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Somerset County Pennsylvania assistance programs.

Resources, programs, and organizations that provide assistance with bills, job training, and more

An organization that coordinates federal and state government programs, that offers grants and assistance to local residents is Tableland Services, Inc. It is the Community Action Agency that serves people who live in Somerset County Pennsylvania. The organization is committed to providing opportunities for both families and individuals to meet their basic needs, to get aid for short term expenses, and all while achieving long term self-sufficiency. Some of the resources and programs they offer are below, as well as contact information.

Mortgage Assistance, Foreclosure and Mitigation Counseling - Mortgage counselors provide one on one assistance to homeowners. Help is available for homeowners that may be in danger of falling behind on their payments, or who may be behind on their mortgage right now. The counseling even addresses other debts that the Somerset County Pennsylvania homeowner may have outstanding.

There are resources and options for homeowners if they seek help now, and the earlier they ask the better. The State of Pennsylvania even has several state administered loan products that are available to assist homeowners, including HERO Loan and REAL Loan. Among other things, these loans may decrease your current interest rate if you are found eligible for the program. It is important to note that if you have received an Act 91 foreclosure notice from your bank or lender, or if you have received a Notice of Acceleration, the family or individual has 30 days from the date on the notice to contact a charity or an agency to fill out a HEMAP application.

Once the application is completed, it will need to be sent to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), which will review the applicants personal situation and they then have has 60 days to make the determination if assistance will be granted. If assistance is granted to the homeowner, then PHFA will pay up to 24 months worth of payments or $60,000 on the past-due, unpaid mortgage. Note that if assistance is received, the money must be repaid to PHFA at a specified rate over a defined term. Read more on how to get foreclosure and mortgage help.





Housing Repair Program - The repair and rehabilitation program is designed to provide low and moderate income homeowners in Somerset County with cash grants and low-interest loans to repair and improve their homes, and to bring them up to certain standards. Cash grants up to $7,500 may be available to qualifying elderly families to make improvements or repair homes. The goal is to identify safety or health hazards, and to repair and address those issues. In addition to grants, low interest loans at just 1% interest amortized for up to 20 years may be made to qualified applicants as well. Find additional information on housing assistance programs. More.

Save Money From Weatherization - This is a free weatherization and energy education program for low to middle income residents of Somerset County. After you apply, an inspection of the home will occur by well trained employees. The inspector will administer energy efficiency tests. Then the representative will identify ways for the family or person to save energy, and therefore save money on their heating and utility bills. There is a fixed limit on the dollar amount of labor and material that may be installed on each home. Some of the upgrades and improvements that may be taken on homes as part of the program include: caulking of air leaks, insulating attics and basements, insulating the hot water heater, insulating hot water pipes, furnace tune-ups.

Pennsylvania Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - Tableland Services, Inc administers the LIHEAP program. They accept applications for assistance to purchase fuel through March 15 each and every year, or until funds are used up if that date is earlier. The community service agency’s crisis assistance program, which provides additional help and grants when families and individuals are completely out of fuel or are about to have their service shut off, will not begin accepting applications until around January 1st of each year. The Crisis assistance program also ends on or about March 15 of each year.




Rent and Housing Assistance Program. Eviction Prevention - The housing program focuses and will assist people with security deposits, first month’s rent, or help them pay any back rent in order to stop an evictions Those applying for this aid need to first apply for Emergency Shelter Allowance (ESA) at the Somerset County Assistance Office. After that step has been done, and after there is a determination letter for ESA, then an application can be taken at Tableland Service, Inc. for this rent and eviction prevention program for the difference needed to resolve their emergency and keep their apartment or home.

Relocation Assistance - People moving can get up to $900 to assist in the move if a job is secured at least 100 miles away from their current residence. Funds can be used for out of state moves, or other long distance moves.

Job Search, Training and Job Links Programs - This is a workshop that was designed to teach job seeking skills such as Interviewing skill, Completing applications, and Creating resumes. It is often combined with other support, such as debt counseling.

Basic Computer Skills and Literacy - A 3-4 hour computer instruction class offered by Tableland Services, Inc that covers basic computer skills, and provides computer training.

Referrals to medical care - The community action partnership can direct uninsured and/or low income families to clinics in Somerset County. The non-profit does not offer support themselves, but rather they realize it is very difficult to get affordable health care. So services will help the family overcome this barrier.

Homeless Prevention Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRRP). This is a new program that was created by federal government funds It can help people who are facing an eviction, it can help these people get caught up with back rent and other housing expenses, funds can be used for relocation expenses, past due balances on utilities and shut-off notices, and funds are even available for such costs as storage unit fees and emergency shelter.

Contact info is Community Action Partnership of Somerset County, 535 East Main Street, Somerset, PA 15501 Telephone: (814) 445-9628.





Additional services

Salvation Army - This is another charity organization that may be able to assist, using both basic needs and maybe financial support,. It is a church groups that does not discriminate by religion. One service that is a focus in Somerset County is offering grants to pay a portion of heating bills. There may also be food, referrals, and much more. Read Somerset County Salvation Army programs.


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