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Assistance programs Lexington-Fayette County.

Learn how and where to apply for emergency financial assistance or free stuff. Help is available in Fayette County from charities, churches, or government social service programs. Get assistance with paying rent, electric bills or a security deposit. Locate low income apartments that have no waiting list or get free food or utility or water bill help in Lexington KY. Find financial help for bills near you in Fayette County and Lexington below.

Community Action, Neighborhood Centers, and other charities assist people in a financial hardship. Low-income families in the City of Lexington as well the county can get grants, loans, free items like clothes or school supplies, dental bill help and more from local agencies. Also find everything from free Christmas toys to , credit card debt assistance, and more.

Financial assistance for paying rent, utility bills, and more in Lexington region

Many local families may struggle from time to time. If you need some short term help to pay utility bills, rent, or other expenses, contact the Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette County. This non-profit organization administers a wide variety of long term and emergency financial assistance programs to people who are struggling, lost their jobs, or who just need help. Phone (859)-233-4600. The main address is 710 W High St, Lexington, KY 40508. The services offered are below.

  • WinterCare focuses on winter heating costs. This is a program that is supported by the government of Kentucky. WinterCare is an energy bill assistance fund, and it was created from a partnership that was formed between community action agencies and utility companies. It will help low-income, elderly, and disabled persons with paying their utility expenses.
  • Rent assistance can be offered by community action.  The Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette County provides emergency assistance. They can provide funds to help people pay their rent, or avoid an eviction. If they do not have funds available, they can refer people to other local charities and agencies that can offer rent help.
  • Home energy bill assistance program (for light, electric, gas, propane, etc.) is available. The Kentucky Public Service Commission, Community Action Council, Kentucky Utilities, Community Action Kentucky, and the Office of the Attorney General have partnered together to form the Kentucky Utilities Home Energy Assistance Program.
    In most years, over 1,000 people receive financial aid from this program. It helps people whose primary heat source is KU electric, and it will provide these customers regular monthly subsidies throughout the summer and winter peak usage months. Call 859-244-2215.




  • Another option is the Lexington Kentucky Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This is a federal government funded program. The Kentucky LIHEAP program offers people in need energy and heating bill assistance. The aid is targeted at low-income families and individuals. There are two main parts of the program. The exact amount of the payment provided will be determined by family size, type of heat used in the home, and the applicants income.
    • Subsidy: The subsidy component of LIHEAP provides a one-time cash payment for heating bills.
    • Crisis: The crisis component will help those clients who have received a utility or heating shutoff notices and will be without heat within 4 days.
  • Water bill assistance can be offered to low income people in the region. The Help to Others (H20) assistance program ensures that low to moderate income households and others who may be struggling have access to water. The Help to Others program provides assistance and cash grants to help pay water bills. The H2O program is available to all eligible Kentucky-American Water Company customers. The assistance fund was created by Kentucky-American Water Company and the Community Action Council of Lexington. Click here to find additional H2O help to Others water bill assistance programs.
  • Kentucky weatherization program is a free service. The weatherization program will help low-income and other qualified homeowners with conserving energy by updating their heating equipment for energy efficiency, insulating exterior surfaces of homes, and overall reducing air leakage. Weatherization updates are free.
  • Another component is called the Weatherization Enhancement Program. This assistance was created to provide for the installation of new furnaces, water heaters, or other primary heating source in the case of a non-repairable heating equipment. Click here to read more on heating equipment repairs.





  • Employment services, both for the under and unemployed - The Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette helps residents either find a job or increase their income. This is part of job programs and/or career counseling. There are hobbies, side gigs, smartphone apps and other ways to make money.
    It can be fairly quicker to use smartphone apps to save or make money. Or there are tools such as freelance websites as well as career centers. Community Action in LExington can serve as a resource.
  • Summer cooling program - Every summer in Lexington, free air conditioners will be loaned from community action to families and individuals whose health is threatened by the high heat and humidity in Kentucky as verified by their doctors. They are short term resources for qualified low income families in Fayette County.
  • Suited for success and free clothing banks provide basic needs to the community. The Lexington clothing banks and Suited for Success Program provide clothing free of charge to low-income people who need clothing assistance. In addition, the program will also help low and moderate income individuals, and it will provide them with appropriate clothing for the workplace. Free clothing items offered to people in need include suits, blouses/shirts, ties, dresses, shoes, and underclothes.

Stop by the Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette, Counties, Inc. They have multiple offices in Lexington Kentucky and the region. Or for more information on their services, call them at (859) 233-4600 to learn how to get help for paying bills, rent, and more. Locate information on Fayette County Kentucky community action.

