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Free CDL training near you.

Find how to get a free commercial truck driving license, or CDL. Companies will often offer paid training and government programs or non-profits also assist people with obtaining Commercial Driver's License. Government job training programs, trucking companies, non-profits and corporations will offer free training or grants to pay for a CDL. Learn how, and where, to get free CDL training near you below.

Drivers are in demand, with the job outlook for commercial truck drivers projected to grow almost 5% per year until 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A CDL is required by law to operate any commercial motor vehicle. While it can be expensive to get on your own (several thousand dollars if not more), there are ways to get a free CDL license from a company or the government.

A CDL is a special license required to operate large commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, buses, oil tankers, and tractor-trailers. To obtain a CDL, drivers must pass both written and driving tests that demonstrate their knowledge of traffic laws, safe driving practices, and the ability to operate a large vehicle. The companies, and non-profits listed below, will help people (even those with no prior experience) get a CDL license as well as a job with benefits once the training is completed.

Free CDL programs from government job training centers

One of the best ways for obtaining a free CDL license is the government. They offer both free grants to pay for training as well as classes or workers at job training centers near you, including those that are part of the WIA program. These centers provide job training, career counseling, and job placement services to people who are unemployed, re-entering the workforce, low-income or underemployed.

The free CDL training program from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is another government agency that offer help eligible individuals. WIOA provides funding to state and local workforce development boards as well as well as non-profit to provide job training services to those who are unemployed or underemployed. Most of the services are part of the “one-stop” program. To be eligible for WIOA, applicants must meet certain income and other eligibility requirements.

The programs from each One-Stop center will vary, based by state, county, and community. In general, a location will offer various free training programs, including CDL training, computer classes, interview classes and more. The commerce driver license programs, including a free CDL class A, are typically free of charge or offered at a reduced rate, making it an affordable option for low-income people, those looking for a new career or the formerly unemployed. More on One Stop CDL.




Job Corps is a government funded program that provides free education and on-the job training to eligible young adults, high school or college students ages 16 to 24. The most well known training is a free Heavy Truck Driving License or Asphalt training. Job Corps offers CDL training as part of its transportation industry services.

A number of free services are offered. The commercial driver license program includes classroom instruction, hands-on training, drivers ed type services, and behind-the-wheel training. Job Corps also provides job placement assistance, such as job fairs and placement into trucking companies near you, to graduates. To be eligible for Job Corps, applicants must meet certain income and other eligibility requirements.

Non-profits and charities near you that offer free CDL training

There are also non-profit organizations near you as well as charities that offer free CDL training to those who meet certain eligibility requirements. These organizations are typically funded by grants, donations, the United Way, corporation donors, or government grant money. They provide free CDL training as part of their mission to help people in need.

They offer CDL training or free grants to applicants as a way to help individuals obtain employment and improve their financial situation. Some non-profit organizations that offer free CDL training include:

Trucking HR Canada - This non-profit organization provides free CDL training to women, students in college and Indigenous people through its Women with Drive and Indigenous Youth Career Pathways programs. The programs offer training, job placement assistance, and mentorship to participants. Apply here.

Women In Trucking Association - This charity provides scholarships to women who want to obtain a CDL. They help minorities, single moms and any female enter the truck driving industry.  The scholarships cover the cost of CDL training and other expenses, such as lodging and meals. Call 888-464-9482 for information on free CDL grants near you.





Smith and Solomon – The non-profit agency provides free CDL training to veterans through its Veterans CDL Training Program. They offer help with tractor trailer driving, construction work, and long haul driving among other free CDL license services. The program offers training, job placement assistance, referrals to hiring companies and other support services to veterans who want to pursue a career in truck driving. Call 1-800-622-0355.

Goodwill Industries – Using the proceeds of the money raised from their thrift store, this national charity provides CDL training to individuals who are unemployed, formerly homeless or underemployed. The program includes classroom instruction, hands-on training, mentorship, and job placement assistance. Read more on Goodwill job training programs near you.

The Salvation Army – A number of social services, financial assistance programs, and other support is offered. This faith based, Christian charity offers free CDL training or grant money near you as part of its workforce development program. Case workers arrange a number of employment services. Continue to find a Salvation Army social service program.

Free CDL training companies

A number of trucking companies provide free CDL training, as well as benefits and guarantee of a job, to job applicants. There a long-haul transportation companies, smaller corporations and other regional companies. The commercial driver’s license is free as the goal is to help meet the demand for truck drivers.Free CDL training near you

In general, companies provide a free Class A CDLL, which is required for drivers who operate a combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more. They also have age requirements, applicant’s need to have a “clean” record, agree to future employment and meet other conditions. There are a number of places to apply at, including Knight, Swift or Roehl Transportation. More details on paid CDL training near you.


In conclusion, obtaining a CDL license, from either the government or company, can be a valuable investment in your career and financial future. While the cost of CDL training can be expensive, there are resources available to help you obtain a free CDL license. Government job training centers, non-profit organizations, and charities offer free CDL training to those who meet certain eligibility requirements.


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