Fort Worth area Salvation Army assistance programs.

Resources for low income, unemployed and working poor are available in Fort Worth Texas from the Salvation Army. Most of the assistance is offered from a Salvation Army program known as the Emergency Family Services. This is where free food is given from, financial aid for paying rent, holiday help and other supplies. The main programs are offered to people living in poverty and can help people make it through a crisis or deal with an unexpected financial hardship.

If you are faced with eviction or utility disconnection, and meet eligibility requirements, then up to one month of rent/mortgage/energy bill payment assistance may be offered. This is really focused on preventing homelessness in Texas, Tarrant County and the Fort Worth region.

For victims of domestic violence or abuse, the Salvation Army operates a Domestic Violence Shelter in the region. The hotline is 214-424-7208. The Fort Worth Center can provide counseling and shelter for women and their children, with the immediate goal to get them away from the abuse. The program will also ensure 24- hour-a-day security. Women who stay there can access other support as well, such as legal representation.

Some of the other client and Family Services available include case management, housing, free or low cost legal services, financial aid, and child therapy and youth activities. Case workers can also provide assistance in finding a new job as well and planning employment. After all this is a key to someone becoming self-sufficient, and the Salvation Army knows that a good, well paying job is key to breaking the poverty cycle.

The Home Sweet Home Program offers homeless prevention services and possibly emergency rental assistance. Professional case workers from the Fort Worth Salvation Army, along with other charities, non-profits, and churches in the community, can help families remain housed, prevent homelessness, and stop an eviction.

The main objective is to deal with potential homelessness pro-actively. The agency will support mid to long term residential stability by providing at risk households and the currently homeless with the tools they need to effectively budget and manage income and expenses. The agency may also have referrals to emergency rental assistance programs.





It is widely known, and numerous studies support the fact that it is easier to prevent homelessness than it is to put a family back together. When someone is on the streets it is more expensive, requires more time, money, skills and financial resources to reverse. It is much better for the family and society as a whole to prevent homelessness in the first place. Case managers can offer financial assistance (1-6 months), case management, credit counseling, and monthly budgeting workshops and classes, among other resources. Fort Worth area families and individuals could be spared months of misery or even homelessness, which will save the state and community thousands of dollars in rehabilitation and shelter services.

There are other ways to get debt help in Texas, and find more information on non-profit credit counseling in Tarrant County as well as Fort Worth Texas. This is after all one of the keys to self-sufficiency.

There are restrictions and an application process in place. In order to be selected as a participant in the Home Sweet Home Program, an applicant needs to meet income levels, prove the hardship, and they also need to show a strong desire and ability to change to improve their personal and financial situation.

Social services, referrals, and information is offered as well. Centers offer information/referral, and guidance to the needy in the community so that they can access additional supportive services and support.

A food pantry is offered at most Fort Worth locations. It can offer canned goods, holiday meals, and a food bag that could contain up to 3 days worth of items for the low income.




Salvation Army Corp Centers in Tarrant County

There are a few social service centers as well as Family Stores (which sell goods) listed below. They will also offer Emergency Family Services from the sites.

2901 Northeast 28th Street, Fort Worth, Texas, (817) 834-6271

3023 Northwest 24th Street, Fort Worth, phone number is (817) 624-3111

1301 East Abram Street, Arlington, Texas, main phone (817) 861-9488

1901 East Seminary Drive, Fort Worth, call (817) 531-2923

936 U.S. 287, Mansfield, TX, dial (682) 518-8961


By Jon McNamara

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