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Assistance programs from Entergy in Arkansas.

Entergy offers qualified low income customers in Arkansas several different financial assistance programs as well as payment plans. Each service will have its own qualifications that need to be met by customers. Priority is usually given to seniors, families with children, and the disabled. Assistance programs range from credits on your utility bills, applications to federal government created resources like LIHEAP or weatherization, direct cash assistance, and free energy saving or conserving weatherization type enhancements. Find more details on Entergy Arkansas programs below.

Arkansas can have some extreme hot and even cold weather. Entergy will offer qualified customers protection against these extreme seasonal temperatures by how they deal with utility accounts during these periods. For example, the Cold Weather Rule was put into place so that Entergy will not disconnect a residential customers utility service when the temperature is projected to be 32 degrees or lower.

There is also help for air conditioning needs. During the summer, the Hot Weather Rule operates. Entergy will not disconnect registered handicapped or elderly customers when the temperature in the service territory is projected to be 95 degrees or hotter. Dial 1-800-368-3749 to reach a representative from Entergy.

Financial assistance is offered from the Entergy The Power to Care program. Employees, customers, and Entergy itself all contribute. Based on the donations collected, the Power to Care program will help the less fortunate. This is a special fund that provides emergency utility bill assistance for disabled and/or elderly customers in Arkansas that are facing a disconnection. To learn more or apply, call Dollar Energy at 1 (800) 683-7036.

Federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a financial assistance program for Entergy customers. It provides cash assistance to help lower income individuals and families with paying their energy bills and other energy-related expenses.

Community action agencies accept applications for it. Priority is given to the low income that pay a large percentage of their income towards energy bills, which is usually the working poor, seniors on a fixed income, and the disabled. LIHEAP is administered through non-profit organizations, such as community action agencies across Arkansas, and the fund can help customers pay for and keep electric service connected in their homes.




Sales Tax Exemption is available in Arkansas for registered Entergy customers with an annual household income of less than $12,000. The exemption is only offered on a limited portion of their bill.

Renters in Arkansas can receive utility assistance/protection from the Entergy Landlord/Tenant Agreement. This option is for the protection of renters who use Entergy, and whose electric service is included with their rental payment. The agreement protects the tenant from disconnection of their utilities due to a landlord's actions.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is offered by Entergy in Arkansas, and is administered with local community action agencies. The federal government funded program, which is run through community action agencies, will primarily focus on helping low-income residents, elderly, and disabled customers save money by making their homes more energy efficient.

After an energy audit is arranged by Entergy and your local community action agency, the weatherization program will pay for installation of the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures in your home or apartment. For additional information, get in touch with your local community action agency in Arkansas.

Medical assistance programs from Entergy in Arkansas

The three options include the Entergy Certified Medical Emergency (ECME), Protected Customer as well as the Life Support Identity Program. Call 1-800-368-3749.

ECME protects those low income Arkansas customers who may be faced with a medical emergency. This program allows for electric service to be continued for up to thirty days if the disconnection would cause a medical crisis for the customer.





The Life Support Identity Program will assist Arkansas customers who are dependent upon life support systems for their medical needs. Special consideration is given to those families when a so called normal disconnection of their utility service would have occurred, and support is given to both preventing a disconnection and restoring service.

Protected Customer is for customers with severe mental or physical impairments or residential customers who are 65 or older. The medical condition needs to substantially limit their ability to manage their energy costs and pay their bills. For qualified customers registered with this status, Entergy will attempt to make personal contact with the customer and also explain payment and financial assistance options in an attempt to avoid service disconnection.

Apply for programs from Entergy

The main phone number is 1-800-368-3749. Call customer service to discuss options.

By Jon McNamara


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