Columbia County assistance programs.

Find where Columbia County residents can turn to for help. Much is needed as the state of Florida has been hit hard by the weak economy and recession. Get rent assistance, funds for paying utility bills, food, mortgage assistance, etc.

One organization that is all inclusive is the Suwannee River Economic Council, Inc., which offers an Emergency Assistance Program for all of Columbia County families. Some of the resources offered focus on providing utility and summer cooling bill assistance, free food, home repair, rent assistance, prescription assistance and vouchers, and federal government grants for electric bill assistance. The agency will also have information on various government grant programs, such as the emergency food and shelter program.

In addition, case management, referral and application assistance to other social service agencies as well as Florida and federal government programs are offered, as well as USDA Commodities. They can also refer clients to either no interest loan programs or public aid such as food stamps.  Lake City Florida (386) 752-8726, or read more.

Christian Service Center of Columbia County, Inc. - Both direct financial aid can be offered, as well as information and referrals to government programs and non-profits. The center can, among other things, provide clothing and assistance with utilities and rent as well as food boxes. Several days worth of food can be provided. In addition, the center also assists with offering prescription medications, minor auto repair, gasoline vouchers and bus tickets, baby items and diapers, showers, personal hygiene, Furniture & Household items. In addition, they can provide shelter, lodging, referrals to other resources, and more. Emergency rent assistance is offered to help stop an eviction. Programs that pay for or provide free shampoo, toothbrushes, sap, toothpaste, mouthwash, combs, brushes, cotton swabs, deodorant and other personal items are run. Call (386) 755-1770.


No matter your background or religion, the Lake City Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. offers emergency services. Apply for help with rent, food and prescriptions, utilities and energy aid, gasoline vouchers, Intensive Care Management, Emergency Housing assistance, Shelter, and also Employment Mentoring. They also work closely with clinics in the area for health care needs. Click here for information on community clinics in Florida.




Catholic Charities also works closely with local churches and charities in Lake City and other towns. The center is a great place for referrals and general support. Case managers will also try to address the root cause of poverty, which is often lack of meaningful employment. Call (386) 754-9180 for details, or read more Columbia Catholic Charities assistance.

A local food pantry for Columbia County residents is the Christ Church of Peace, which has locations available for local residents. Call the organization at (904) 387-2020. The center provides free food to those who need assistance.

Mortgage assistance and credit counseling in Columbia County Florida

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Mid-Florida, Inc. also supports residents of Columbia County. All programs and services provided are free of charge or low cost and designed to help consumers deal with a wide variety of financial and housing issues, and to also help them create a workable budget.

Speak to a housing counselor for free HUD approved foreclosure prevention advice and learn about mortgage assistance programs, that are both offered by Florida as well as the federal government.

Speak to a credit counselor to help repay debt (from resources such as a debt management plan) and learn wise money management techniques. More specifically, some of the services provided include credit counseling, learn how to prepare a budget based on our families total household income, living expenses, debt reduction, priorities and goals. Learn more debt help programs.

If you do decide to enter into a debt Repayment Plan to help with credit card and medical expenses, then a small monthly fee is required. It can help you waive fees, reduce interest expenses, and provide other solutions. The agency can be called at (386) 755-5350 and is based in Lake City.



By Jon McNamara

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