Assistance from Reno Nevada Catholic Charities.

The primary service offered in the Reno and Washoe County region is the Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Program. The main focus is on helping those who are struggling and who are just trying to address their basic needs. In past years the charity has been able to help with housing, including utilities, rent, and short term housing/shelter. Transportation, which is mainly bus passes, has been distributed. Other aid is listed below. Funding will always vary, and it sometimes depends on donations and other contributions from the community. However the various Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada programs may be able to help.

Case managers who oversee the Emergency Assistance Program will embrace each family and every individual who seeks help, whether they live in Reno or some nearby town or county. They will work with the individuals to create a plan to help people achieve an increased level of self-sufficiency while obtaining short term financial assistance.

Catholic Charities runs the St. Vincent’s Food Pantry. The center can help people put groceries and food on their tables. It is the largest and busiest food bank/pantry that operates in Washoe County and all of Reno and Northern Nevada. The demand continues to increase, and on average several thousand families receive some form of food assistance every year.

People who are receiving assistance from the pantry are often working and middle class families who rent or own a home or apartment, who have historically paid their bills on time, but who are faced with a short term hardship. With the weak economy many people just do not have enough income to cover all of their monthly bills and expenses. The majority of the food items that Catholic Charities gives to their clients are raw ingredients and staples such as canned goods, bags of pasta, or rice.

The food pantry has two main programs. One is the daily food program, which provides the needy with a much smaller allocation of groceries, meals, and food items. Assistance from this program is provided on a daily basis if need be, and the items will supplement the diets of those who might otherwise go without.

The Catholic Charities monthly food program provides a substantial amount of groceries to the needy once a month. The amount distributed is based on family size. The Food Pantry is located at 500 E. Fourth Street, Reno, Nevada 89512. Call (775) 786-5266





Referrals and information is provided on other not-for-profit agencies in Reno, Washoe County, and other areas of the state. The agency will form partnerships and leverage their services with the countless other non--profit agencies, government programs, and resources in the northern Nevada region.

This helps ensure that assistance offered is not duplicated, and aid can help target gaps in service. Case managers and emergency services staff consult with families and individuals to determine their overall needs and financial situations. Catholic Charities can connect people to other services and resources in the community. For those basic needs that people can’t get help from anywhere else, this is where Catholic Charities will focus its energy.

Emergency assistance is offered for several critical expenses. Housing, with a focus on homeless prevention, is offered. This includes funds for paying rent and energy bills. If someone is faced with a medical emergency, then some aid may be provided for medications, or even transportation to the doctor.

A Thrift Shop is open as well. The location accepts donations from the community, and also provide people a place to shop for affordable goods like furniture, gently used clothing, personal items, and similar goods.

A Dining Room Program is also available in Reno. This resource has been around since the 1960s, and the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada and the St. Vincent’s Dining Room provide free, nutritious meals to the homeless, under-served children, and low income men and women. The dining room is open several days per week.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada also operates an Immigration Assistance Program. This service is offered in partnership with agencies such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Executive Office for Immigration Review. It can help immigrants understand the process and guide them through it. Get assistance with filing the paperwork and dealing with the legal process.




The program is run in partnership with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC). Catholic Charity provides free yet high quality consultation on Immigration issues throughout the United States.

At the same time they walk people through the process, Catholic Charities of Reno will also help individuals obtain self-sufficiency, jobs, financial assistance and stability. Programs can help with and provide Temporary Protective Status, Employment Authorization, and Legal Permanent Residency.


By Jon McNamara

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