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Cooling and air conditioning bill assistance.

Many states provide financial assistance to low income families, seniors, the disabled and ill during the hot and humid summer months. There is government grant money to pay an air conditioning bill or electricity costs during the summer in order to keep a home cool. Or get payment plans or emergency financial help for AC or electric bills from a utility company. Find help with paying summer electric or air conditioning bills below.

A focus is on providing for people who are most at risk, and this would include seniors, families with young children, and the disabled among others. There are protection programs from utility companies so they can’t turn off electricity during a summer heat wave, or some states will oversee services that provide free fans or air conditioners. Programs listed below can help pay cooling, electric and air conditioning bills.

Emergency financial help to pay electric bills during the summer

Financial resources from the government and non-profits will always vary and are limited, especially when it comes to pay cooling bills or providing help during the summer. However during a heat wave, the amount emergency financial help will generally increase. In other words, funds to help people keep their electric and utilities on during the summer often “ebb and flow” based on the state and temperature in question.

There is typically less funding available from programs such as LIHEAP. Many non-profits, charities, and churches also tend to have limited assistance available, and/or there may be more restrictions or limitations in place as to who can receive help. If you don’t qualify for any assistance for paying your bills, or if funding is no longer available, then there are some other options.

  • For example, many state and major cities open cooling centers. These are available to anyone who needs to get out of heat or humidity, and the centers will often distribute free water, serve a meal, or hold recreational activities.
  • Another option is for senior citizens and the elderly to stop by a local Agency on Aging office or a senior center. Most towns have these locations open to people over the age of 60 or so. They will be air conditioned, may distribute free box fans, and are yet another place for people to go to get out of the heat or humidity. Some centers also give senior citizens an AC unit, and look here for free senior window air conditioning systems.




Local programs that help pay air conditioning or cooling bills or that give free supplies

Select a state or utility company is below for air conditioning bill help or cooling assistance, or if you need more information, find additional details on the LIHEAP program, including the crisis service. Or those government grants can be combined with the resources below. Hundreds of thousands of lower income families and seniors benefit from this program every year, including during the summer. Locate the LIHEAP program near you.

Most states also have some form of “hot weather” rules and regulations. This means your electric or gas company can’t turn off the power used to cool your home when the weather is too hot. The rules are meant to protect struggling low income families and those living in poverty so their health is not at risk. Find a list of state utility disconnection law programs.

Alabama has a financial assistance program that opens for enrollment in June. Priority is for disabled, senior citizens, and families with young children. The state also has a crisis cooling program for the sick; however medical requirements are generally waived for the elderly. Call 800-392-8098 for information.

  • Alabama Power also has a number of assistance programs for seniors and the low-income. They also help pay summer electric costs, payment extensions and other options. Locate help with paying Alabama Power bills.

Arizona accepts applications at local community action agencies. The income guidelines in place are usually set at 150% of federal government poverty guidelines, with focus for people with medical conditions or senior citizens. Some exceptions can be made, and families can apply year round for assistance for paying their electric cooling bills. Dial 1-800-582-5706.

  • APS has summer cooling bill assistance from Project Share and a Crisis grant program. There is other financial help offered as well to help people keep up with air conditioning bills during the extreme heat. More on financial assistance from APS.





Arkansas will normally process applications for summer or crisis LIHEAP from July 1 to September 30. Low income families and the working poor are primary beneficiaries. In past years up to $700 was paid out, and you will need to apply at a community action agency. In addition, free air conditioners or box fans may be available to families with a member who has a serious or life threatening medical condition. Telephone number is 1-800-482-8988.

  • Entergy is the major energy provider in Arkansas. There is a Hot Weather Rule (to protect some seniors or vulnerable for an electric shut off during the summer) to Power to Care grant money for utility bills, free energy savings from weatherization and more. Get assistance with Entergy bills in Arkansas.

California provides grants as well as other money for paying cooling, utility, and air conditioning bills as part of LIHEAP. Residents can apply anytime during the course of the year, as there is really no separate winter or summer program. Financial aid is usually offered for people who are within 75% of state’s median income levels.

  • Each local non-profit LIHEAP provider may offer air conditioning bill help, often in combination with social service office develops plan and approach to helping the less fortunate. Many towns and agencies focus on seniors, or people who are low income and pay a majority of their income towards their utilities. Many cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, also open cooling centers during hot periods. Phone 1-866-675-6623
  • PG&E of California provides emergency financial help for utility bills, including during the summer. The REACH program is run in partnership with the Salvation Army, customer service helps with LIHEAP applications in CA, and payment extensions are options too. More on PGE electric bill assistance programs.

Delaware – Individuals with a doctor’s note may qualify for a free window air conditioner. The state may also provide emergency utility or electric bill assistance during the summer. Apply at a nearby state service center. Call 1-800-464-4357 or 1-800-372-2022.

