El Paso County Colorado homeless and eviction prevention.

Eviction assistance is available in El Paso County Colorado for low income renters that are facing a crisis. Not only can support be available to keep a family in their current home or apartment, but rehousing is another option that will help a currently homeless family in the Colorado Springs area.

There is not usually just one reason that someone may be faced with homelessness. Often the root cause of the event is vary diverse. No matter the reason, whether it is a significant amount of rent arrears, lack of heat in the home, a women fleeing domestic violence, or some other issue, non-profits such as Mercy’s Gate will do their best to stop an eviction.

Homeless prevention encompasses many different steps. Ideally, the tenant will get help in staying in their current home. But this is not always possible. When it is not an option, then the next step will be to assist the individual with finding, moving into, and be resettled into a new low income apartment in El Paso County. More information on these resources are below.

Grants to stop an eviction – Using Housing and Urban Development (HUD) money or funds raised from the United Way or other groups, some non-profits may offer very short term financial help. This type of funding, which may be offered by the Eastern El Paso Community Center and others, comes and goes though.

Many tenants with a pay or quit notice from their landlord or shut off letter from their utility company will not be able to be assisted for one of many reasons. Maybe they are too far behind on their rent. Or the home they are residing in is affordable or they are living beyond their means. In these cases, the solutions are very limited.

Tenants in a crisis, that do qualify for funds from Emergency Solution Grants (ESG), can use the money for a number of housing expenses. However the grants can only be used for paying bills that, if not cover, would result in an eviction. Therefore, ESG in Colorado Springs can pay for:
-Back rent.
-Legal consultations or “defense”.
-Temporary accommodations in a shelter or motel vouchers.
-Heating, utility, or water bills.
-Grants from organization such as Eastern El Paso Community Center can pay the deposit to get utilities back on.





The agencies will allocate funds to a tenant at their discretion. The application process for the eviction prevention programs are intense, and applicants need to prove that they can sustain the home on their own in the future. In order to qualify for homeless prevention in El Paso County, the applicant needs to be able to pay the rent, have a source of income, and also a good reason why they are facing this crisis to begin with.

El Paso County legal aid or mediation – Often, an eviction can be prevented just by having an open line of communication with the landlord. If there are disputes that need to be addressed, often all parties can come to terms on this. Or if the renter has a short term emergency, some landlords will allow the family to use a payment plan (if the terms are strictly adhered too). These are some of the scenarios in which a lawyer and the eviction services they offer can be beneficial.

Colorado Springs attorneys can also help on any rehousing needs as well. This will go above and beyond the homeless prevention programs. The services involved here can range from a review of a potential lease agreement to ensure that the terms and conditions of a security deposit are adhered too. They can also review the state of Colorado law if there are disputes over any needed repairs (such as for the furnace) and deal with much more.





Rehousing programs in Colorado Springs – There are also local charities and even churches, including Mercy’s Gate and others, that will try to help the homeless. They support everyone from veterans to single mothers to the recently evicted. This process also involves many steps, and if often starts with a shelter or motel voucher for temporary accommodations. They also feed, clothe, and provide hygiene items, among other support.

There is affordable private and public housing in El Paso County Colorado. Or vouchers from section 8 can help subsidize future rental costs. But in order to access it, the applicant needs to have a source of income and some money saved for their security deposit. The individual also needs to be close too (if not fully) financially stable in order to access a home.

Any low income tenant, or homeless resident, of the greater Colorado Springs area can dial 1-800-659-2656 for information. Based on the funding levels and what eviction or rehousing program someone may qualify, more information will be given at that time.




By Jon McNamara

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