Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin assistance programs.

The Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin administers a variety of assistance programs for the low income and less fortunate. Grants for paying bills, debt help, job programs and other services are arranged. Families with children, seniors, and the disabled can get help from the community action partnership.

Some of the programs offered include Energy Bill Assistance, Homeownership Services, Foreclosure Prevention, Home Rehab Services, and Rental Assistance and Support. These support both homeowners and renters in the region.

Other support for the low income and other needs includes applications for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Tax Assistance Program, Financial Counseling Services, free Legal Service Clinics and HIRED Employment Counseling. A main goal is on helping residents find employment, increase their income, and improve their overall financial condition. As that is what leads to long term stability and success.

The federal government funded Energy Assistance Program can help people pay their heating and energy bills. Those who qualify for this program can receive a partial payment on their account, in the form of a grant, to cover a portion of their energy expenses. In some cases a credit will be placed on your bill to reduce the balance of it. As assistance provided is not a loan, people do not have to pay it back. Homeowners as well as renters are eligible for this program.

Families who receive energy assistance may also qualify for weatherization services, which can help them to improve the energy efficiency of their house and therefore save money on their utility bill. They can therefore reduce the amount of their energy bill in the process.





Housing, rent, and foreclosure assistance programs

Homeownership Services help low and moderate-income qualified individuals to become homeowners. Foreclosure assistance is also a component and it will help people retain the ownership of their existing homes. Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin (CAPSH) offers free foreclosure prevention assistance, information concerning home maintenance, pre- and post-purchase counseling, advice and counseling on reverse mortgages.

Other services offered throughout the county include Homebuyer Education Workshops which will educate people about the process of buying homes. Tenants and renters may qualify for Rental Support Services, which help people in acquiring stable and safe rental accommodation and applying for rental assistance if and when needed. Find a wide variety of free mortgage assistance programs.

CAPSH’s Reverse Mortgage Assistance counseling and workshops help older homeowners (62+) to get equity for their homes. It assists homeowners and helps them obtain cash advances, based on the plans they select. CAPSH is a federal government HUD-approved housing counseling agency, so they offer a number of services. Their home buyer curriculum meets or exceeds the requirements of HUD, Fannie Mae, MHFA and Freddie Mac organizations.





Free Foreclosure Prevention Services help homeowners in catching up on or modifying their existing mortgages. The assistance and guidance can help prevent the foreclosure of their homes. The program provides counseling, referrals to additional resources, advocacy and other assistance to families at risk of losing their homes.

Additional Foreclosure Prevention Services in Hennepin County Minnesota include early delinquency intervention, credit repair, budget counseling, counselors will facilitate communications with lenders, answer to pre-foreclosure sale information, Reverse Mortgage eligibility guidelines, and Mortgage document review.

Repairs, Modifications and Home Rehabilitation from Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin help clients to maintain and repair their houses. Qualified low income and senior homeowners are offered valuable information about options available to them such as weatherization, home maintenance loans, contractor selection process and they can get help in obtaining financing assistance for repairs. This is a major benefit for the disabled as well as elderly in Hennepin County. Community action also arranges free home care for the disabled.

Low-income suburban Hennepin County residents and tenants can get assistance and advice from the CAPSH Rental Support Services. It will help income qualified residents obtain and maintain rental accommodation and pay for expenses, such as security deposits or their monthly rent.

CAPSH offers 3 different services to those in need. They are Renters Education Programs, Supportive Housing Services and Rapid Exit Services. The counselors at the non-profit community action agency answer specific queries and questions raised by the clients, based on their employment and financial condition.

Workshops and Tenant Training Classes, which are open to all from the county, teach people about becoming successful tenants. The classes and workshops are held every month and they cover types of rental housing and leases, Tenant responsibilities, determining what you can afford, Leasing with a poor credit or rental history, what to expect from landlord responsibilities, and resolving conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Homeless Assistance and Supportive Services help families, individuals, youth (ages 16 to 21), veterans and ex-offenders to obtain affordable and safe housing and apartments. These services are available throughout the over 40 towns and cities in suburban Hennepin County. Homeless individuals, people living in hotels or shelters, and the evicted can avail themselves of the rental support service provided by CAPSH.

Case Managers from CAPSH assist people with becoming more self-sufficient. Staff will connect them to other resources and provide them with assistance to meet their basic needs such as clothing, food, furniture, education and healthcare.




Rehousing services from CAPSH, including Rapid Exit Program, assist families to leave the homeless shelters in Hennepin County and move to low income, affordable and safe housing. CAPSH is one of four Rapid Exit providers in Hennepin County and they are the only provider focusing on locating housing in the county.

Additional CAPSH social services

The state of Minnesota and federal government funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is designed to supplement the income of an individual or a family. SNAP will provide them with monetary assistance to purchase groceries and food. The program helps low income the disabled and poor families and individuals in affording the cost of food at both regional farmer’s market and local grocery stores. It is one of the many public assistance programs in Minnesota.

The VITA Tax Assistance Program offered by Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin helps low income individuals and the elderly in filing taxes. Certified volunteers prepare and electronically file taxes for eligible individuals.

Legal aid and representation from CAPSH and their clinics is operated in collaboration with Volunteer Lawyers Network. It offers more localized legal access to the residents of towns in suburban Hennepin County. The clinics assist low-income clients in obtaining answers to all kinds of legal questions and domestic issues.

Budgeting counseling, credit repair, debt repayment plans and financial education is offered in partnership with Lutheran Social Services. Certified non-profit credit counselors provide these services in the agencies Hopkins Minnesota office. They help consumers negotiate medical debts, assist with credit cards, live within their means, and offer other support.

The community action agency has partnered with HIRED to offer Employment Counseling and guidance to job seekers. The employment services offered include individualized career planning to training, education, internships and support services. HIRED provides a variety of employment services and support including full-time employment counseling and access to a resource center with a variety of print and electronic job resources and also Internet-ready computers.





Apply at Hennepin County Community Action agencies

There are several centers. Location of Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin is 8800 Highway 7, Ste. 401, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55426. Call 952-933-9639. Some of the other main programs include:
Mortgage Payment Assistance - 952-933-1993
Housing Services - Main number is 952-697-1320.
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - 952-697-1354
HIRED Employment Counseling - For appointments, dial (612) 529-3342
Financial Counseling Services - 1-888-577-2227

By Jon McNamara

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