Washington County Tennessee assistance programs.

Help with bills, rent, and other aid

The Washington County Tennessee Salvation Army will care and provide for the needy in the area by providing basic necessities and assistance. The center of hope at the church may offer free food, clothing, utility bill help, loans, shelter, or rent assistance to stop an eviction. Staff also are involved in promoting spiritual, moral, and physical well-being. Call the agency at (423) 926-2102, or more on Washington County Salvation Army programs.

Another local agency to call is the community action agency, the Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency, Inc. Phone number (423) 246-6180. They provide for the following.

Financial assistance - The emergency food and shelter program assists qualified families or individuals with special emergency needs and provides for rental, housing, mortgage, or utility bill assistance. Click here for more information on mortgage help.

Low Income Energy Assistance - The program known as LIHEAP is designed for households in need of assistance to help with the utility bills and expense that occurs with their energy costs. These expenses that people can get help paying include electric, wood, coal, oil, gas, LP gas, and kerosene bills.

Free food - Turn to the USDA Commodity foods program, which will provide for a variety of nutritious free foods and groceries which enables low-income families to stretch their grocery dollars to feed themselves and their families.

Weatherization - The program, abbreviated as WAP, will assist low-income households in reducing their high fuel costs and bills. Weatherization programs run by the state of Tennessee will reduce heat loss and energy bills, and will help people conserve energy cost by improving the warmth and cooling of a dwelling that they live in.





Emergency Assistance, employment assistance, budgeting, debt reduction, and other programs and services are also offered. While not a focus, the Johnson City agency can offer information on local security deposit assistance programs to help rehouse a family.

Seniors and children from low income households can often benefit from the Washington County holiday programs. While the parent of a child does need to apply, or the senior needs to request help, there may be everything from free Christmas toys to meals, gifts, and food baskets available. Find more details on Christmas help in Northeastern Tennessee.

Counseling and information on government and local assistance programs

Contact Ministries, Inc. is a local non-profit agency that runs a comprehensive telephone help line. It is staffed by trained volunteers that may be able to offer crisis intervention as well as reassurance calls to people who are elderly and/or disabled, low income, and others. In addition, the organizations provides information and referral to health, human, and social services agencies. Dial (423) 926-0144.

Crisis assistance, homeless prevention and intervention programs

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Johnson City (423-929-9967) will provide Shelter, Meals, Housing Food, Housing, and Social Services for Homeless Families with children. Am established network of congregations, non-profits, churches, charities, and community action agencies provide services and a community faith response to families with children. Congregations and these agencies provide temporary hood, housing assistance and shelters to families to allow them to remain as a family. Community services connect families to programs that can provide help with bills.

Dental care

Keystone Dental Care Inc. is a non-profit that provides free basic dental care and services to adults whose income falls below poverty guidelines as established by the federal government. The primary goal of the dental clinic is to provide for the prevention of pain and dental disease by providing oral and dental exams, basic restorations, dental cleaning, and preventative programs. Call 423-232-7919 for more information on the dental program. Find additional dental assistance programs.




Programs for kids and students

Contact the Washington County Schools Food, Shoes, and Clothing Fund. A program known as Fit for Success, formerly known as Fit to Be Tied, is an integral assistance program that provides shoes, school lunches, clothing, and free food to the needy students in the area. Call the Coordinated School Health Office for more information or to apply for help. Call 423-434-4920.

By Jon McNamara

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