Adult & Tenant Services- Homelessness Prevention runs a program for clients and they can apply for rental or utility bill assistance once in a lifetime. The applicant must be at risk for homelessness, such as being evicted or losing a home to foreclosure. The main address is 498 Georgetown St, Lexington, KY 40508. Or dial (859) 258-3810 or (859) 300-5300.

Short term housing and homeless shelters - Across the region and Fayette County KY are several non-profits that help the homeless and families facing eviction. The resources available include emergency shelter, transitional housing, and funds to pay security deposits. There may be motel or hotel vouchers as well.




  • All financial help is intended to assist the low-income or single moms on a new low income apartment in the Lexington area. Guests can also receive free meals, clothing, case management and basic needs. Continue with transitional housing in Fayette County.

Salvation Army of Central Kentucky runs an emergency services program. Dial (859) 252-7706. They can offer free clothing, diapers, food, as well as free school supplies. Or get groceries and other household items are also available as donations allow. Or contact the Lexington Kentucky Salvation Army to learn about rent help or free Christmas meals or gifts in Lexington. Resources are available for all of Fayette County and even surrounding regions as well.

Additional assistance includes a medical clinic, shelter, and transitional housing. Another focus of the Salvation Army and their case workers is to help people find a job. So counseling, transportation assistance/gas vouchers, and other support is available to this end. More on Salvation Army Fayette assistance programs.

Working parents and low to moderate income families often struggle to pay for day or child care. The state of Kentucky as well as federal government may offer vouchers for childcare for job seekers, the employed or those in training. Many of the services are free, and locate free Kentucky daycare programs.

Fayette County Rescue Mission provides free meals, clothing from a thrift store, and free personal hygiene stuff. There is also assistance only with the first month’s rent for homeless individuals and families to move into permanent housing through the LRM Homeless Intervention Program. There is a free meal service from Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.Financial help Lexington and Fayette County

LRM Rescue mission also offers basic needs, such as referrals to food from God’s pantry, blankets, clothes and more. There is also transitional housing and job programs in Fayette County. Social workers from the Rescue Mission of Lexington can also help the needy and poor apply for food stamps, section 8, and other public assistance. The main address is 444 Glen Arvin Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky 40508. Telephone number is (859) 381-9600.

West Neighborhood Center (CAC) runs a social services program. For families that meet eligibility criteria, help is offered year round, upon request, to qualified low income individuals.

Residents of Lexington and Fayette County Kentucky can receive assistance with paying their rent and utilities from the agency. In addition, the community at large can receive referrals for free food, cleaning supplies, and household items if qualified. There is also the VITA program, home repairs for the disabled or elderly, and other aid.

The non-profit provides services within Fayette County and strives to be accessible and responsive to community needs. In addition, the center integrates services and connections with other community organizations to provide a holistic approach to provide support to low income families. West Neighborhood Center also works to increase community involvement and leadership in our efforts to combat poverty. Call (859) 246-1192 for information. The location is 1902 Cambridge Drive in Lexington, KY 40504, or find financial assistance from the government.

Tenant and homeless assistance programs are for Lexington families that either rent or that are facing an eviction. Assistance is available for people ranging from single moms to the disabled, seniors, and mentally ill. What may be provided is as follows.

  • Federal aid, including grants for rental or energy costs and housing vouchers.
  • Rehousing into new, low income apartments in Fayette County.
  • Specialty services such as SSVF and supportive housing. For more details, locate eviction and rehousing in Fayette County.





Expectant mothers in Lexington KY can get financial help for their bills as well, including from government programs. There is FMLA as well as other benefits available. Some non-profits also provide free stuff to new or expectant mothers, including single moms or teenage mothers - this is in addition to government benefit programs. Learn more on government assistance during maternity leave.

Lexington - Fayette Division of Family Support administers both state of Kentucky and federal govenrment public assistance programs. There are several that are available, and they focus on the low income who are taking the initiative to gain stability.

  • Cash grants are available from Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP)
  • Food programs in Lexington are met by SNAP food stamps as well as WIC
  • Other benefits include child care assistance, low cost medical care, and resources for children. Continue with public assistance in Fayette County.

Saint Vincent de Paul is a faith based service in the county. The poor, homeless, people with no money or income and others will get help. Programs range from free food boxes at Cathedral of Christ the King to clothes for adults or kids, limited emergency financial help, free household or kitchen stuff and more. Home visits are generally needed, and more on Saint Vincent de Paul Lexington KY area.

Kentucky region of Volunteers of America provides several resources in the Fayette County region. The non-profit may offer shelter, transitional housing, or financial support for rent. They also run programs such as Family Follow Up and several others, including services for the disabled. Click more information Volunteers of America in Kentucky.

