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Alabama mortgage and foreclosure assistance.

Alabama non-profits that provide foreclosure counseling

The federal government Housing and Urban Development (HUD) organization has certified dozens of non-profits across the state. This group of companies have been selected to be HUD approved foreclosure and housing counseling agencies. Many of these organizations will provide free or low cost advice and services to borrowers. They may be able to negotiate loan modifications or work directly with your mortgage servicer. Get a listing of Alabama HUD agencies.

Toll free foreclosure hotline

Homeowners in most parts of Alabama can get free foreclosure legal advice from a toll free hotline that has been set up. The free legal advice and financial aid campaign is available in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, and Mobile. Homeowners in other parts of the state can also call the service for referrals to mortgage assistance programs in their town or county.

The toll free line has been set up by the Alabama State Bar as well as their partner group, the Legal Services Alabama. Both of the organizations donate time and money to the hotline. Legal Services Alabama is a nonprofit organization that will provide free legal help, including foreclosure assistance, on civil-court matters to low and moderate income people across the state. The toll free number / hot line (1-877-393-2333) will connect homeowners to a pro-bono lawyer or credit counselor who can counsel them.

After you apply, and if you are found to be qualified, an attorney will be assigned to your case. The lawyer will meet with and interview the homeowner, discuss the details of the foreclosure process in Alabama and they will offer foreclosure assistance. Solutions available include free legal advice and counsel if needed.

In addition, the program may be able to provide additional support. If the caller does meet certain income requirements, the lawyer may also be able to negotiate loan modifications or other relief on the resident's behalf with the lender, bank, or mortgage holder. Or the attorney may be able to represent the resident in mortgage proceedings or mediation with their lender. Learn more on foreclosure mediation.





The key to a successful outcome and to stopping a foreclosure is communication and early intervention. If you are having a problem with making your monthly mortgage payments, if you think you may struggle in the future, and if you believe foreclosure is imminent you must act now to get help. The hotline can provide information to the borrower.

Foreclosure help from Legal Services Alabama

They provide extensive support. Legal Services Alabama is a locally based nonprofit organization that was created to help lower income people throughout the state. They provide free legal help on civil-court matters, including housing needs. Most of the assistance is for senior citizens as well as low-income people across the area. The lawyers that participate in the program are being paid under a grant by the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation and the Access to Justice Commission.

In addition to meeting with an attorney, the Alabama state bar will also offer clients a pamphlet and more information with commonly asked questions about foreclosures. All of this is aimed at helping to stop foreclosures from occurring. So borrowers can learn about re-mediation tactics.

The organization is strongly committed to assisting consumers and homeowners across the state who are facing the difficult prospect of losing their home or filing for bankruptcy. The attorneys and the non-profit organization is also well aware of other issues that may result from people losing their homes, such as reduced home and property values, neighborhoods in disrepair, and lower tax revenues. Read more.




Government assistance for unemployed

Federal government dollars are being used as part of the hardest hit fund in Alabama. A combination of grants and/or short term, zero interest loans are being issued to people who have had a reduction in their income. So it focuses on offering mortgage relief to residents with employment challenges. The money issued from the fund can be used to help them pay their home loan. This is a huge help for the unemployed. Learn more on the Alabama hardest hit fund.


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