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Rental assistance Tarrant County and Fort Worth.

Find charities, churches and government programs that provide rental assistance in Fort Worth and Tarrant County Texas. Listed below are many of the housing programs, whether for tenants, the homeless or others. Agencies focus on providing emergency rent help, low income housing, section 8 vouchers, security deposit help, or other basic needs. The housing resources are generally for qualified low to moderate income individuals, the unemployed, single mothers, or seniors in Tarrant County.

Most of the agencies and government programs have limited funding and/or waiting lists in place for rental or security deposit assistance, so unfortunately their resources are limited. However, even if an organization can’t help the resident, they can oftentimes refer people to other local charities, churches, loans or even government aid, such as section 8 housing vouchers. There are also free eviction defense programs from legal aid in Fort Worth or ideas on how to get free money for basic needs.

The primary goal of the Fort Worth, Arlington and other countywide rental programs is to prevent evictions. However some locations may also have money to assist with paying security deposits, moving costs, or first month’s rent as well. Call to get more information and further details.

Housing authorities in Tarrant County provide a number of resources. Low-income renters can get subsidized housing from section 8 vouchers. There is also family-self-sufficiency, home buying resources, loans for some residents, and homeless prevention resources. Many of the public housing authorities, which are listed below, focus on certain cities or parts of the county. Note a waiting list is in place, however emergency section 8 housing vouchers may be an option.

  • Arlington Housing Authority 501 W Sanford St,  Arlington, TX 76011. Dial (817) 275-3351. The office  provides cash grants and rental assistance to eligible low to moderate income persons, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. They operate the Housing Choice Voucher Program for Tarrant County as well as operate low cost apartments as well as homes.
  • Fort Worth Housing Authority is part of Housing Solutions. The government agency offers an array of housing and rental assistance programs for individuals and families. The aid is mostly for people in crisis as well as low income families, including Section 8 HUD subsidized rental housing. The main office is at 1201 East 13th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102-5764, call (817) 333-3400. Or read more details on applying for section 8 in Texas.




Tarrant County section 8 Housing Assistance Program - This is for the very low income, seniors, and those in poverty throughout the county - not a certain city. Assistance is offered by the section 8 long term or emergency Housing Choice Voucher as well as other financial resources. Get help with expenses such as rent, utility, and mortgage assistance for residents in Tarrant County. Location is 2100 Circle Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76119, phone (817) 531-7640

Tarrant County Legal Aid, the Fort Worth office, can help with housing issues. The location is 600 E Weatherford St, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. The pro-bono firm offers qualified low income families with free eviction prevention advice as well as information on housing discrimination.

Free legal services, including landlord/tenant mediation and eviction prevention, is offered to residents of Tarrant County Texas. They also address housing discrimination issues, ensure migrants and Spanish speakers can get an apartment, and assist with rent, access to homes and more in other ways. Free lawyers are on call .

There are free lawyers that help immigrants as well as Spanish speakers and others access safe and affordable homes. The firms tries to prevent homelessness in Tarrant County, give free legal aid around evictions and can go to housing court with renters. Call 800-955-3959 or 800-394-9734.

GRACE is a transitional housing program. The non-profit is formally known as Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange. Clients have short term housing available to them and case management. This site offers them time to save money, find employment and more. When ready to move out, referrals may be available to security deposit programs or deferred loans for paying rental expenses. The non-profit is at 837 E Walnut St, Grapevine, TX 76051, or dial 817-488-7009.

Ash Lane United Methodist church Texas has limited funds for families in the town and region only. When qualified, and when the church has money, they offer very limited rent help for eviction prevention. There may also be homeless shelter, transitional housing, emergency utility or rental assistance for people with a list resort and other needs can be addressed to. The address is at1001 W Ash Ln, Euless, TX 76039. . Phone (817) 283-4421.

Tarrant County Department of Human Services – This government agency has multiple offices as noted below. The government can provide rental assistance, information on low income housing units, case management, free grant money and referrals. Get help from TANF cash aid, food, and other benefits.  - The housing programs main goals are to decrease the number of evictions, promote independence and self-sufficiency of lower income families, and to prevent homelessness.

  • 100 E. Weatherford, Fort Worth, Texas 7619 or 1200 Circle Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76119. Call (817)531-5620
  • There is also a branch in Arlington, dial (817) 531-5620 or try. (817) 531-7627. The address is 983 N Cooper St Arlington, TX  76011.
  • DHS is also in Bedford, Texas, (817)531-5620.





