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Assistance programs Macomb County.

In an emergency, Macomb County residents can get financial help from an agency below. There is a sampling of charities, churches, and government offices which can help with rent or security deposits. They also provide low income energy bill assistance or get free food, clothing, or gasoline vouchers from a pantry. Locate financial assistance near you in Warren as well Macomb County.

Housing is a major need in Macomb County. Low income families may need affordable housing in cities such as Warren MI or Sterling Heights. Agencies such as Community Housing Network assist and the Community Action Agency provides grant money as well. There is always a need for utility or heating bill help. Options include:

  • Low to moderate income families can get emergency security or rental deposit help.
  • Legal aid stops housing discrimination and evictions in Macomb County.
  • Mortgage and energy bills help is offered including payment plans, mediation, cash grants, and more.
  • Additional information on all these social services is below. As well free job training, budgeting, and self-sufficiency.

Social services and emergency financial help

Rent and homeless assistance programs are generally funded each year. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is generally given to the county and non-profits from federal government grants. The goal is to both stop homelessness as well as rehouse people.

  • Charities get the money, and they generally get it provided to them each year in Macomb County Michigan. The funds will be used to provide financial assistance for housing needs. There may be money to help pay first month’s rent, a mortgage and also money to pay for security deposits for those struggling with rent. Even learn more on emergency security deposit help.

Various grants were may provide rent and leasing assistance to tenants. These assistance programs provide permanent supportive housing for families and clients who pay 30 percent of their income to cover a portion of housing expenses. Grant money will also pay for remaining expenses and it will provide caseworkers to assist families and individuals in need. Call the local community action agency at 586-469-5222 to learn more.




Community Housing Network provides Sterling Heights and other Macomb County individuals with rent, landlord-tenant mediation and housing aid. Among other options they run the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program. The program offers limited financial assistance that can go towards paying for the leasing of apartments or homes.

There are also funds for rental arrearages and overdue payments, security or heating and utility bill deposits, or utility arrearages. In some cases free motel vouchers are offered or there is SSVF for veterans in Macomb County. and energy bill payments in order to prevent homelessness among local families. Dial (248) 928-0111, or click here Community Housing Network.

The cost of housing can be a barrier in Macomb County, for both tenants, homeowners, and people seeking to buy property. There is assistance, including the following:

  • Rent subsidies from section 8 vouchers and apartments.
  • Loans for buying homes. They can be affordable, and even find loans that are unsecured.
  • Money to move into a new home or apartment, including for lower income residents.
  • For more information, try community services in the county.

Housing and rental support - Tenants facing eviction, or the currently homeless can also get help. There may be funds, or no interest loans, for paying a security deposit or portion of back rent. Mediation and other services are available too. In addition to the programs, agencies, and services listed on this page, find a listing of several other Macomb County rent assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division offers Macomb County residents several social services and resources. Counselors will work with individuals and families in need to provide them with access to medications, clothing, rent assistance, funds to pay utility bills, a homeless shelter, and travel vouchers. The vouchers may help pay for gasoline or a bus pass for work reasons.

  • Special Christmas and free holiday assistance programs, such as Angel Tree, or also offered in Macomb County. Or register for free Easter basket giveaways or school supplies for students of all ages. There are more than 2 dozen offices located around the area, including in Warren and other cities. Read more on Salvation Army assistance programs Macomb County, or dial 248.443.5500.





Society of Saint Vincent De Paul in the Archdiocese of MAcomb County and Detroit can provide qualified low income people with temporary financial assistance and other aid. A major focus is on the vulnerable, such as single mothers, elderly, immigrants or disabled in cities such as Sterling Heights or Warren.

The organization can provide temporary financial assistance and cash grants for individuals and families who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis or emergency. The get help, the applicant needs to have insufficient resources to obtain essential services or free items for their home. They may be able to even provide utility, mortgage, or rent payment assistance. Call them at (313) 393-2930.

The local community action agency, Macomb County Community Services Agency (phone (586) 469-6999) offers numerous grant programs, and long term self-sufficiency resources. Among them include the following. The intake process will refer the client to a service for their needs.

