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Assistance programs in Doņa Ana County.

Find financial assistance programs, places that give free items, and social services in Dona Ana County. Locate churches that giveaway free food, rent or utility bill assistance programs, health care services, free grant money and other resources. Get financial help near you in Las Cruces NM and Dona Ana County.

A list of charity organizations, community clinics for medical care, cash assistance, and government grant programs in the Las Cruces area are below. Get financial help for paying utility bills, security deposits, and free items for kids, including clothes, school supplies or Christmas gifts in Dona Ana County.

Financial assistance for mortgages, rent, utility bills, and other aid

Rent payment help and eviction prevention is available. Government funds from Emergency Solution Grants is provided to Las Cruces and Dona Ana County New Mexico organizations. The money is allocated each year to any one of several different non-profits. These agencies are then involved in managing the distribution of federal grants to help prevent homelessness. There may be ESG money for everything from utility or water bills to paying back rent or security deposits.

  • The program is known as MFA’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, and it provides services and other financial assistance to those facing homelessness or those who may have recently been evicted. Some of the aid provided includes:
  • Help paying both utility and security deposits
  • Rental payments and also utility bill payments for up to 18 months
  • Hotel or free motel vouchers and free rooms in Las Cruces NM for up to 30 days
  • Help finding a home and money to pay for moving costs
  • Money management, budgeting, and credit repair counseling.

Other support is offered too from the ESG grant money. Dial 575-524-7561 for referrals.

Another agency to try is the Housing Authority Of The City Of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County. Rental assistance programs are available to eligible low income individuals and families in the city of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County New Mexico. There are also low-income apartments, section 8 vouchers and other support. Dial (575) 528-2000.




The Salvation Army of Las Cruces offers numerous assistance programs. Low-income families, seniors and single moms in Dona Ana County will get Utility Bill Assistance if they have received a disconnection notice. There may be help paying rent if the low-income family or individual has received an eviction notice, but note that in order to receive emergency financial aid from the Salvation Army there must be some sort of income coming into the household.

Salvation Army partial Mortgage Assistance may be available if the applicant past due balance on their home loan. Other resources are the Dona Ana County thrift store and food pantry. Last, but not least, prescription medication funds may be available. The Salvation Army also gives away free Christmas toys, Thanksgiving turket dinner and school supplies in Dona Ana County. Dial (575) 524-1044, or read more Salvation Army Dona Ana County.

New Mexico Department Of Human Services - Income Support Division provides help for paying utility and energy bills. They also offer applications to government benefit programs, offer job placement services and social services.  from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

  • There are other public assistance and government benefits available from Human Services in Dona Ana County. Free medical or dental care needs can be met by Medicaid - Centennial Care, and families that need help with food can apply for SNAP benefits. Government grants can also be issued as part of the state’s general assistance, and those funds can be used for paying bills such as rent, clothing, or security deposits.

 Other support can include loans, child care, and more. Or apply for LIHEAP. Call (800) 283-4465 or 575-647-7200. Continue with Dona Ana public assistance.

Outreach and Children's Activities offers help to families and individuals with clothing, shelter, clothing, and utility and cooling bills. They agency will also provide assistance in preparation of forms and taxes, and also offer referral services to families to other agencies, both federal government programs, state programs, New Mexico foreclosure mediation, and local charities in Dona Ana County New Mexico. Call 575-647-7200 or (575) 496-3833. The address is 845 N Motel Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88007.





Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico, Inc. has a number of resources for low-income families, the homeless and unemployed. They offer programs such as the weatherization - Energy$mart Program. This will help people save money on their utility bills by providing such upgrades as installation to water heaters, tune up, repair or replace the refrigerator or water heaters, and will replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL light bulbs.

  • Free food is offered through programs such as TEFAP and FEMA. They also help people save money when shopping, recommend apps for cash back and more. Locate cash back apps for groceries.
  • The Dona Ana Community action provides information on employment, job training, and budgeting resources too.
  • They can also direct people to health clinics or places for free dental care. The community action staff also help them find health insurance, such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Many other assistance programs are offered. The address is 3880 Foothills Road, Las Cruces NM 88011. Or call 575-527-8799

Prison Family Services are offered for inmate families and people who recently live jail/prison. Individuals can receive help with clothing, utilities, and shelter/housing as resources are available. Activities in the Dona Ana community are held for inmate families, and particular children. Get help and advice in preparing tax returns, as well as referral services for families to other agencies. Las Cruces, NM 88004, call (575) 496-3833 or 575-527-4046. Or look here for free money for released inmates.

