Nevada uninsured medical care programs.

Many Nevada residents have lost their health insurance or had their plans scaled back. There are several assistance programs for the uninsured and low income in the state. Some of these resources will also benefit families with some form of health insurance but maybe the plan does not cover their specific need. Several assistance programs can help with medical bills in Nevada, including prescription medications, cancer screenings, and health care for children.

Additional details on many of the state and federal government sponsored programs are below. Non-profits and other medical providers in Nevada also participate in several of these resources. Thousand of families, unemployed individuals, working poor, and uninsured benefit from these numerous programs every year.

Women's Health Connection is also known as the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. Eligible women may receive free screening for breast and cervical cancer. Or get referrals to treatment centers. The program will pay for annual pelvic exams, Pap tests, and other checks and screenings. Qualified women age 50 years and older receive free testing. Telephone number is 877-385-2345.

A form of Medicaid coverage is offered from the Child Health Assurance Program. This is an option for pregnant women and children under the age 6 who are uninsured and lack other means. It will provide participants with fully comprehensive medical care, including, X-ray services, help paying for physician bills, hospitals costs, lab work ,and more. 775-684-0800

Health Insurance for Work Advancement is government insurance for disabled individuals who are working or actively seeking employment. It will pay for comprehensive medical care. Some costs will need to be paid by participants, including a portion of their monthly premium. This will be based on their income levels. Phone number is 866-569-1746.

The Ryan White Part B, or state’s version of the Aids Drug Assistance Program, can provide prescription medications those under or uninsured residents with HIV or AIDs. They can’t have Nevada Medicaid or private insurance coverage for the medications in question. 800-842-2437.




Nevada Check Up is for teenagers and children under the age of 18. It is low-cost, comprehensive health care coverage and will help pay a number of expenses. Receive medical vision services, physician care, dental assistance, medical equipment, laboratory/x-ray services, inpatient/outpatient hospital services, funds to pay for prescription drugs, immunizations, well child and well baby visits, and more. Call 877-543-7669.

Nevada Disability Rx is government and non-profit assistance in paying for prescription medications to qualified, lower income and uninsured individuals with disabilities. Call 866-303-6323. If the applicant is Medicare eligible then the state will help pay for monthly premiums for the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. If the resident is ineligible for Medicare, then they may qualify for no deductible, no monthly premium, co-payments of $25 for preferred brands or $10 for generics.

Medicaid will provide low cost yet quality health care services to low-income Nevadans. Some examples of what is covered includes medications, doctor visits, physicals, hospital expenses, and more. This is the state’s version of the general Medicaid program. Dial 800-992-0900.

Vaccines for Children Program is for the uninsured. The main number is 715-684-5900. The state will provide free or low cost shots and vaccines for qualified teenagers, students, infants and children. Local public health agencies and clinics administer the program in your town, city, or county. A small fee is required to be paid, but the shots can help address the flu, mumps pertussis, influenza, measles, polio, tetanus and other conditions.

Nevada Senior RX is financial assistance in paying for medications and prescription drugs for Nevada seniors, whether they have Medicare Part D or not. As funding allows, over $1000 may be provided per year. Telephone - 866-303-6323.




The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is for individuals and patients who were denied health insurance from other sources due to a so called pre-existing condition. The state and federal government will offer them access to a wide range of health benefits, including hospital visits, prescription drugs, and primary and specialty care. A portion of the bills will still need to be paid by the family. Call 866-717-5826.


By Jon McNamara

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