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Mobile County Alabama assistance programs.

Find information on various Mobile Alabama non-profit agencies, government assistance programs, churches and charities. Many of the organizations can help people pay utility bills, their rent, provide free health care, and even help them eliminate debt. They may also offer case management services, which can help with employment, or place families into low income or affordable housing. Or get free back to school supplies, applications to food stamps, and other free stuff, like Christmas toys.

A big focus in Mobile County is financial help though, when funding allows. Whether someone needs emergency utility bill assistance or access to affordable housing (or grants to pay for it), that aid and more may be offered.

Mobile Community Action Agency

Mobile Community Action - This is the local community action agency that helps the working poor, and tries to ensure long term self-sufficiency. Programs offered include. Call (251) 457-5700.

  • Emergency Utility/Water Assistance Program (EUWAP) - Get help with paying water bills and sewer costs.
  • Rent or mortgage help - Qualified households may get assistance with rental or mortgage payments to households in danger of becoming homeless through unforeseen circumstances, such as an eviction or foreclosure.
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program - Grants and funds to pay electric bill, heating, summer cooling expenses, and other utility assistance.
  • Prescriptions - Vouchers may help pay for medications
  • Emergency Food Voucher - This government funded program provides food vouchers to families on a temporary emergency basis.
  • Christmas and holiday programs - Access meals, gifts, and other forms of holiday assistance.
  • Weatherization - The government funded Weatherization Program has a goal of reducing energy bills of low to moderate income families by providing home repairs that can help in reducing energy bills.
  • The non-profit MCA provides other services too. The homeless may learn about transitional housing in Mobile, or funds to pay for security deposits. information on loans for minor home repairs may be offered as well as other aid.




Addresses of community action agencies are below. Or find more details on Mobile Community Action Agency assistance programs.

  • 13865 South Wintzell, Bayou La Batre, Alabama 36509-2401, call (251) 824-7026
  • 19165 N Main Street, Citronelle, Alabama 36522, dial (251) 866-7386
  • 8740 McDonald Road, Irvington, AL 36544, phone (251) 957-6722
  • 6024 Lorma Road, Mobile, AL 36608, (251) 343-3351
  • 1600 Boykin Boulevard, Mobile, Alabama 36605, telephone (251) 476-6425
  • 1200 Park Street Hwy 43, Mount Vernon, Alabama 36560, call (251) 829-6362
  • 517 Meaher Street, Prichard, AL 36610, call (251) 456-2251
  • 3810 Wulff Road, Semmes, Alabama 36575, phone (251) 645-5266

Emergency financial assistance - Credit counseling, housing, utility bills, food and rent assistance in Mobile

Multiple organizations, including Community Action Above, may have information on non-profits or charities that can help with rent. Tenants that are struggling, and facing a short term emergency, may be issued a loan or other forms of financial assistance to help with their housing needs, even including deposits. They also partner with other Mobile Alabama rent assistance programs.

There are also additional referrals to housing, rent, or deposit programs. As the resources in Mobile, and really anywhere, are limited. There a social worker can refer a client to federal resources, national charities, and other options. Find additional ways to get rent help.

If someone is facing an emergency or a short term crisis, Catholic Social Services may be able to help. They offer numerous programs, including crisis and emergency assistance, rent assistance programs, free food, clothing, furniture and also financial assistance and cash grants for paying for medicine, utilities, rent and transportation costs. In addition, they also offer the following services, including pregnancy services, infant foster care, clinical counseling services, and adoption support.





Also trained caseworkers will work directly with applicants to improve their situation. They will challenge  clients to address the issues that have contributed to the emergency or the crisis they are facing. They provide information, make referrals to Alabama and federal government programs, and when necessary advocate to obtain further assistance on a clients behalf. Call the agency at (251) 434-1550 to learn more Or click here for financial assistance from Catholic Social Services.

Another charity organization is the Salvation Army. This agency provides job training, free food, shelter, clothing, rent help and emergency assistance. The various forms of long term as well as emergency assistance can include grants for paying utility bills are medications. These services are provided to those in need of help with bills and everyday expenses. Call them at (251) 438-1625.

The Mobile Alabama Salvation Army offers other social services and non-monetary support as well. This can include free Christmas gifts and meals from volunteers and donations. Or get back to school supplies as well as uniforms. Various short term housing units, job training programs, and other case management is offered too. More on Mobile County Alabama Salvation Army assistance.