Supplies for homes, including free clothing for kids and jobseekers or free furniture, is available in Fayette County. Low income families can turn to churches, charities, and distribution centers. Clients may be given back to school supplies, free winter coats, hygiene items, and more. There are also free furniture banks for households items such as tables, beds, desks, computers and more. Continue with free clothes, furniture or school supplies in Fayette County.

Free holiday assistance - Dozens of charities in the Fayette County Kentucky area offer help during Christmas, Easter, and/or Thanksgiving. Some of what is offered, and the application process, is as follows.

  • Churches often serve free meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. In order to receive a toy or small present for a child, or clothing for the family, some of the main programs include Toys for Tots or Adopt a Family. Find more details on Christmas assistance in Lexington-Fayette County.

Churches and faith based agencies help the less fortunate in Lexington as well as the county. While most of the support is free food or meals, some provide housing, holiday or birthday toys, child care and many other resources. A church generally focuses on a small area. Find assistance from churches in Fayette County Kentucky.

Rent and deposit programs - Tenants facing eviction, or the homeless, can seek help from non-profits and churches. Funds can help pay a portion of back rent or residents can learn about public aid. There are programs for single parents, veterans, seniors and others. More Lexington rent assistance.







Catholic Charities of Fayette County offers emergency rent and utility bill assistance from a program known as Bridging the Gap. This resource is very limited and can only be turned to in a crisis. Qualified applications are only accepted once per year.

  • The Lexington Catholic Charities is an organization that provides homeowner counseling services too. This includes free foreclosure prevention, pre and post counseling, financial debt management (which includes credit repair), as well as credit card reduction programs. The non-profit assists clients with obtaining their credit reports and improving scores.

A number of non-monetary programs are available too. This can include assistance during a disaster (such as fire or tornado), financial literacy, and credit/debt counseling services. Low income families, children, and seniors may also receive free hot meals and food. Or look into their matched savings account. Read Lexington Kentucky Catholic Charity programs.

Help with reducing debts, mortgage assistance and foreclosure prevention

The following non-profit agencies have counselors on staff that can help residents get out of debt. This includes credit card, car loans, or other bills. The non-profits also provide homeowners in Lexington and Fayette with mortgage and foreclosure help.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services, Central KY. Get access to financial education and outreach programs. They offer low cost or even free debt management and repayment programs, foreclosure prevention, asset-building and mortgage assistance. There is also budgeting workshops as well as financial education in the workplace. Phone (800.355.2227 or try (859) 626-7791, or click here for additional Kentucky foreclosure assistance programs.

Dental and free health care

Mission Lexington Dental Clinic. This is a clinic which is staffed by volunteer dentists who are offering their services and advice to adults and others who live in Lexington with low or no income. There is no fee for services. Cleanings, surgery, extraction and other free services may be offered. Free dental cleanings and maybe extractions are offered. The community clinic is 230 S Martin Luther King Blvd, Lexington, KY 40508. Call (859) 519-8157 or dial (859) 519-8157.

  • Receive low cost medical care from Mission Lexington Medical Clinic. The center provides primary medical care for working adults who are 18 years old or above. Call (859) 519-8157. Or find other resources that give help paying dental bills.

Nathaniel Mission also provides free dental care to patients in Fayette County. Many volutneer dentists and hygienetics help the uninsured, including adults and children, in Fayette County. Call (859) 255-0062, and the location is 1109 Versailles Rd, Lexington, KY 40508.

Free prescription glasses as well as eye exams are arranged in Fayette County. There are resources for children as well as adults, whether they have health insurance/vision coverage or not. Find a list of free eye tests and exams near you that can help.

Food pantries, free groceries clothing and more in Lexington and Fayette County

God's Pantry Food Bank, Lexington Kentucky ((859) 255-6592), offers a 5-7 day supply of food, baby formula (when in stock) and groceries for those needing  The address is 1685 Jaggie Fox Way, Lexington, KY 40511.





Saint Vincent De Paul Food and Clothing Vouchers may be able to offer vouchers for free food and/or clothing are given on an individual or family basis. Groceries, Ensure for seniors, home delivered meals and more food items will be provided. Dial 859-268-2861.

The Rock United Methodist Church may be able to provide free food baskets, groceries and a free sit down meal every Monday evening. Phone (859) 255-0712 or 859) 277-6176.

A couple dozen other food pantries, hot meals from soup kitchens and clothing closets are located in the region. They can also help very low income families apply for state of Kentucky food stamps or offer holiday meals. Find more free Fayette County Kentucky food banks.


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