Washington County Arkansas Salvation Army assistance programs.

While the Washington County Salvation Army is a Christian base church, they help the vulnerable no matter their religion. The key factors used to determine whether they will assist or not is what the applicants income is; do they have a crisis; and does the Salvation Army center even have the resources to assist.

While that is what is considered when someone is applying for assistance, if there is anyone from Washington County that wants to shop at the thrift store they do do that. There are no requirements to use the Family Store. The location is open to the general public and sells a wide variety of items. There may be clothes, refurbished computers, couches, furniture, toys or backpacks for school, and much more. The items for sale will be offered at a reduced price.

The other services noted below depend on the applicant's qualifications. This means that the Fayetteville Salvation Army will only help people that meet income qualifications and that are on the path to self-sufficiency. When it comes to financial help, the applicant also needs to contribute some of their own money for paying for their bills or what they need.

One category of assistance is homeless prevention. The resources available range from shelter to direct financial aid to pay a portion of rent, energy bills, and other housing costs. In order to encourage self-sufficiency, the center may issue a loan to some of the families from Washington County. This money can be used for paying or other housing needs, but of course it will need to be repaid.

The Salvation Army will try to arrange a place for people to stay. This is the emergency shelter as well as transitional housing programs. The phone number here is (479) 521-0857, and there may be accommodations for women, children, and veterans too. Learn more on what transitional housing is.

Washington County Salvation Army meal and hunger prevention programs are relied on by hundreds of families. Clients can't depend on the food pantry and soup kitchen, but it can meet one time needs. There may be an emergency box of food given, a hot lunch, or other food. Senior citizens from the Fayetteville Arkansas region may also just use the meal site for both food and companionship.





In a man-made or natural disaster, the Salvation Army Army volunteers and other first responders (such as the American Red Cross in Washington County), reply. They visit those that are impacted. The services range from just clean up to offering a meal, bottle of water, blanket, and a listening ear. The responders can also direct the person to where to turn to for longer term support.

Case management is used to end poverty, homelessness, and underemployment. No matter how much the Salvation Army helps or any charity for that matter, it will not make a difference unless the client takes their life into their own hands. They need to gain the work skills, save money, budget, and do the work for fiscal stability.

The Salvation Army in Fayetteville also offers seasonal services. These are all free, but they do depend on donations. Children from families living in poverty will need to be under a certain age, and that cut-off varies by program. There may be free Christmas gifts from Angel Tree or Toys for Tots, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and a back to school supply program. There will be income requirements for this aid too.

Due to limited resources, as well as the main goal of the Salvation Army in general, they rely on both donations and volunteers. While maybe a low income family that is struggling to pay their bills can't donate, almost anyone can volunteer. It just takes time and effort. There is a need for Bell Ringers and many other roles. It can also provide experience that could even be used on a resume when applying for a job.

For more information on applying for help, or for donating, the Washington County Salvation Army is at 219 W 15th St, Fayetteville, AR 72701. For more details, dial (479) 521-2151.



By Jon McNamara

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