Salvation Army Tarrant County – This charity organization provides emergency financial assistance, grants and case management to qualified low to moderate income. There is also help for the unemployed, single moms and seniors who are in a crisis situation.

All assistance offered of course depends on availability of funding. Services include rent assistance, mortgage assistance, electric assistance and food boxes. Or get free furniture. There are multiple locations, including at 1855 East Lancaster, Fort Worth, Texas 76103, phone (817)344-1800. Another Salvation Army is at 712 W Abram St, Arlington, TX 76013. Call (817) 860-1836. Or find other Salvation Army housing assistance Tarrant County.

South Central Alliance of Churches – Get help for basic needs. Provides emergency financial assistance with basic needs, including limited rent and utilities, food, clothing, diapers, toiletries, and referrals to other agencies and housing programs. Address is 2101 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, Texas 76110, (817)923-0486.

St. John The Apostle Catholic Church - Low income resident families with children, disabled and elderly may qualify for limited financial assistance for rent. The church is at 7341 Glenview Drive, North Richland Hills, 76180, call (817) 284-5912

City of Fort Worth Community Action Partners - Rent and mortgage assistance is provided at this office, listed below. There are numerous other services also offered. There may also be grants from LIHEAP for low income tenants. Address is 3551 New York Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110. Call (817) 392-5720,

Martin Luther King Center Fort Worth - Rent assistance is provided at this office. The office is at 5565 Truman Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76112, dial ((817) 392-5966.

Apartment Association of Tarrant County - A general information resource for Tarrant County residents is administered for those individuals who rent. Call 817-284-1121

Tri Ethnic Center Fort Worth – Qualified low income may qualify for low income housing and rent help. Mailing address is 2950 Roosevelt Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76106. Call (817) 392-5200.

Arlington Urban Ministries - Provides emergency assistance to people living in Arlington Texas with rent, food, and antibiotics. Address is 701 Dugan Street, Arlington, Texas 76010, call (817)861-8585

Broadway Baptist Center Fort Worth - Individuals who live in the designated service area of Tarrant County (zip code 76104)  may qualify for emergency assistance with paying rent and utilities. Location is 305 West Broadway Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76104, call ((817) 336-5761.

Community Action Agency also offers financial help. They are an anti-poverty fighting groups. ESG grants may be offered for rent or mortgages (to help pay for housing). They also help immigrants and the poor build credit so they can find an affordable rental units, address employment and give other support too. More on Tarrant County community action agency.

  • Community Action Partners-Andrew Doc Session Center – May have funds to help prevent evictions from homes or apartments. Also offers longer term self-sufficiency programs. Street address is 201 S. Slyvania Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76111, dial (817) 392-6585.

Good Shepherd Catholic Community Christ Care Ministry – This ministry provides emergency financial assistance for paying rent and utilities. Any help is limited and on a case-by-case basis. The charity is at 1000 Tinker Rd Colleyville, Texas 76182, dial (817) 421-1387.





Catholic Charities Diocese Of the County and Fort Worth – This charity organization provides emergency financial assistance from multiple churches. There is rent help and case management to qualified individuals and families in crisis depending on availability of funds. They also focus on immigrants and women facing DV. Primary assistance is with rent and housing expenses. veterans (and their families) who rent or are homeless can also get assistance from SSVF, also known as Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). Call (817) 534-0814

  • Location is 249 West Thornhill Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76115.
  • Catholic Charities Northeast Bedford - St Michals is 3713 E Harwood Rd, Bedford, TX 76021. Call (817) 283-8746
  • Arlington church is at 917 W Sanford St, Arlington, TX 76012.

The Battered Women's Foundation – This non-profit links support services to provide emergency rent, transitional housing, shelter, food, clothing, furniture, foreclosure and landlord/tenant counseling, job training, gas cards, college assistance, and more. The address is 4166 Willman Ave, Richland Hills, Texas 76180, but they also support the Hurst area. Phone (817) 427-0720

Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex Inc. – People who have no other options may be able to receive support from this organization. The location is 210 W South St, Arlington, Texas 76010. Everything from motel or hotel vouchers, food, meals, a homeless shelter and more is offered. Call (817) 277-6620.

