Energy bill and utility assistance from PNM.

Services offered from PNM include energy conservation programs like weatherization, federal government LIHEAP, payment plans, and emergency financial assistance. Most programs focus on the elderly and people with children, and the exact amount of any benefits provided by any of these various resources will factor in the household’s size and income levels.

Emergency financial assistance can be provided from the PNM Good Neighbor Fund. Low income customers, or those faced with an emergency that is beyond their control, can only apply for help at most once per year. It will take up to a few weeks for any application to be reviewed.

This financial assistance program can help pay for a portion or a past-due or current PNM energy bill. As long as funds are available, help is provided year-round, including during the summer for cooling bills. Many non-profits around New Mexico run this program, including community action agencies and local charity type organizations.

A focus of the following program is on offering help for paying bills from November to April. The Good Neighbor Fund can assist low-income families across New Mexico with paying electric bills until all funds are dispersed, as resources are very limited. Customer donations, money from charities and PNM matching contributions fund the assistance program that is administered by The Salvation Army. Call 1-888-342-5766 for more information or to apply.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, can provide cash to pay regular utility bills, or there may also be funds issued in an emergency. The crisis that this program can assist with is when someone is faced with a disconnection or is about to run out of their fuel source. However, LIHEAP can also help low income New Mexico residents who use PNM pay bills on a monthly basis.

Eligibility for this federal government resource is determined by a number of factors, including total household income and number of family members. The customer’s immigration status is also taken into consideration. When it comes to the cash paid out, several other factors are taken into consideration including household members' ages or disabilities as well as household size and income.





Save money from the federal government Home Weatherization Assistance program. The resource can provide low income customers with help lowering their energy bills. The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA) runs the service for the region in questions, and it provides income-qualified PNM customers with free installation of energy-saving products, such as caulking, insulation, and much more. Dial (505) 843-6880 for details or to apply.

More low income people can now qualify to receive help from this conservation program, which improves the energy efficiency of family’s homes and lowers their utility bills by up to hundreds of dollars per year. This is the result of federal funding, though the number of PNM customers assisted is still relatively small.

Shut-Off Protection is offered during the winter heating season. In general, if you qualify for any type of low-income help, then those customers may also qualify for the state of New Mexico heating season moratorium, which means that customers' electricity cannot be turned off from November to March of each year. However, a moratorium is only offered if someone enters a payment plan with PNM. You must contact them to set up a payment plan for that money owed before winter, so this requirement is strictly enforced.

Note that if you don't make payment arrangements with PNM then your utility or electric service still can be shut off during the winter. Other conditions include you must keep making planned payments during heating season, low income customers still need to pay all charges for energy you used during the period in question, and there may be some other conditions.

PNM payment extensions can provide more time to pay an outstanding expense if someone owes a past due amount on their bills. This can help people avoid having their services shut off due to non-payment, and importantly it allows low income customers and people faced with an emergency more time to pay an amount on their bills that is already past due. Call (888) 342-5766.




A payment plan works for customers that have received a PNM bill with a disconnect notice. If you are then unable to pay the amount on the bill due by the "pay no later than" date, you can request a extension with the company. There is no guarantee that this will be offered and it is only done so after a close review of the account.

Customers will need to request a payment extension by phone or even online. So PNM does offer a few steps that people can take. Not all customers are offered this option, and at most it will only provide several more days to pay your PNM utility bill.


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