Housing First Inc. runs a resource known as the SSVF Program. It was created between the Veterans Administration and a number of Mobile County non-profit service providers. Various services are provided to veterans and their families. Examples include limited cash payments for rent, utilities, and other housing costs. Receive free or low cost legal, health or child care. Counseling may be offered too, including personal financial planning. Get help in finding a permanent home too. Address is 273 Azalea Road, Mobile, Alabama 36609. Call (251) 450-3345.

Individual & Family Support Of South Alabama can assist individuals with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury. Some support may be financial in nature. Or get referrals and other care. 1050 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36604, call (251) 438-1609 for information.

Households with an eviction or pay or quit notice can inquire into the local homeless prevention programs. There is not only help for people behind on their rent, mortgage, or even utility/water bills, but this service will also assist individuals that need a new more affordable home to live in. There are various aspects, and read Mobile County rehousing and homeless prevention.

Receive access and information on programs and resources that assist you through the challenges of personal finance from Lifelines Family Counseling Center. They administer several credit counseling, foreclosure prevention, and rent programs. For example, receive budgeting and money management advice, as they are the skills that are essential to keep your financial picture healthy.

In addition, their Credit and Debt Repayment programs help you get out of debt, including credit card and medical debts. The services can also help you rebuild and work to improve your financial standing by working with your creditors, and also improve your credit scores. Find additional credit repair programs, including how non-profit attorneys can offer debt arbitration programs.





Another program is provides foreclosure and rent assistance. The Housing Counseling program can help you prevent a foreclosure, or realize the dream of homeownership, or it can even help you with problems in making rent or mortgage payments by providing information on grants and agencies to turn to. Call Lifelines at (251) 602-0909.

Catholic Social Services will provide emergency services and cash grants to families and individuals in times of need of help. Specifically, some of the assistance program offered include weatherization, Electric Bill Payment Assistance, Free food, Clothing, Gas Bill Payment Assistance, Holiday meals, including Thanksgiving and Christmas Gifts, Rent aid, and Water Bill Payment Assistance. They also work with churches and other charity organizations in Mobile. Case management and referral services are also available for the poor and low income. Call (251) 434-1500, or read more on Mobile Catholic Charity assistance programs.

Christ Untied Methodist, based in Mobile Alabama (251) 380-0583, has a Pastoral Care Ministry that provides Utility Bill (Including Electric, Water, Heating, and gas Bill Payment Assistance) free food from pantries, and rent help.

Mobile Salvation Army - Runs programs including financial assistance with utilities and rent expenses, provided new or gently used clothing, food and grocery vouchers, and other forms of help. Dial (800) 725-2769.

Cash aid is offered to Mobile County residents that meet income and asset levels. They are time sensitive, and the TANF cash and other funds can pay for housing, utilities or water bills, education costs, books, clothes, gasoline and more. Learn more on bills paid by TANF.

Find free Thanksgiving and Christmas programs in Mobile County. There are several options, ranging from Toys to Tots to Angel Tree as well as Thanksgiving Turkeys or Magical Christmas Toy Drive. Children, the elderly, unemployed, and low income (among others) can get help. More on free Christmas and holiday assistance in Mobile County.

United Methodist Inner City Mission runs a rent and utility assistance program. This agency and charity organization operates a community outreach service that provided emergency financial assistance and free food. Both basic needs and long term support are arranged.

The charity, also known as UMICM, also has a Senior Citizen and after school program for children. Applicants must live in the inner-city area of Mobile Alabama, including zip codes 36603 or 36605, to qualify for these assistance programs. Call (251) 432-1122, or learn more on services from United Methodist Inner City Mission.

Bana Mobile Resource Center (phone (251) 471-3333) is a non-profit advocacy charity agency that is comprised of non-profit, profit entities. the various partners and agencies provide assistance with paying utilities, offer free clothing, medicine assistance payments, adult literacy, mental health seminars, and other forms of help.

Mobile clothing banks and furniture banks have a number of resources available. There can be vouchers for low income families in a crisis, free school supplies (such as notebooks or uniforms) as well as items for work or free furniture for a home. Some of the centers may also have special services such as gasoline vouchers or offer counseling, in additional to an article of clothing. Read Mobile County free clothing closets, furniture and school supplies.