Fort Worth Diocesan Council of Saint Vincent de Paul Society can assist with housing needs. The charity(located at 1001 E Terrell Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104) and its church members, can offer housing assistance, free furniture, and limited financial aid. Most of the help for paying rent is in the form of a loan, but in some cases a grant is issued. Emergency shelter, security deposit referrals, and other aid is also available. Dial (817) 768-1950. Or find more details on St. Vincent de Paul rent assistance in Tarrant County.

Emergency financial help, including rent, from churches may be offered. There are several below. But low income Tarrant County families, single moms, Hispanics and others have other resources. They may have furniture, clothes, some emergency funds to pay back rent or deposits, and more. Even shelters for the homeless.

  • Peace Lutheran Church, Mailing address - 941 Bedford-Euless Rd, Hurst, Texas 76053, Phone number - (817)284-1677
  • Christian Connection, Address: 3713 Harwood Rd, Bedford, Texas 76021, Phone number - (817)510-2741
  • St. Philip Presbyterian Church, Location is 745 W Pipeline Road, Hurst, Texas 76053, (817)282-9181
  • Martin United Methodist Church, Location - 2621 Bedford Road, Bedford, TX 76021, Dial (817)734-7057
  • Christ the King Episcopal Church has emergency assistance including for rent or basic needs from 3290 Lackland Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76116. The number is 817-732-3121
  • There are other options too. Find Tarrant County church assistance programs.







Tarrant County Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing grants are run by a few charities and non-profits. There are generally funds issued each year by HUD. The organizations run the federal government created homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program, which is funded by ESG grants.

Grants can be paid to qualified individuals to help them pay rent, avoid evictions, electric costs and the program offers other services. For example, get credit counseling, free hotel or motel vouchers, and funds for security deposits too. All of the non-profit agencies below run the program. There are other terms and conditions to receiving support from an ESG grant or support.

Families who are currently homeless or have an eviction notice and need to find alternate housing may be able to get help from the following. There may also be transitional housing or emergency shelter for immigrants, documented or not. Learn more on rehousing and the Tarrant County eviction assistance programs.

Crowley House of Hope may give tens of dollars at most for housing costs for local tenants. The address is .216 N Magnolia , City of Crowley, Texas 7603. The money can help pay rental or utility arrears, furniture, clothes or other basic needs. Call 817-297-6400.

Grace Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange has a number of social services. The main number is 817-488-7009. Income qualified people from Grapevine can get emergency rent assistance or funds for utility bills, including water, to prevent evictions. Low income tenants, including seniors or the medically ill, can get free fans during the summer for their apartments. Other aid around housing may be offered too from 610 Shady Brook Dr, Grapevine, TX 76051.

Volunteers of America (VOA) of Tarrant County has limited eviction prevention help. A major focus is on veterans/single moms. The location is 300 E Midway Dr, Euless, TX 76039. Whether it is housing placement services, grants or loans to pay a portion of back rent or security deposits, or transitional housing, help is offered. Phone: (713) 460-0781.

Elderly or Disabled Living focuses on the elderly and seniors in Tarrant County. Housing resources, grants for rent or mortgages and more is offered to the disabled who are on SSI or elderly on a fixed income. The location is 8245 Irish Dr, North Richland Hills, Texas 76180. Call (817) 576-2584 for referrals.

City of Fort Worth Homeless Resources - Offers resources and housing options for individuals or families in crisis. Assessments are given. Call (817) 996-8800. There may be grant programs, moving cost support, financial aid for veterans and more. Free motel or hotel vouchers may be issued too. The non-profit is 300 S Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76105.





DRC - Day Resource Center - People living in transition and the homeless can get help from this Fort Worth-based agency. Get assistance from case management, phone, and shelter for the homeless or people living in transition. Main office is at 1100 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76102, call 817-810-9797

Community Enrichment Center - This organization is a faith-based / church non-profit agency that is serving Tarrant County families who are undergoing a housing crisis by providing the resources, tools, rent help and encouragement that is needed to both help these families make it through a hardship. Case managers from the site will also help people become self-sufficient. Location is 6250 NE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76180. Main intake number is (817) 281-1164.

The Women's Center of Tarrant County – Local non-profit that provides housing and rental counseling for sexual assault victims. Also can help victims find a job from employment counseling. Mailing address is 1723 Hemphill, Fort Worth, Texas 76110, call (817) 927-4040


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