Online discount and rebate codes can help you save on bills.

Say you are shopping for something online. It can be anything, such as a suit, some type of electronics, clothing, shirt, or scarf-and you notice a place to key in a code for a discount. Most websites have these boxes for some type of discount. How do you find those codes, what are those codes, and where can you quickly find them (for free) so that you can get help from those discounts while shopping?

You can find online shopping discount codes at It is very quick and easy to search both alphabetically, by store, or by category, and there are over 15,000 stores listed. This site allows many consumers the ability to find help and ways to save on your shopping bills. The site offers online discount codes for sporting goods, home products, food, luggage, and even Halloween costumes!

We recently found codes to get $10 off a $100 order at, $20 off a two-night stay booked through, 15 percent off purchases at the sporting-goods store, and many others. These codes are a tremendous help in saving money. Before you ever pay for an item you want on a site, you need to check first to see if there's a discount code. It only takes a few extra minutes to do this, and the savings can be substantial. These discount codes will work for online sales only, however the site does have a thriving printable coupons section.

Note that the online discount codes come and go, and are often timed to the season. Some of the online rebate codes and offers have fine print that that may exclude certain brands, so check this closely.

Some other sites you also need to review are, (the stores are listed alphabetically),, (this site updates coupon codes daily), and (for the latest offers, sign up for RSS feeds).

Other ways to save online include:

  • Market research companies, such as InboxDollars, CashCrate, and TreasureTrooper offer shoppers cash rebates, savings and coupons from numerous retailers. For example, you can save 5%, 10%, or more on items from national retailers such as, Wal-Mart, Borders, and dozens of others. More.





  • Those companies allow consumers to shop at hundreds of name brand retailers and receive rebates from these companies. It is shopping that you are already doing, so why not get paid for it.
  • There are also websites that scour the internet looking for the lowest price, and this is known as comparison shopping. Your discount codes can be used in combination with these services. This can also help guarantee you get the best price on any shopping you need to do. More.
  • Find additional websites that can help you save (such as, or even suggest gift ideas! Continue.

These resources can provide individuals information on how to save or get help with a host of bills. It is easy to save money using rebate codes or shopping services. Find help for paying your bills that will allow you to lower your household expenses by hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars per year, and most of the ways to save money will not cost you a dime as many of these services and sites are free to use.




By Jon McNamara

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