California veterans assistance programs.

Millions of veterans reside in California. The state and the California Department of Veterans Affairs provides various services and assistance programs to them as well as to their immediate family members. Resources can help low income or struggling veterans and offer other services. Examples include job training, health care, and more, which may be are available to all, regardless of their income.

Job programs and career resources for veterans

A number of job training and placement programs are offered to former military members. The goal is to help them transition back into the private employment field. For example, for state job openings and employment opportunities, veterans will receive preference in testing for examinations requiring college graduation and that also require less than two years of experience. Their applications will also be closely reviewed for the position in questions.

When it comes to federal government job openings and employment opportunities, California will ensure that veterans receive preference in the appointment of the position. This will usually place them ahead of many other types of applicants. To be clear, this does not guarantee anyone a job, but they will receive some other benefits to ensure their interest in the position is fully explored. Certain family members of the military member may also be eligible for preference in these federal job opportunities and appointments as well.

Another resource is the Employment Development Department, or EDD. This organization also offers job training and other employment assistance to those military members and veterans that are actively looking for new employment or a first time job.





The state partners with regional employment and job training agencies. Together they combine resources in an effort to assist veterans, their spouses and others in finding suitable employment. Many of these programs, as well as the job services staff, are based at One-Stop Career Centers. Any job seekers, and not just veterans, may get free information about the various services offered. This can include career counseling, workshops that can help clients develop and practice interviewing skills, resume creation services, and referrals to employment-related training. Dial (877) US-2JOBS to find a center in Californian.

Many people may not know this, but Unemployment Insurance may be provided to recently retired and separated military members as well. There are conditions to this, and one of the main ones is that they need to be able and willing to accept a suitable job. It is strongly recommended that regardless of whether the veteran voluntarily separated or was required to leave the service, they should apply for unemployment insurance in California. The worst thing that could happen is that the state declines the application. On the other hand, a positive outcome could be the veteran and their family receiving grants and financial assistance from the federal government. (866) 333-4606.





California makes available several educational programs for veterans. The state residents can use them in order to access a wide variety of VA-approved education and ever certain job training programs. This can include, but is not limited to, apprenticeship, college degree and certificate programs, on-the-job training for various roles, and correspondence courses. Each of these various resources provides different benefits to a diverse group of individuals.

While program terms vary widely, and many are set by the federal government, in general most of the education benefits can be collected for 36 months to up to 48 months. Only one program can be used at a time.

Apprenticeships are supported by the GI Bill. The benefits from that federal government programs are available for more than just college enrollment. So for the large number of veterans that are not able or ready to commit to a college program, the federal government and public funds can be used to help people learn a new skill or an apprenticeship. Several hundreds dollars may be offered each month as a form of financial aid. Or the money can be used to help pay for an On-The-Job (OJT) program or an apprenticeship. There are many other employment opportunities offered in California and nationwide, and even find at home work for veterans

Financial assistance for California veterans

The California Department of Veterans Affairs and the state also provide help to any homeless veterans. They work pro-actively to prevent this. The state provides access to a state-wide collaborative, resilient outreach, strong partnerships, advocacy, and other emergency assistance and services for all California military members. CalVet works to prevent evictions, foreclosures, and any future chronic homelessness.

The state and the non-profits that work with the government recognizes the need for information and outreach programs. This is even offered and available for Reserve and National Guard service members. All of these various groups, including State and local agencies, work in conjunction to help veterans transition from active duty status. Call (800) 952-5626 for information on rent assistance, homeless prevention, and additional support.




Home loans and affordable mortgages are available. The California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) will work to save people money, offer advice, and in general help protect your investment.

The state will offer home buyers with competitive market interest rates. Loans can also be issued that require low or no down payment. All of this can have the effect on increasing purchasing power and will help people keep their monthly payments down.

Free veteran health and home care

Vet Homes offer primary care and other services to those that qualify. All aid is provided in a home-like environment and is available to the state's disabled or aged veterans. It is also offered in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. The homes provide comprehensive residential and nursing care housing including dental, medical, pharmacy, rehabilitation services and other social activities. There are additional assistance programs that provide intensive therapy and health care to homeless veterans and tries to provide them with a safe and stable place to live.

California fully participates in all of the VA Healthcare programs and resources. There are numerous medical centers, dozens of community-based outpatient clinics, living centers, Domiciliaries and general Vet Centers that operate in California. These various facilities and the thousands of local doctors and dentists that participate offer comprehensive medical care to countless Veterans each year

 Residents can receive outpatient services and inpatient hospital care to promote, restore or preserve your health. Many residents can receive free medical care for any condition related to their service. Also, former combat veterans may be eligible for one-time dental care. Or find a list of free California community clinics.

Mental Health is available. This includes general inpatient psychiatric services and also, if needed, mental health outpatient services. The assistance is offered at medical centers in California as well as community-based outpatient clinics.

Any veterans with a serious mental illness can be scene at clinics and facilities where specialized programs, such as intensive case management, psychosocial rehabilitation, and more is provided. This can also include primary care centers, VA nursing homes, and residential care facilities.





Dial 1 (800) 952-5626 to reach California Department of Veterans Affairs. They can provide more information on these or other veteran programs.


By Jon McNamara

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