Fannie Mae provides mortgage help to Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County.

Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County Florida homeowners can receive free consultation and advice on mortgage refinancing options and foreclosure prevention programs from the Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center. Another non-profit organization, Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation, is also involved in offering assistance and they are partnering with federal government supported Fannie Mae.

The mission of the Mortgage Help Center, which is fully supported by Fannie Mae, is to continue to provide struggling homeowners in the Hillsborough County Florida area with free services and assistance. the programs are resources are targeted at empowering homeowners to make correct and the best decisions when it comes to getting assistance. The center can help families keep their homes and get back on track with their monthly loan payments.

Programs offered to Tampa Bay area homeowners

A homeowner has the ability to meet face to face with a housing counselor, or they can have a consultation and get advice over the phone. It is their choice. During this phone or in person consultation, a wide number of assistance programs and services are offered, all of which are free to homeowners whose mortgage is held by Fannie Mae. For example, you can get help with predatory loans, modifications, and even mortgage fraud. The center provides Tampa Bay families with many options, free information and ways to get assistance.

Not only can area homeowners get help from Fannie Mae, but other Tampa Bay non-profits are also partnering to offer aid and support. They include the Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation, local HUD approved agencies, and other groups in the Greater Tampa Bay area.






Some of the resources and services that are available at the Mortgage Help Center include free one-on-one consultations with experienced HUD approved and certified housing counselors to review mortgage loans and financing options. The counselor can also take the time to explain the range of options available to the person who is undergoing a hardship. They can also help borrowers apply for loan workouts and mortgage modifications, and explore a host of other alternatives to foreclosure. Both federal government programs as well as solutions from Fannie Mae will be explored.

One of they keys to getting help with your home loan is starting the process early, and ensuring communication and response times are efficient. In addition to providing the homeowner with free counseling, HUD approved counselors at the Mortgage Help Center staff will help homeowners coordinate and negotiate with their bank and/or mortgage servicers. All assistance provided is available in Spanish as well if need be. For those that live in Hillsborough County Florida and speak a different language, referrals may be offered so that any communication barriers are addressed.

In order to schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Tampa Bay area mortgage help center, call (866) 442-8554. You can decide to meet face to face with a counselor for a free, confidential consultation, or you can just discuss your financial situation over the phone.




By Jon McNamara

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