Fayette County government and public assistance.

Residents of Fayette and Lexington can turn to the Division of Family Support for assistance from public and government benefits. Most of the aid is for very low income families, however there are also programs targeted at the disabled and senior citizens.

Some of the highest demand benefits include for SNAP food stamps, low income housing, and general cash assistance from TANF, or Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP) as it is commonly called in the county. However there are many more options available for those families that meet qualifications.

Assistance for paying for groceries and food items is what SNAP provides. Families that meet low income levels, or that are facing poverty, can enroll into the entitlement. Clients will be issued an EBT card that is used to purchase groceries at a local grocery store or supermarket.

Thousands of families, including many with children, across Fayette County are enrolled into SNAP. The public program will not cover their entire bill, but it can help pay for a portion of what they need to feed themselves and their families.

Women, Infants and Children, or WIC, is another food assistance program. However this one is for very young children and newborns, as well as pregnant mothers. It will focus on paying for items such as formula, and it will also provide educational support to the parent.

LIHEAP is the main energy bill assistance program in Lexington-Fayette. Government grants can be used to help pay for heating and gas bills during the winter months, and there is also an emergency component of this for families that are faced with a disconnection.

Families with children or pregnant women are the main beneficiaries of public aid from TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This is available as a form of grant, and the money can be used to pay for basic needs and critical bills.

Anyone that receives support from TANF or K-TAP needs to be in job training or employed. This is the county's version of Workfirst, and the government will only provide help to individuals or families that are on the patch to self-sufficiency. Also, any financial aid will only last for a couple years at the very most as it is a short term benefit.




Subsidized child care is available in Fayette County. When applying for this benefit, there will be a waiting list. The county, using public funds, will also only pay for a portion of any day or child care costs, and the family will need to pay for the balance. So the amount of assistance from this benefit is very limited.

CHIP, or the Children's Health Insurance Program in the region, provides affordable medical and dental services to low income families with children. It provides various types of assistance to residents, including for medications, check ups, and even dental cleanings. If the family needs help in getting to an appointment, then Division of Family Support can sometimes arrange for transportation from volunteers in the region.

Lexington-Fayette County also can offer discounts of prescription medications from a Medicare card. While savings will vary, it can be as high as 20 percent. This will be focused on senior citizens in the area that are enrolled into the Medicare program.

Public health insurance is also provided as part of Medicaid. This can provide coverage to the very low income, uninsured, and elderly in Fayette. It will try to ensure that all residents have some form of access to basic medical care from doctors that are in an approved network.

Case workers from the Lexington-Fayette Division of Family Support can provide other support and referrals too. They can provide applications or information on Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program (KTAP), free legal aid, social services, and job training centers. Much more may be offered as well, and the main office is at 2050 Creative Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40505. Call (855) 306-8959.




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