Water bill assistance in Seattle.

Customers in Seattle can get help with their water bills in the form of credits or discounts on their accounts. Low income customers, seniors, and persons with disabilities are the primary recipients of the assistance that is offered by Seattle Public Utilities. The resources are wide ranging as well in that sewer, garbage and drainage bills are all part of the assistance program as well.

Customers can save up to 50% from the payment assistance program. The savings and credits can be part of their Seattle Public Utilities water, sewer, garbage and drainage bill. Applicants need to meet income guidelines, and they are usually decided by a scale put into place based on the state of Washington’s median income level. Learn more below, or to find out if you qualify, please call (206) 684-0268. Residents of federal subsidized public housing are not eligible.

Credits for water bills for non-SPU customers are also offered for lower income families and individuals. This is focused on those who do not receive a Seattle Public Utilities bill but who do receive a Seattle City Light bill. The credits take effect each month, and include the following.

  • Single-family, $9.79 (drainage), $26.73 (sewer), $17.02 (water)
  • Duplex, $4.89 (drainage), $26.73 (sewer), $17.02 (water)

Solid Waste – Discounts can be received on these expenses as well, including garbage container customers ($13.20) as well as detachable container customers which are for residential apartments, and at most $10.85 is provided to them. Yard waste customers can receive a $4.20 discount.

The total amount of discount or credits provided can increase each and every year as well, as budgets and funding allows. Please note that the water and sewer credits listed above apply to Seattle in-City customers. Different credits apply for outside City or King County Washington customers.

Additional Seattle programs for help with your water bills

Another resource that is available for persons who qualify for the City of Seattle’s Utility Discount Program (UDP) is available as well. These individuals may also be eligible to get 50 percent off their Seattle Public Utilities water and sewer costs.





Low and working poor residents that are currently living in federal government subsidized housing, including Section 8, SHA (Seattle Housing Authority), and KCHA (King County Housing Authority) are not eligible for help with paying their water or other sewer bills.

To get information or to sign up for any of a number of water, electric and sewer bill assistance programs in King County and Seattle call one or more of the non-profits or government agencies below. For questions about UDP, dial 206-684-0268. The UDP program is run from the Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens, 810 3rd Avenue, Suite 350, Seattle 98104.

Other organizations to call for help include El Centro de la Raza, which also offers translation available in Spanish. Dial (206) 957-4634. They are located at 2524 16th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98144.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service – Residents who speak Bhutanese, Nepali, Hindi, Nepali, Burmese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Spanish, Taiwanese, Lao, Thai, or Tagalog can access translation services. Contact: (206) 695-7506. Address is 3639 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, Seattle, WA 98144

Last, but not least, for additional water, sewer, and garbage bill help call Southwest Youth and Family Services. Languages translated include Arabic, Cambodian, Samoan, Somali, and Spanish. Phone (206) 937-7680. The address is 4555 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, Washington 98106-1379.




Seattle Public Utilities offers the discounts and credit too. However these tend to be for other type of expenses. Primary phone number is (206) 684-3000.


By Jon McNamara

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