Colorado eviction prevention and homeless programs.

There are a few main programs available in Colorado for individuals facing eviction or the currently homeless. Using a combination of federal government funds from the Emergency Solution Grant program or resources from the HUD Continuum of Care, the state wants to end homelessness.

The goal is to keep struggling families and individuals from becoming homeless, whether they rent or own their home. This is accomplished through the provision of one time rent assistance, case management, landlord mediation, and other services. While resources are limited and depend on annual allotments from the federal government, the bottom line is that there may be help available.

When applying, tenants that are seeking help will need to go through and intake and assessment process. Based on the results of this, they will be offered potential solutions. Or if there are no options or funds available, then referrals may be provided. The funds can help participants in regaining short and long term stability in their current home or apartment or other permanent housing.

Finding homes and rehousing is part of the ESG program. This will help the currently homeless in Colorado or people that may be in a shelter. The process is multi-step, with the first being placement into transitional housing and then placement into a permanent housing situation that is both safe and affordable.

As part of this, there may be grants for paying the security deposit or first month’s rent that is due on a new home. Ongoing support will be provided to help the family achieve stability in their new residence. The person seeking help must also have a plan in place for self-sufficiency and be on the path to stability.




In some cases, any funds issued for paying a security deposit may need to be repaid overtime, so it will in effect be a short term, low interest loan. As the situation stabilizes and the client remains living in the new home, this may be required in an effort to keep the program fully funded and operational.

For those with an eviction notice, Emergency Solutions Grant may offer direct financial assistance. While most individuals will be provided a grant for any expenses due, in some cases due to limited funding levels there may be cases in which a loan will be issued as a form of rent assistance. Similar to above in that the tenant needs to be facing a short term crisis in order to apply. Colorado or the agencies that operate these eviction prevention programs will not provide funds on a long term basis.





Throughout this process, case management will be mandatory. This will involve a series of workshops and classes in order to stabilize the resident. The sessions will touch upon job placement and training. There will also be debt reduction services provided. The participant’s overall financial situation needs to be addressed in order to prevent any future instances of homeless and to break the cycle.

There may be some limited homeless prevention services available for other situations as well, such as people that own their home or families faced with unsafe housing conditions. The Continuum of Care process may coordinate mediation with a landlord or mortgage servicers, or there may be options such as home loan modifications for homeowners. So the ESG programs and other services in Colorado are wide ranging.

In addition to above, other programs that may operate from time to time in Colorado include Shelter Care Plus for the disabled, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS or HOPWA, veteran resources and others. All of them are focused to assisting people with their rent if they are facing evictions, or there may be funds for a security deposit.

Agencies in Colorado for information

As noted, all resources are limited and the resources change from year to year. These agencies may have referrals for qualified individuals.

Adams County main office is in Brighton Colorado. Call (720) 523-6200

Arapahoe County residents can call Community Resources. Telephone: (303) 738-8040. Several rehousing and eviction prevention services are administered. Continue with resources to stop evictions in Arapahoe County.

Boulder County - (303) 441-3975
Referrals may be provided to locations that offer grants for ESG or security deposit programs.

Denver area – Dial (720) 944-3666 for eviction assistance. Non-profits help the less fortunate with a notice to pay or quit. Find more information on Denver County.




Eastern Colorado region residents should call (719) 348-5303. This will include counties such as Lincoln, Cheyenne, and nearby towns.

Jefferson County has resources focused on this community. Everything from grants to counseling and rapid rehousing may be arranged. Click here.

Larimer County homeless solutions are available at Neighbor to Neighbor. The location is at 242 Conifer St, Fort Collins, CO, 80524. Call 970-494-9705. Eviction prevention ranges from both rent help to homeless assistance, which is security deposit or moving cost assistance.

Delta, Gunison, Montrose, San Miguel, Ouray County – Call (970) 249-4774

El Paso County - (719) 358-8396. Non-profits, including pro-bono law firms, also provide other help, including grants for security deposits and landlord/tenant mediation. More on El Paso County.

Crowley, Las Animas, Otero, Pueblo County – Call 719-583-6319 for information on rental assistance and other eviction programs.

Southwest Colorado residents should call (970) 259-1086.

Weld County - (970) 353-3800



By Jon McNamara

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