Utility bill assistance in Los Angeles.

Residents of Los Angeles can get help paying utility bills, including electric and energy, from a number of financial assistance and discount programs. Some of the resources are offered by government run agencies, and other payment plans and assistance programs are administered directly by the utility companies themselves. One company that administers resources for the low income is the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, and they operate in the county and across southern California. Find details on the various programs available to low income families below. Or dial 1-800-342-5397 to speak to a representative.

Financial assistance on Los Angeles utility bills

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power offers Payment Extensions to customers who need them. This program requires customers to pay 50% of the existing balance on their utility bill, and then LADWP will provide you with an extension on the balance.

Energy Assistance Fund (EAF) and Gas Assistance Fund (GAF) – This program takes into effect federal income guidelines, however every year thousands of families receive help from it.  If you qualify for support then this utility bill assistance program can provide up to $100 for gas bills and $100 for electric bills.

If you have no other options available to you and are not qualified for other assistance programs, then a United Way sponsored program known as Project ANGEL, or Assist Neighbors by Giving Energy for Living, may be your best option. Both elderly and low income customers can get help for paying energy bills from it. While the Los Angeles United Way administers the program, the funds and applications are managed by other local non-profit agencies.

If you can pay only a portion of your electric bill, then the best option for you may be Partial Payment Arrangements. Customers who are faced with an unexpected financial hardship or crisis are the ones who usually enter into a partial payment type plan. However you do need to call customer service in advance to make this occur, and you just can’t short pay your utility bill. Call before the bill is due to learn more about it and to enter into this plan.





Local government organizations and non-profit agencies across Los Angeles California run the federal government funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This grant program offers emergency cash assistance for paying air conditioning, heating, and other utility bills. A crisis component is offered for people faced with an immediate disconnection. Call the State of California Department of Community Services and Development at 1-866-675-6623. Or find more details on California LIHEAP..

Discount programs for Los Angeles electric and utility bills

If your income is low enough, then a Residential Low Income Electric Discount Program can lower the cost of your monthly electric bills. A lower rate will reduce your monthly utility bill amount due for your primary home. Only income qualified families in Los Angeles County California can get this aid.

Families in Los Angeles who have a member who is disabled or 62 years of age or older can apply for another type of monthly discount on their utility bills. This one is known as the Lifeline Discount Program.

If you use medical equipment for a serious health or medical condition or life saving event and need power to operate it, then a discount is offered for those medical emergencies and conditions. Or customers with a serious medical condition or life threatening illness may also qualify. The Life-Support Device Discount as well as the Physician Certified Allowance Discount provides savings on electric bills to customers who can show proof of their need.




While not direct financial assistance or a discount, the Weatherization Assistance Program, which is offered free of cost for income qualified families, can in effect help people save money on their utility, heating, and cooling bills. This is usually offered by community action agencies across Los Angeles, and the main goal is to improve people’s home by adding energy conservation measures. This will reduce the amount of the customer’s monthly utility bills.


By Jon McNamara

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