Free holiday and christmas help for single moms and their kids.

Single moms often struggle during the holidays. There are holiday assistance programs for their children, ranging from free Christmas toy giveaways to groceries and ingredients from a pantry, gift cards, and even additional financial help for paying every day bills. Most charities strongly believe every child should have a joyous holiday, and this is why free Christmas and Thanksgiving programs are available, with some places even helping at Easter.

While the percentages do vary, about 40 to 50% of children who live with single moms are living in poverty. They too deserve to open a present on Christmas morning and they should not be “penalized” due to the fact their moms and dads are not together. Find how single mothers can get free Christmas toys, clothes and more. There are also, of course, food assistance programs. Almost all operate at Christmas and Thanksgiving, with a smaller number at Easter.

Free Christmas and Thanksgiving programs for single moms

There are many charities they can turn to. While many of them are open to traditional two parent households, some do focus on helping single mothers. Note since so many of these children live in poverty, the list below also includes some income based holiday programs from the federal or state government.

The priority is always on providing the kid some type of gift to open Christmas morning. Whether it is a toy, game, new piece of clothing, or really anything, every kid should have at least one present to their name. There are therefore thousands of charities, churches, and agencies that hold Christmas gift giveaway events for struggling households. Most of them are run by volunteers and depend on donations. Single mothers can of course apply for the wide ranging of Christmas assistance programs local to them for the free stuff they need.





Free holiday food programs are available for single mother runs households. There are both charitable as well as government options for them, though the government runs often require the applicant’s income to be close to or under poverty levels. Find help with Christmas groceries, Thanksgiving meals including turkeys and the toppings, and more from the following:

Single moms can always turn to the United Way. This is a referral service. The 501© non-profit offers free information to callers, including for information on Christmas well as other free holiday resources. One advantage to using this non-profit is, due to the high levels of poverty, many single mothers need many forms of assistance. The service will in effect be able to address, and solve, multiple needs of the client at the same time. Find a detailed list of receiving Christmas help from the United Way.

This means that the non-profit United Way organization can not only offer information on where to apply at, and how to get free Christmas clothing or toys for a kid, but also the United Way will offer details on other much needed assistance programs. This may be free vouchers to pay for daycare, GED programs, job placement and training centers, as well as financial aid or emergency rental assistance programs for single mothers. Applications to all of those resources, and others, may be given to single moms from a local United Way call center.




Children living in poverty, many of which come from single mothers, greatly benefit from the United States Marine Corps sponsored Toys for Tots. The program and organization are set up as an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity. It provides free, unwrapped Christmas presents to kids under the age of 14, including those with a disability, infants, and newborns. Boys, girls, teenagers, and some adults may be able to get the presents they want, or need, for the holidays. The single mom may also be given gift certificates and other help from the services and read more on Toys for Tots charitable assistance.


By Jon McNamara

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