providing immediate assistance to families in need in Palm Beach County Florida. Some of the aid they provide includes a direct payment to the mortgagee of $10,000, they will help unemployed find jobs, negotiate existing mortgages to try to refinance them, and more. 561-822-1575

Florida mortgage mediation program

The Florida Supreme Court is requiring that all foreclosure filings go to mediation before a homeowner can lose their home. They are requiring that banks and lenders meet with homeowners to try to find a solution that works for both parties. A counselor will need to be involved in the process as well. Learn more on the Florida mortgage mediation program and regulation.

Miami-Dade County mortgage help

The local government working with the Miami-Dade Circuit Court is moving ahead with mortgage assistance plans that will require mediation between lenders and borrowers before the foreclosure process can proceed. This is in addition to other state regulations in Florida. More on Miami-Dade foreclosure assistance.

Another program in Miami can provide cash grants of up to $7500 to income qualified homeowners to help them pay their mortgage and prevent a foreclosure. More on the Miami foreclosure prevention program.




Hope Now and Hope for Homeowners

This is a cooperative effort that is ongoing between mortgage counselors, investors, banks, and lenders to maximize outreach efforts to Florida and other homeowners in distress. Programs will provide you help with refinancing your mortgage into a loan that meets your financial need. Read more on refinancing a mortgage using FHA loans.

H.O.P.E. Task Force

Florida Governor Crist has created the H.O.P.E. Task Force. This group will analyze mortgage foreclosure data from all cities around the state and it will provide recommendations that will minimize the impact that foreclosures have on Florida’s families and communities. The team will also be reviewing what further actions the state can take to stop foreclosures and to help residents refinancing their mortgages. Ask your lender about how the task force can help you, as the data available may be able to help residents challenge a questionable or illegal foreclosure filing.

Florida Home Loan Learning Center

This center will provide lender contact information for those homeowners who may have trouble paying their mortgage. They will also recommend mortgage counselors that can help you with refinancing your mortgage and paying off bills and debt.

Florida Office of Financial Regulation (OFR)

This office provides tips on avoiding delinquencies, foreclosures, and how to be on the lookout for Foreclosure Rescue scams. Or get information on predatory lenders that operate in Florida. 1-800-848-3792

Leon County foreclosure prevention assistance program

A $1.5 million grant was provided to Leon County from the State of Florida's Impact Fee Proviso Program to help those who may be struggling to make their mortgage payments and keep their home. The grant money will provide much needed foreclosure prevention to Leon County.




The Florida Homestead Foreclosure Conciliation Program

This assistance program is intended to delay or stop foreclosures in Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto counties by allowing time for homeowners to modify their mortgages. Read more on the Homestead foreclosure relief program.

Treasure Coast mortgage mediation

This area of Florida, which includes Martin, Indian River, and St. Lucie, offers its own mortgage mediation program. Click here to learn more on the negotiation process. Get details on foreclosure mediation in Martin, Indian River, and St. Lucie Counties.

It is a court ordered program that was started to help reduce the number of foreclosures that are occurring in the area. Thousands of homeowners are turning to mediation for help.

Mortgage help centers open in Miami Florida

Miami-Dade County has partnered with Fannie Mae to open a center in the Miami area that will provide help, free counseling, and resources to people who are struggling with their current loan payments. The office will provide homeowners help in communicating with their mortgage servicers about loan workouts and they will assist them with exploring other alternatives to foreclosure. Learn more on Miami Mortgage Help Center.

Another option is a center that Bank of America has opened in the region. Both Bank of America and Countrywide customers can get mortgage help from the Miami Bank of America mortgage center.

Broward County foreclosure mediation

This is a new program that is being offered by the local government in Broward County Florida. The foreclosure mediation program will go into effect in the summer of 2010 and it is still running. Click here to learn more. The primary goal of the program is to bring struggling banks and homeowners together as soon as a foreclosure action is filed to try to come up with a solution. More on Broward County free foreclosure mediation.

Chase Home Owner and Foreclosure centers in Florida

JP Morgan Chase has opened several locations in Florida, including Miami Dade, Broward County, and Palm Beach, that will provide homeowners the ability to meet face to face with a loan specialist to explore option. These centers should help facilitate mortgage assistance to homeowners as they can meet with someone face to face. Learn more on Chase homeowner centers.





Duval County help center

Receive free education and counseling services from Fannie Mae, which has open a center in Jacksonville Florida. The location can provide assistance to all distressed Duval County homeowners. Learn about government foreclosure prevention programs. As households can learn, how to get free help from your bank and lender, and much more. Click here Duval County mortgage help centers.

In addition, Chase has also open a center that serves the Jacksonville and Duval County region. More on the Jacksonville Florida Chase mortgage center.

Tampa Bay area free mortgage counseling

Homeowners who are facing a hardship in the Hillsborough County and Tampa Bay area can get free advice from Fannie Mae and other non-profit HUD agencies. A center was created to help homeowners deal with predatory loans, improve communication with their mortgage servicer, and explore all alternatives to a foreclosure filing. Read more on the Tampa Bay mortgage help center.

Broward County foreclosure resources

The entire county, including Fort Lauderdale and other cities, are served by several agencies and programs. Some are provided by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified non-profit agencies, and some directly by the county. Most foreclosure assistance programs are offered free of charge. Learn more on the Broward and Fort Lauderdale foreclosure assistance services.

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Project

This program provides legal assistance to homeowners who are facing a foreclosure in Florida. It also provides borrowers with various alternatives as well as overall mortgage assistance. Read more on the Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Project.

Mortgage programs in Orlando

The city has partnered with a few local non-profits to administer a loan program. Assistance is only offered when someone is facing a crisis, such as unemployment or a medical emergency. The loans do not need to be repaid under certain conditions, so a homeowner can in effect think of this foreclosure / mortgage payment assistance as a grant. More on foreclosure assistance in Orlando.

Florida Hardest Hit Fund

The federal government has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to the state of Florida as part of the hardest hit fund program. People who have lost their jobs can receive a cash grant, and homeowners facing foreclosure can receive free legal assistance. In some cases zero interest loans will be issued and need to be used to make mortgage payments. Click here to read more on the Florida Hardest Hit Fund and how it may be able to help you.







Mediation from the Judicial Circuit

This local court jurisdiction, which oversees Polk, Hardee, and Highlands counties in Florida, has created a mediation program. Learn more on this program and how the local court system may be able to help you save your home. The service is free. More on Highlands, Polk, and Hardee County homeowner mediation.

Free foreclosure legal assistance in Florida

Florida Legal Services, The Florida Bar Association, in a partnership with the Real Estate, Probate, and Trust Lawyers Division (RPPTL) of the Bar association, has set up a free legal foreclosure program called FLASH - Florida Attorneys Saving Homes. The program will provide free consultations to borrowers who are faced with losing their homes.

Counseling agencies that provide advice

There are dozens of non-profit housing agencies throughout Florida that can provide guidance, information, and help to homeowners. Learn about foreclosure prevention programs, mortgage help, and other solutions  from the non-profits. More on Florida HUD counseling agencies.


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