District of Columbia can help people with a disconnect notice. This is done from the crisis LIHEAP/benefit program. For regular bills, more ongoing assistance may be offered as well. Eligibility is normally set at 60% of the region’s median income. Dial 202-673-6750

Florida offers cooling bill assistance from April to September. All funding is first come – served, and applications are normally accepted year round. However that can vary based on the town or city in question. Income conditions are normally set at 150% of federal government poverty level, with a focus on seniors, single parents and the elderly in Florida.





  • Vouchers may be distributed for free fans or air conditioners. Also state and federal government crisis funds and grants may be available for replacement or repairs to cooling equipment or a new air conditioner. Or the money can be used to restore power. Another option for older adults is Florida is the Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAP). Dial 1-800-963-5337 or 850-717-8450 for information on all these programs.
  • Florida Power and Light (FPL) is the state’s largest utility company. A number of low-income assistance programs are available to seniors, disabled people and the sick during the summer, and learn how to get help with FPL bills.

Georgia will normally process applications and requests for help starting in August, and the program runs until funds are exhausted. Call your local community action agency, and normally people may receive a few hundred dollars if they qualify to help pay their air conditioning as well as electric bills. Dial 404-657-3426 or 1-800-869-1150 for information or to apply. Or try a local community action agency.

  • Georgia Power programs range from Project SHARE to senior discounts on year round (and summer) cooling bills as well as other support. Find details on Georgia Power assistance programs.

Hawaii can help people with a disconnection notice. A credit may also be provided on your utility bill whether you are single or have a family. Home visits can be undertaken in order to help senior citizens and disabled apply. Dial 1-866-674-6327 or 1-808-586-5740

Illinois has a small window for applying for cooling bill assistance, and funding is usually offered as part of LIHEAP. Any financial aid offered is generally targeted to households with children 36 months or younger, elderly 60 years and older or members with a medical condition that is proven by a doctor’s note. Some cities, such as Chicago, may have cooling centers open as well. Call your local community action agency or the Keep Cool Illinois number at 877-411-9276.

Indiana can also provide free fans and/or air conditioners to people with a medical condition. Usually if you receive financial help during the winter, you will more than likely receive emergency electric bill assistance during the summer as well. The application period starts in June, and usually up to $50 can be paid out. A focus is on income qualified households with at least one disabled or senior member, or maybe a family with a child under 6 years of age. Up to $275 can be paid out for an air conditioner. Dial 1-800-872-0371 for details on this.

Air conditioning bill helpKansas doesn’t offer a dedicated cooling program, but your LIEAP cash benefit can be split and a portion used to pay both cooling and/or winter heating bills. So you can pay your electric company as well with Kansas LIEAP funds. Call 1-800-432-0043

Kentucky residents can apply for help at local community action agencies or social service offices. The Kentucky summer cooling bill program provides eligible households with a one-time payment or cash grant to the client’s electric or gas provider during the hot and humid summer months. In addition, if you have a medical condition, then a free air conditioner may be provided for your home or apartment. However, the AC unit is focused on those families who have a member of their home who has a health condition, someone who is elderly, or a child who is under 6 years of age. Phone: (800) 372-2973

  • LG&E (Louisville Gas and Electric) budget payment plans, free energy analysis, and payment extensions for air conditioning bills are options for low-income families. More on LG&E assistance to pay electric or gas bills.

Louisiana gives priority to households with elderly, disabled, or young children and whose income is at 60% or less of the state’s median income. Some applications are done over the phone, and as funding allows, up to $500 may be paid out. Occasionally the Summer Emergency Program runs in Louisiana, and this is true during a truly hot stretch of weather. When this runs fans may be provided as part of LIHEAP for low income eligible households with a young child, senior, or disabled member. Call 888-454-2001

  • Entergy Louisiana provides additional emergency assistance for AC bills or electric costs during the summer. They include grant money from Power to Care, payment extensions to give families more time to pay the bills and more. Continue with Louisiana Entergy assistance programs.

Mississippi enrollment period starts in May for senior citizens. The grant amount paid out to eligible households depends on the applicant's income and utility bill amount, the degree of participation on the established case plan, and it depends on the family attending case management. Other aid includes cooling system repairs, fans, and/or air conditioners. Telephone number is 1-877-891-1271 or 1-800-948-4060.

  • Entergy MS provides financial help during the summer months, including payment plans or extensions, applications to LIHEAP crisis funds for low-income families and more. More on help with Entergy Mississippi bills.

Missouri can help people who have a disconnect notice, or if their electricity was already turn off. Up to $300 can be paid out. Or government funds can be used towards the purchase of an air conditioner or a box fan if you have a medical condition and an older family member. Dial 1-855-373-4636.

Nebraska cooling bill assistance programs run from June 1 through August 31, however there is a supplemental crisis program for any utility bills before or after those program dates. A medical need needs to be documented by the individual or client. Also, households in Nebraska that have a member age 70 or older may receive a free air conditioner at most once every five years. Call (800) 383-4278 or 1-800-430-3244.

