Tricounty Family Ministries assistance programs.

Tricounty Family Ministries is made up of local churches in the area. They operate as a non-profit and faith-based charity organization for the poor and less fortunate. It is a ministry that can help meet basic needs and offer referrals. Some of what may be available includes gently used clothing, free food, financial assistance in a crisis, shelter and transportation.

The programs are offered in the South Carolina counties of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester. This is known as the Tricounty region. The churches also have limited resources and will appreciate any donations or volunteers from the community.

Many people that live on a fixed income (such as seniors or the disabled) rely on Tricounty Family Ministries. Other main clients are the unemployed, homeless and working poor. Unfortunately these people are often found in despair and they lack proper job experience or education. Too many people from the Charleston South Carolina area find it difficult to make ends meet as they lack the necessary resources to pay the bills and rebuild their lives.

Sometimes people are faced with financial needs that could become serious and they make take various shapes of burden. Maybe a main wage earner in the family could be laid off from work. A family or a mother with a child may go through some expensive medical bills that are not covered by health insurance or a father cannot pay the utility bills. TFM does its best to help these individuals and families.

Assistance for paying bills in Tri-County region

A resource known as Community Needs Assistance Program of the Tricounty Family Ministries has the simple mission laid out to provide emergency financial assistance on a limited basis to help people pay their mortgage bills, their rent, electricity, utility expenses and transportation costs. This maybe an option when some low income families experience severe financial setbacks in life.





These particular efforts and programs that are being put forward by the Tricounty Family Ministries are coordinated with other non-profit agencies and churches in the region. These different groups are offering this kind of assistance to enable every person in the community to get some type of support or referrals. They work in unison to broaden the resources available so that many people in need could benefit.

Temporary shelter and transitional housing may be coordinated using resources such as a small apartment on River Avenue in North Charleston. It provides people time to overhaul their lives and turn them around successfully. Residents that are chosen for this transitional housing program receive counseling in important skills required in life that includes conflict management and building up of relationships. Sessions also include budgeting, parenting and vocational expertise. This training is offered by specialists from Ocean Sun Counseling, credit counseling or employment agencies.

Thrift stores and a soup kitchen are available for people in Charleston and Dorchester. Much of the food used in their kitchens and at the pantries is donated from local retail stores. Canned goods and other non-perishable foods are also collected during frequent food drives and donations from churches, businesses and civic organizations, as well as from the local food bank and retail stores.





There is a garage behind the Tricounty Family Ministries Center that has been renovated for the purpose of converting it into a small room which can be filled with an assortment of gently used clothes for men, women and children. Thousands of families use the thrift store site. The items can be donated and passed out to the less fortunate and poor. These clothes could include shirts, coats, pants, dresses and shoes.

Free healthcare or prescription medications

Prescription assistance is offered. Families, and the uninsured, can get assistance with acquiring expensive, life needed prescriptions. Trained volunteers from the non-profit are often able to cut through red tape and complete applications that allow clients to obtain prescription medications directly from the manufacturer at little cost or maybe for free.

The medications from drug companies can be combined with other savings. This can include rebates, discount cards, savings from GoodRx, pharmaceutical assistance programs and so much more. The sick, elderly, uninsured and others can get help.

Healing Hands Ministries is a key partner in Charleston County South Carolina. Together they are focused on helping all those who are under-served and low income. Assistance from a community clinics as well as volunteers is also those people who do not have insurance for their medical needs. Professional nurses and doctors, many of them are volunteers, come forward to volunteer to help the needy. They run this program from a clinic near the Tricounty Family Ministries Center. Find more details on free South Carolina community clinics for the low income.

Tricounty Family Ministries financial management and literacy services

Financial and Educational Assistance Program provides budgeting and financial management courses to clients. It is mandatory for all people who seek help from the organization to complete the course work in order to receive their services. Clients of TFM will be educated with the necessary tools to maintain employment and/or access to proper job placement training. This service is done through professionals and volunteers. Tricounty Family Ministries is also partnering with other groups such as Trident Literacy to provide GED classes at their Family Life Center on Reynolds Avenue.

The low country region has many high-priced lenders in the region. Tri-county Ministries, as part of financial solutions, will offer assistance as well as tips on paying off loans, avoiding high priced payday or title loans, or getting help with payments. As there are free credit counselors as well as other services in the Charleston, Summerville and surrounding communities. Find how to find alternatives to payday loans.





Locations of main Tri-County office

Note that all counties are supported, including Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester. Tricounty Family Ministries is located at 3349 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405. Call 843-747-1788 for intake. Assistance is available across the region.

By Jon McNamara

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