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Assistance programs Osceola County and Kissimmee.

Low-income families will be able to get financial help, free stuff and social services in Osceola County. There are funds for electric bills or housing, including rent or a mortgage. Or get free groceries, a car or gas voucher for work or other basic needs met, such as medical or job placement. Locate financial help near you in Osceola County as well as Kissimmee.

A wide range of services are provided, including from churches, charities or the government. Emergency financial assistance for bills in the Kissimmee FL community is combined with debt or mortgage relief, legal aid and free items such as clothes, furniture or appliances for a home.

Free grant money from in Osceola County Community Action programs

The community action agency as well as the largest non-profit social services agency in Kissimmee and the the county is the Osceola County Council on Aging, Inc. Grant money, job programs, home repairs and other help is provided. The organizations helps people of all ages, not just senior citizens, and they are the local community action agency. They provide programs and other assistance for people facing a crisis or hardship.

  • Emergency financial assistance programs - There are several different services and resources. For example, the Emergency Assistance program may help qualified families, single mothers and individuals by providing them with funds and grants to pay unexpected bills. A major focus is on parents with kids, including single moms that need support. More details on how to get financial help for single moms.
  • Referrals and linkage - The community agency of Osceola County provides referrals and information on free grant programs for shelter, rent assistance programs, medicine, or emergency health care. There is also free foreclosure prevention, housing aid, day care, transportation assistance such as a free car for a job. Or enroll into debt reduction services, job placement and training services. Or apply for homeless and eviction prevention programs.
  • Cooling and utility bill help - They run the federal government funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This is a program that will help meet the costs of home cooling and heating bills by providing qualified low income customers with utility bill payment assistance. Three categories of assistance exist from the LIHEAP option, and they include crisis grants, ongoing help for electric bills, and free AC unit repairs.




  • Health clinic and free medical care - While it is located in Kissimmee, it covers the entire county. The Health Clinic is for patients who are 18 years and older, those people without health insurance and who meet low income qualifications. The health care facility provides primary, secondary and chronic illness management. There is free dental, tele-health and medical care for adult patients and others who need medical care, including migrant workers.
  • Free home repairs - This program provides minor home repairs and improvements. Get new windows or a roof or plumbing fixed in Osceola County, with a focus on senior citizens and disabled people.
  • Weatherization - This is a free program for qualified individuals, and it will install free energy conserving updates in peoples homes.

Call the Kissimmee based Osceola Council on Aging at 407-846-8532. The main address is 700 Generation Point, Kissimmee, FL 34744.

Social services and financial help with bills or housing in Osceola County

The Osceola County Catholic Charities of Central Florida (phone 888-658-2828) is another of the leading charities in the area. They provide services such as free or low cost health care, occasional funds for such expenses as housing, rent, and utility help. In addition, they can also refer people to both Florida and federal government assistance programs. They also provide counseling and referrals.

  • Immigrants, single moms and seniors are a focus of Catholic Charities. Free or pro-bono lawyers provide help, wither with green cards or employment needs. Or get help in finding and moving into transitional housing from Catholic Charities or low cost apartments.

Community Development Block Grant is an annual allotment from the Osceola County Human Services Division. This program provides rental and housing assistance to Osceola County residents who are faced with an eviction or who are in danger of becoming homeless. The grant money will also help pay for light bills, a motel room or security deposit on a new home.





  • Any emergency rental assistance shall be limited to the first and second month payment with a possible payment of up to the several months’ rent if eligible for the benefit. Other resources include future financial management plan, housing services, home Improvement and repair, and job finding programs. There will also be free furniture or stuff for the home. Call 407-742-2275

There is a Salvation Army Center in Kissimmee. It supports all of Osceola County. There is help for low-income families, Hispanics, Latinos, migrant farm workers and others. Some of the social services are below.

  • Emergency financial assistance for rent, utility bills, or transportation.
  • The Salvation partners with doctors, dentists and local clinic to give medical for the uninsured (including immigrants).
  • Free items like food, clothes, school supplies, Christmas toys, and more.
  • Additional services including a homeless shelter, case management programs, substance abuse, spiritual guidance and more.
  • Read more, and find details on Osceola County Salvation Army assistance programs.Financial help Osceola County

Family Services of Jewish Federation are available in central Florida. The non-profit will try to help the less fortunate, regardless of their religion. There is free food and groceries from the Pearlman Pantry. Meals on Wheels help senior citizens too, and locate Meals on Wheels from a FL pantry.

  • The Federation has other Emergency services, sometimes in the form of a zero interest rate loan. The funds can help Osceola County families with utility bills, paying rent, or maybe a security deposit. Other programs are for seniors, the unemployed, and those seeking self-sufficiency. Click here for details on Jewish Services in Orlando FL area.