  • The organization, the Macob County Community Services Agency (MCCSA), is a leading poverty fighting group. MCCSA has three locations around Macomb County. Some of the programs they offer are referenced above, however the non-profit provides various other forms of emergency assistance as well.
  • While funding is limited, they offer support to people in need include rent and mortgage assistance, energy conservation education and free weatherization programs. One key focus is on homeless prevention and rehousing, and that may also include loans for paying a security deposit and help in locating new, permanent housing. Other programs in Macomb County include low income LIHEAP energy bill assistance, affordable apartments, and health care needs.
    • Assistance with deliverable home heating fuels
    • Housing aid, including rent and mortgage assistance
    • Free tax preparation
    • Career and employment resources, including resources from free Michigan job training
    • Commodity food program registration
    • Weatherization programs that can help people reduce their home energy bills
    • Food aid and Meals on Wheels
    • As noted, the phone number is a referral service for needy as well as the low income.

Referrals is also offered for free food pantries and local charities. Another key service is Meals on Wheels for seniors. The main address is 21885 Dunham Rd, Clinton Twp, MI 48036. Call the agency at (586) 469-6999, or read more Macomb County Community Services Agency.




Free clothing closets and furniture banks help low income adults and families too. The centers give out free clothes, including warm winter items, uniforms for work or school, and items to the homeless. There are also vouchers, free furniture and appliances as well as school supplies for students from grades K to 12. Locate free clothes, furniture and school supplies in Macomb County.

Money management and debt programs are often in demand. Case workers help families save and earn money. They also offer referrals to credit card assistance, medical bill programs, car loan assistance, funds to pay for home repairs and many other resources. Even find money saving tips for home repairs.

Macomb County Veterans Services – This agency may be able to provide temporary financial assistance and cash grants to military members, veterans, and their families or widows. Get help with such expenses as paying your monthly rent, mortgage and heating and utility bill payments to prevent utility shut-off.

  • They also help with benefits such as Section 8 housing, cash aid, or even government burial help. The mortgage and rent help can prevent evictions or foreclosure of military members. Location is 21885 Dunham Rd. Suite 3, Verkuilen Building. Clinton Township, MI 48036. Phone (586) 469-5315.

Michigan Department Of Human Services Macomb County - Mount Clemens District Office – A few different locations of this government office are located around the region and county. The offices are noted below. The government run agency can provide qualified individuals with financial assistance.

  • Programs are focused on the low-income, disabled, and senior citizen households who meet state of Michigan eligibility requirements. Any form of financial aid is targeted at those individuals when heating, electric or water service has been or will be shut off for the family. Required utility payments are established amounts that DHS expects families to spend on their monthly home heating or energy bill. Human services may also assist with other needs ranging from funeral cots to housing or medical needs.
  • It is important to note that households that receive financial help from this state of Michigan program will be expected to make required payments for heat and electric, other utilities, rent, food and shelter expenses (or any other items they are supported with) before receiving state of Michigan SER assistance. Locations include the following.
    • 21885 Dunham Rd., Clinton Township, Michigan 48036. Phone (586) 469-7700
    • 11370 Hupp Ave, Warren, MI 48089. Main number is (586) 759-9150
    • 196 N Rose St, Mt Clemens, MI 48043,. Number is (586) 469-6964
    • If these programs do not help, then locate a list of low income programs.

Legal assistance - Whether a Macomb County individual needs advice on housing matters, such as help for an eviction, or obtaining public benefits, then advice may be available. Attorneys or their staff can assist with SSI disability, food stamp applications, and more. There is also support for victims of domestic violence and other low income support. All of the legal aid is free, and it can even address housing discrimination for immigrants or minorities. Click here more information on Detroit area legal aid.




Angels Of Hope – This charity organization can offer cash grants to children with cancer and their immediate family members to help them make it through a difficult period. Grants from Angels of Hope are tailored to the specific needs of the cancer patients and their family but often can include, but or not limited to, rental assistance or funds to pay mortgage.

  • There is also hotel room funds or money for transportation for an appointment. Or get free groceries, auto or home repair, food vouchers, utility payments, and gasoline and other transportation gift cards. Address is 47496 Greenbriar Ln., Macomb, Michigan 48044. The email is, or call (586) 226-3146.

