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Sacred Heart Catholic Church helps working poor people in the county of Clay. The agency can help people apply for federal benefits such as Emergency Solutions Grants or food stamps as well as offer their own solutions, such as offer clothing. The staff will also offer other assistance to needy families, such as information on job programs in Florida or medical care from the Way Medical Clinic. The overall objective is to assist families with gaining self-sufficiency.

Applicants seeking help need to be out of all other options. People should have applied to both other charity programs as well as sought financial help from friends or family first. Other conditions are based on income and asset levels, and Sacred Heart Catholic Church will require proof of hardship as well.

Both Rental and Utility Bill Assistance may be offered on a limited basis. They receive funding donations as well as government grants. They also partner with social service agencies on ensuring no duplication of services occur. Also, as noted, any funds for expenses such as rent are a last resort, so people can't be receiving cash benefits or other support, such as section 8 vouchers.

In some cases, The Church at Sacred Heart may have funds to pay a security deposit on a new home. This will be limited, and also come with conditions such as the client needs to have a source of income and be threatened with homelessness.

Funding for this often comes from Emergency Solutions Grant. This was designed to eliminate homelessness nationwide. The federally funded program provides eviction prevention and rapid re-housing services including housing search and placement, temporary rental assistance, funds for deposits, utility bill arrearages, and case management. With homelessness being a major hardship faced by all too many families, the ultimate goal of ESG, as well as the advice available, is to ensure no one is homeless for more than one month.

All across Clay County Florida are emergency shelters as well. They can be for women, children, veterans, and others. Guests will be given a bed to sleep in and meals. They will also obtain assistance through case management, referral services, and crisis intervention.




Health care from Way Medical Clinic is available a couple times per month on a walk-in basis. Basic check ups take place, as well as vision testing. Doctors and volunteer nurses offer the services. The center is at 1107 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Call 904-531-9504 for hours.

Other government programs, such as section 8, offer ongoing rental subsidies. The amount is based on the families income, and it can last for multiple years for families with children who are homeless or in imminent danger of evictions. During this time-frame, case managers assist the families as they pursue the available options which will help them to regain their financial independence.

Enrollees will be able to select the home or apartment to live in. They will then need to enter into a lease with their landlords. The property is then inspected by staff to insure that all health and safety requirements are met, and it also needs to be affordable. After all, this long term permanent housing is the goal of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. This is a key to ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Also, the housing staff will encourage people use a food pantry as well. Using these centers to contribute to their household can free up their money for other living expenses, such as rent. Many people in the community turn to a pantry for short term needs, so it can be a solid part of any long term assistance.

Additional food is from Waste Not Want Not. This is available as a result of staff from Sacred Heart collecting surplus foodstuff from restaurants and supermarkets. The items are then redistributed to the low income that are faced with hunger.

Employment and clothing resources in Clay County

Seniors or the disabled may benefit from Protective Payee Services. Sacred Heart Catholic Church, working with the Department of Social & Health Services, determines which individuals require guidance in managing their benefits. The agency will help the clients sets the budget on savings and maximize their income.





Sacred Heart Catholic Church Protective Payee Specialists work with the client to insure their bills are paid accurately. They will also offer tips on applying for government benefits, or seeking employment. So there are a myriad of services available as part of this program.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church will try to arrange non-emergency transportation. This can be to a job interview, or maybe for the first few days of a new position. There can also be rises for scheduled doctor’s appointments. Any out-of-town transportation has limited availability and may come with a fee. All of these services are intended to help stabilize a family with the needs they have for self-sufficiency.

A clothing closet may also have items for those starting a job, or interviewing. In some cases, items for school as part of increased education may also be arranged. This location in Clay County offers clients new or gently used clothing items to people to help them gain the confidence they will need to enter the workplace. Not only that, but the clothing will also help them make a great first impression and get a job that could maybe even change their lives.

For details, the main social service department is at 7190 Highway 17, Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043. The phone number is 284-4767.




By Jon McNamara

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