Nevada can help people who are senior, disabled or SSI or TANF recipients, and/or whose income is lower than 150% of federal poverty levels. For any government aid offered, including LIHEAP, clients can decide to pay both their heating and cooling bills with those funds and beneficiaries can decide their own split and use of the grants. In Las Vegas dial 702-486-1404, or in Reno and the northern part of Nevada call 1-888-524-5705 or 775-684-0730.

  • Nevada Energy, the state’s major provider, has low income assistance programs including SAFE as REACH to help pay electric bills, fans for a home, or even funds to repair an air conditioner. Learn more on assistance with paying Nevada Energy bills.







New Jersey may offer assistance to senior citizens and the elderly that have proof of health endangerment, and it needs to be signed by a doctor. You can also apply for heating and cooling bill assistance at the same time in New Jersey. Call 1-800-510-3102 for information.

New Mexico has a onetime year grant for any type of energy bill. Beneficiaries can decide to use the money to pay their heating or cooling bills, and it is their choice. Applicants need to be within 150% of federal government poverty guidelines. A crisis program is offered for households with a shutoff notice and have had made payments on their utilities in the recent past. Call 1-800-283-4465

  • PNM summer assistance programs are wide ranging. There are free payment extensions, emergency shut off protections for senior or disabled customers utilities and other resources. Continue with emergency help from PNM.

North Carolina offers cooling and air conditioning benefits are part of year-round crisis programs, and generally up to $600 can be paid out, as funding allows. Phone 1-800-662-7030.

Ohio opens up a program in July. It is for state residents whose income is within 200% of poverty levels. Or aid may be provided to senior citizens or the sick and ill. Apply at a community action agency. Other assistance may be offered for persons 59 years of age or younger who have a doctor's notice stating that a medical need or condition exists. It must clearly state that hot weather could cause their condition to worsen, and that the person needs cooling assistance. In these cases Ohio may offer a one-time payment toward an electric bill. For a free AC unit, a medical notice is required from a doctor stating that an air conditioner will benefit a household member's health condition. Dial 1-800-282-0880 for details on these services.

Oklahoma disburses funds until they run out, and the program starts in July for low income families. It is an emergency colling bill assistance program for qualified low income households. Call 1-866-411-1877.

  • OG&E low income summer electric bill assistance programs range from Lend a Hand to free energy conservation, senior discounts and more. Continue with OG&E financial assistance programs.

Oregon – Call your local community action agency, non-profit or a human service agency. Funds are offered during the summer, and crisis utility bill assistance is offered for paying cooling bills, buying fans, or air conditioning equipment. Telephone 503-986-2000 or 1-800-453-5511.

South Carolina summer assistance runs from May 1 - September 30. Income levels are set at 150% of federal poverty levels, with a focus on seniors and the disabled in the state. A phone application system is in place too. The LIHEAP crisis cooling component will pay for cooling and air conditioning systems, and primarily the repair or replacement of them. This really depends on government funding as well. Air conditioners and/or fans may be installed in households with vulnerable members. 803-734-0662

Tennessee is open for low to mode moderate income families, and applications are accepted in May as well as June. A medical statement from your doctor is required, unless you have an elderly member, disabled or infant less than 12 months old. If you have not receive help in the recent past, then you may qualify for fans or air conditioners, or the equivalent cash value of them. Call (865) 637-6700 or 615-313-4766.

Texas runs a program from March to November, and is generally for families whose income is 200% of federal government poverty levels. Priority is for people with high energy costs in relation to their income, homes with an elderly member, children under the age of six, or disability. Also is focus is for those people who are waiting for weatherization.

  • The financial assistance is really targeted to households unable to achieve full energy self-sufficiency and who are behind on their bills and have no other resources available. The Texas CEAP program also has a crisis component, and grants can even be paid out for the replacement or repair of cooling systems. Call 1-877-399-8939.
  • TXU Energy assistance programs ramp up during the Texas summer months. Get information on free government LIHEAP money, the program known as Energy Aid and more. More on low-income assistance from TXU Energy.





Utah provides summer cooling bill assistance in the southern part of the state, and the program runs year round. It is a component of the HEAT program. Additional monies may be paid for those with a vulnerable member, such as a young child or senior. Call 1-877-488-3233

Virginia’s summer program usually runs from June to August. The applying household must have one member 60 years or over, disabled or a child under 6, and there is an early application period for those who qualify. Call your local area agency on aging office, community action agency, or social service office.

  • In the past, some cash assistance has been provided to repair, replace, or to purchase an air conditioner, pay a utility security deposit, or funds to pay your electricity bill during the hot and humid summer. Dial 1-800-230-6977 for details.

Wisconsin help is only offered to people who have a medical need, and if the state declares a heat emergency. When this occurs, or if you are qualified, apply at a county welfare office, community action agencies or a non-profit charitable organization such as the Salvation Army. Other services offered in Wisconsin can include a fan, money for a room air conditioner repair/purchase, or counseling. Call 1-866-432-8947


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