Water bill programs are available in Macomb County, Mt. Clemens and across the region. Low income customers facing a shut off can apply for financial assistance. The local water provider also can provide certain customers with discounts, saving plans, or payment programs as well. Click more details getting help with water bills in Macomb County.

Samaritan House – Another not for profit that offers emergency financial assistance and grants that may be used to assist with heating expenses or light bills. There may also be money for pay rent, medications or utility bills. They also run seasonal programs for low income families, including the Samaritan Back-to-School Backpacks Program and Christmas Tree gift giving program.

  • Much more is provided. The address is 62324 Van Dyke Rd., Washington, Michigan 48094. Phone (586) 336-9288 or call a second number of (586) 336-9956. Find help from Samaritan House.

Referrals from Helpline - Residents can reach a call center to learn about local resources. Staff can direct families facing an emergency to a host of resources, ranging from assistance provided by churches to benefits from DHS.

  • Examples of support may be funds for housing such as rent, support for single moms, food, and more. The bottom line is that many agencies in the region are focused on helping the less vulnerable, and learn more on Macomb County Helpline.

Social services - Several resources and emergency financial assistance programs are run by the government sponsored Community Action Centers. Services provided range from funds for paying energy bills, rent, and food to Head Start and medical care. Free subsidized daycare or Internet access for students or adults workers is offered.







Free food assistance in Macomb County

If you need help feeding yourself or your family, Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan distributes food to local pantries and charities. There are free groceries daily and other goods. They are one of the primary food distribution agencies in Macomb County. You can call them at 866-453-2637 to find out where to get food in your area.

This is not the only food distribution center in the region. Families and individuals can contact any one of about 30 other location, that offer everything from groceries to meals and clothing. Find more free food pantries in Macomb County.

Free legal help and advice in Macomb County

Lakeshore Legal Aid is a non-profit law firm that low income and others who can’t afford an attorney can turn to for help. The various legal services that they offer are prioritized to support the clients of the firm in their efforts to deal with civic law cases. Get free legal foreclosure help, help get free of domestic violence, deal with senior exploitation as well as elder abuse. Dial (586) 510-1814 or (248) 569-9658.

Another non-profit agency that can help is Legal Aid and Defender Association. Some of the assistance they provide can help with issues related to housing and apartment evictions. They also help immigrants facing discriminations. Or get advice on domestic violence issues, income and public benefits, predatory lending, wills and probate. Free lawyers also help with income tax, consumer debt, illegal mortgages, foreclosure rescue, divorce, child custody cases, employment, driver's license restoration, or unlawful terminations.

Or get assistance with personal identification needs, criminal record expungement, and immigration matters and government grants. Call the law firm at 877.964.4700, or click here to learn more about Michigan free legal assistance.

Macomb County free health and dental care clinics

Downriver Community Services provides medical services on a sliding fee scale. The services they offer include medical, dental programs, behavioral, and educational health and support services. There is free medical for people with no health insurance and the working poor. Adults and kids can use the clinic. Or get women’s health services, including maternal and infant health, WIC, teen, and family health care, as well as homeless health services and rehabilitation to low income and other patients. Call (586) 749-5197

Macomb Children’s Healthcare Access Program is located at 11370 Hupp Ave. Warren, Michigan 48089. The center serves children under the age of 18 that have health insurance through Medicaid, the government mains low income programs for medical needs. Call (586) 459-5108.





Debt, foreclosure, and credit counseling

Greenpath Debt Solutions is a non-profit agency offers numerous programs to Warren, Sterling Heights, and Macomb County individuals. A call is on stability and long term self-sufficiency. Among the services offered include:

  • The non-profit is a HUD Approved Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling Agency.
  • Debt reduction, including credit card and medical debt.
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Information including information on Michigan and federal government foreclosure programs. Learn more on Michigan mortgage programs.
  • Mortgage Delinquency as well as Free Default Resolution Counseling.
  • Bankruptcy advice and legal support.
  • Debt management plans and programs are offered by the non-profit. Consumers can lower their interest rates and otherwise save money. Additional debt help programs.

Call them at (800) 550-1961.


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