Transitional housing resources can place families facing imminent eviction or the homeless into shelters, apartments, or other short term housing units. The program is wide ranging and can assist people of all backgrounds, including veterans, senior citizens, and single parents. The transitional housing programs can also help Kissimmee FL area families enroll into job training and budgeting workshops and learn about financial aid and other resources. More on free transitional housing in Central FL.

Government assistance and social services - Low income and unemployed residents of Osceola County can get help in the form of public benefits. The Department of Children and Families in Kissimmee Florida can provide information and applications. Residents can benefit from programs such as the following.

  • Medical care, free government insurance and assistance with bills from Medicaid or Medicare for seniors.
  • Utility bill assistance - LIHEAP grant money to keep the power on.
  • Help for funeral expenses and burial needs. There are free and low cost resources, and learn more on how to get a low cost funeral.
  • Government benefits, including money from TANF, SSI disability applications, elder care and even free daycare for single moms or low-income families in Osceola County.




Numerous other resources are available from public aid in the county. They help poor people, the unemployed and low-income get benefits from the state of FL and federal government. Read more on public assistance in Osceola County.

Osceola Christian Ministry Center administers several programs for the needy and low income. Minor medical needs, including prescriptions, dental care and treatment for infections is offered for the uninsured. Other assistance offered includes clothing, free food, meals, and referrals to emergency financial assistance. Location is 700 Union Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741, call (407) 944-9968

Rental assistance and housing programs - Charities, government agencies and social services help low-income tenants. Osceola County runs a homeless prevention and rental assistance resource. In addition, several churches, charities, and non-profit organizations also provide residents access to several services, including financial assistance for back rent, referrals, and case management. Read more on the various rental assistance in Osceola County.

St Rose of Lima Catholic Church has various social services. Free food boxes, groceries, meals and other items are offered from 3880 Pleasant Hill Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746. kids, adults, the elderly and others will get food or referrals to financial help. Call (407) 932-5004

Pro-bono lawyers from Community Legal Services help with civil legal needs. Free lawyers help with green cards or stopping evictions. They is information on filing for employment, harassment, and unpaid child support cases in Osceola County. Other free consults are provided too from 800 N Main St, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Call (407) 847-0053, or find a free lawyer in FL for people with no money.

Free items for low-income families

Find free help around the holidays. Programs assist the less fortunate of Osceola County at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. Free meals, Xmas toys for children, food for seniors, and other assistance is available for qualified low income residents. Read central Florida Christmas and holiday programs.

Clothes, for adults, kids, or job seekers, are offered too. There are free items, that are mostly gently used.  Boots, uniforms, school supplies, coats and more clothing items are offered. There will also be vouchers or samples provided too, and look here for free clothing closets online.

Osceola County food assistance programs

The following centers, churches, and charities distribute food, groceries, meals, and other aid. Some locations  may have clothing, diapers, baby formula, and holiday meals. Unfortunately not everyone who needs food will qualify, as most pantries rely on donations from local businesses and people of all income levels across Osceola County.







  • Holy Redeemer Catholic Church - Call this church at (407) 847-2500. The location is 1603 N Thacker Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741.
  • First Christian Hispanic Church is located in Kissimmee. The needy, regardless of race or religion, may qualify.

There are many other food pantries and soup kitchens for free meals, groceries and hygiene supplies. Find their phone numbers, addresses, and information on the application process. Locate more Osceola County pantries.

Debt relief and credit counseling in Osceola County

Non-profit credit counseling agencies, both locally and nationally, help people get out of debt, rebuild their credit, and save for the long term. There are budgeting workshops, free debt management plans, help with credit cards or auto loans as well as other services in Osceola County. The programs are generally free for the low-income, and locate no-cost credit counseling services.

  • Auto and car loan help is offered too. Most of the services are free for people that need a vehicle for work or job training. Find how to get help stopping a car repossession.

Free health care services and medical help

Receive health or dental care from the St. Thomas Aquinas Free Medical Clinic. The clinic provide free medical care for the working poor and mid income families who live in Osceola County. They also help people on Medicaid or that have no insurance. The free health care clinic is also supported by Catholic Charities and arranges dental work too, and find a Florida free dentist for the uninsured.

  • The clinic provides free health care programs and offers services such as specialist referrals, medical care, preventive health education programs, case management, and medication referrals. there is also free basic dental services, dentures for the uninsured and teeth extractions. Or get referrals to other community social services for the working poor and government aid programs. Phone 407-593-1256. The location is 510 Brown Chapel Rd, St Cloud, FL 34769.


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