First Baptist Church of Tillmans Corner helps low income and qualified individuals with providing utility bill assistance, food and diapers. Utility assistance is available on Tuesdays only from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Anyone who is interested needs to make appointment on Friday for the Tuesday interview. Also utility must not be disconnected. Food and diapers may also be provided. Call (251) 661-1299.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a local church that partners with other parishes. The assistance is limited, but ranges from meals to clothes, financial help, shelter, and more. Continue with Society St. Vincent de Paul Mobile County assistance programs.

Jewish Family Services - All people can get help, however they provides support, typically to Jewish members of the Mobile Alabama community. Get help with paying bills and expenses including: financial, employment, transportation, meals, medical bills and health care, and other as needed. (251) 457-3557

Dauphin Way United Methodist Church – The church can offer food assistance and clothing vouchers. In addition, emergency assistance can be provided for assistance with utilities, such as cooling and heating bills. 1507 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama 36604, call (251) 479-4827

Child care

Child Day Care Association, which can be contacted at (251) 441-0840, provides high quality childcare services at affordable prices. They will assist in developing habits, values and attitudes that will ensure living in our society.

Another organization to turn to in Mobile Alabama for child care is GRCMA Early Childhood Directions. The organization can provide childcare financial assistance and grants, as well as referral services for families, childcare/parenting programs, lending library, resource centers and much more.

The federal government also offers free vouchers to very low income working adults or those in training. Or subsidies are arranged. They cover bills while working or in job training. Read more on government help paying for daycare.

Mobile County assistance programs, resources, and services that also cover all of Alabama

Find details on Alabama non-profit organizations and assistance programs that help people across all of Mobile and the state. Find help for utilities, section 8, free dental care, and more.

National resources are also offer for Mobile County residents. They are wide ranging. As but one example, find details on free car repair services. But there are other grants, counseling programs, and more as a form of financial aid.





Free medical and dental care

Two of the primary health centers in Mobile are below. If those two clinics can’t provide what you need, then locate more Mobile Alabama free community clinics.

Low income and underinsured as well as uninsured adults can get free medical care from Victory Health Partners. Call the clinic at (251) 460-0999. The clinic provides high quality, free or discounted affordable medical and dental care to people who can’t otherwise pay for their medical or hospital bills. Services offered by the agency include routine medical and dental care, pulmonary clinic, prescription medications, x-rays, laboratory tests, health care counseling and a dispensary program offering prescription drugs and other medications for a low annual fee.

Other free or low cost community clinics in Mobile Alabama include West Mobile Family Medical Center ((251) 344-1964) as well as Our Neighborhood Health Clinic ((251) 471-7944). Both offer health care on a sliding fee scale, and may provide laboratory testing, exams, general health care, and information on prescription programs such as NeedyMeds. A number of benefits are arranged. Learn more on Needymeds.

Emergency food assistance

Futon Road Baptist Church runs a food pantry for individuals and families in an emergency or crisis situations. The free food program is known as Loaves and Fishes.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church (251) 342-1178 provides the low income and working poor with emergency free food service available on a 1-2 times basis. Nonperishable items and staples only can be obtained.

Pick up food once per month at Central Presbyterian Church. Dial (251) 432-0591

There are other pantries in the county as well. Click here for additional churches, food banks, clothing closets, and centers in Mobile County Alabama. Find a list of free food pantries in Mobile County.

Free legal advice, including foreclosure assistance and other support

Mobile Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program offers free legal services and advice in certain civil matters to the low income population of Mobile County. Call them at (251) 438-1102, or learn more on free legal help in Alabama.

Legal Services of Alabama ((251) 433-6560) is a non-profit law firm that provides free legal representation to low to moderate income families and individuals with civil legal problems. Their main areas of expertise and free legal advice includes foreclosure prevention, eviction from private and public housing; helping on claims for SSI, social security, food stamps, mortgage delinquency, Family Assistance (ADC) and unemployment compensation.





Lawyers also help with claims on divorces and protection from abuse- both limited to abuse victims; school expulsions; special education problems; predatory lending and debt issues, defending collection lawsuits; chapter 7 bankruptcy for people at risk of immediate loss of wages, pro-bono aid, and drivers license or other similar loss. Click here for additional Alabama legal program.


By Jon McNamara

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