Holiday programs are available. Children or income seniors, and working poor can get free help at the holidays. Dona Ana based churches, charities, and non-profits pass out items. There is everything from free Christmas gifts to food baskets, hot meals served, and more. Continue with Las Cruces and Dona Ana County Christmas and holiday assistance.

A statewide non-profit, HELP-NM, provides services to those that are less fortunate. The agency coordinates job training, employment resources, transitional housing and limited amounts of financial aid in a crisis. The organization focuses on assisting people and helping Dona Ana County residents gain self-sufficiency. Find details on financial assistance from HELP-NM.

Mesilla Valley Public Housing Authority deals with homeownership and housing issues. Among them, they run the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in Las Cruces and Doņa Ana County. The vouchers can help make clients monthly rent more affordable. A similar service is the Section 8 Homeownership Program, which allows qualified families the ability to use the Section 8 voucher assistance toward home loans and mortgage payments. Location is 926 S San Pedro St, Las Cruces, NM 88001. Call (575) 528-2000, or look here for NM rental assistance.




Catholic Charities in Las Cruces provides a wide variety of social services. They include, but are not limited too (1) assistance for immigrants (documented or not) and migrant workers or Spanish speakers; (2) free legal aid around immigration or green cards as well as for DV violence; (3) free basic needs including food, hot meals, clothes and more; (4) referrals, or limited financial help to pay the bills. There are other resources too. More on Las Cruces and Dona Ana County Catholic Charities.

Free emergency food in Dona Ana County

Casa de Peregrinos (phone (575) 523-5542) provides free food packages and groceries to families and individuals who need assistance. This particular non-profit will tend to offer free food to those residents in any kind of crisis or emergency situation. The address is 310 N Tornillo St, Las Cruces, NM 88001.

Locate additional food banks - Dona Ana County is served by several charities as well as USDA funded programs. The locations, which are scattered across the county and the city of Las Cruces, offer hot meals, free food, and even clothing. Examples of the pantries include Calvary Baptist Church (575-522-7900), Casa De Peregrinos (dial 575 523-5542) and many others. Many also provide free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals too.

There are several other free food pantries and soup kitchens in Dona Ana County. Not only may they have groceries or snacks for children living in poverty, but applications can also be given to benefits such as SNAP food stamps or USDA groceries. More details on Dona Ana County food pantries.

Free health and dental care in Dona Ana County

Patients can contact Amador Health - St. Luke's Health Care Clinic, which is a Dona Ana County facility that offers limited, temporary health care to low income and those without health insurance. Phone (575) 527-5482. The working poor, including immigrants and Spanish speakers, have other programs available to them as well. There is free dental, OBGYN, eye exams and other support. Learn more on free or low cost health care services.

La Clinica De Familia, Inc. will help with the well-being of all people of Southern New Mexico through Social Services and Community Health. They oversee Migrant Health Centers and clinics, as well as offer Head Start for local children and families. The address is 535 S Miranda St, Las Cruces, NM 88005. Phone: (575) 647-2800.

Eye exams are offered too, including for patients on Medicaid in NM. There are glasses, vision tests, cataract surgery and other support around vision. Find an eye doctor who take Medicaid.

La Clinica de Familia - Womens Health - First Step Center is run in partnership with doctors, nurses, and the medical community in Dona Ana County. The location can bring affordable, high quality pediatric and women's health care to residents of the Southern New Mexico region. Address is 385 Calle De Alegra, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005, dial (575) 556-8200







Free debt relief and mortgage help Dona Ana County

Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation (dial ((575) 541-0477) can both help someone buy a home and assist people facing foreclosure in Dana Ana County NM. The non-profit will provide counseling and foreclosure assistance to those who may need it.

YWCA Credit Counseling & Home Ownership Center, which is based in Las Cruces and can be reached at (575) 532-1222, offers both foreclosure counseling and a Debt Management Program. The DMP plans, arranges, and administers repayment plans and debt reduction solutions. There is help for people with their your medical and credit card debt that you can afford and that credit will accept. Bankruptcy counseling and advice is also provided.


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