Canadian County assistance programs.

Get low cost or free medical care

El Reno Community Clinic is an organization that is focused on increasing the availability of medical and health care to the Canadian County and El Reno area. The agency partners and networks with various physician and local community resources to provide health care services to low income and those without health insurance. (405) 295-1390

Two other community clinics or facilities to contact for healthcare include Community Health Center-Fort Cobb (phone (866) 415-7887) as well as Community Health Clinic-Ponca City, which can be contacted at (580) 762-0296.

Credit counseling, debt assistance, and mortgage help

Anyone one of these non-profit agencies may be able to provide mortgage and foreclosure help. Oklahoma Credit Counselors ((800) 737-2933) and Focus Institute (phone (580) 242-2829) both have credit and housing counselors on staff to provide information on debt and mortgage assistance programs, and general financial counseling and credit repair services.

Help with bills and find aid in Canadian County

El Reno Blessing Baskets (phone number (405) 262-7042) offers general assistance including Christmas toys, holiday meals and food, new or gently used coats and household items to eligible families.

Yukon Sharing will help low income and the less fortunate. The organization provides free food, gently used and possibly clothes, furniture, prescription drugs and medications, as well as utility bill and rental assistance for people who reside in the Yukon school district of Canadian County Oklahoma.

Community Action Agency of Canadian Counties, Inc. offers several different assistance programs, including these below. Call them at (405) 262-7042.




  • Rent assistance - This service provides rental help and other forms of assistance to families and residents of Canadian County. The rent help can be provided when a crisis occurs, or when unexpected, emergency out-of-pocket expenses occur and disrupt the client's ability to pay for their monthly rent.
  • Bus Passes: The agency knows that having transportation to a job interview, medical appointments, social service agencies and job search is very important, so they can provide tokens and other forms of assistance.
  • Mortgage assistance - Can assist if you are faced with an unexpected hardship.
  • Prescription medications - Learn about the Rx for Oklahoma: Prescription Assistance Program, which may be able to provide you with free medications. Click here to learn more on other prescription medication programs that Canadian County residents can use.
  • Utility bills - Funding may be available for a crisis situation. Learn more on Oklahoma energy programs.

St John Nepomuk Catholic Church may be able to assist with paying utilities, provide funds for paying rent, travel, gasoline assistance and vouchers, and can also offer prescription medication aid in Yukon only. Call them at (405) 354-2743.

CAA of OKC is another community action agency for Canadian County. This non-profit offers various programs as well for basic needs. Case managers also work with low income families, seniors, and others on addressing the root cause of the hardship. Call the agency for information on free food from pantries or SNAP food stamps. Homeless prevention is also offer in the form of emergency rent assistance or grants for paying security deposits. They also run Rx for Oklahoma, Head Start, and more for the region. Read community action.

In His Name Ministries, which is a church that assists regardless of religion, may offer financial aid. Services include everything from free food to one time, emergency loans for bills or rental costs. Volunteers may also offer a Meals on Wheels service for the homebound, and place clients into transitional housing in Canadian County. Many other services are offered too, and read more In His Name Ministries assistance.





El Reno Salvation Army administers assistance programs for the county and the organization also works closely with nearby non-profits. The organization offers low income and working poor families a number of social services and emergency assistance programs. Some examples can include free food, funds for paying rent or utility bills, clothing, free fans during the summer, and home delivered meals for senior citizens. All of this depends on the availability of resources and donations. Clients will also be able to enroll into case management services. Read more.

Canadian County clothing banks have a variety of goods. Low income and struggling families may receive free items, such as clothes or Christmas assistance. In some cases the client may be provided a voucher that can be used to buy the item at a local thrift store. Centers in El Reno Oklahoma and nearby towns may also have boots, coats for children, Christmas gifts, and much more. Continue.

A program known as Compassionate Hands partners with local non-profit agencies, charities, and state of Oklahoma programs in order provide help to low income, the unemployed, and the less fortunate. The agency will help facilitate providing assistance with utility bills, eviction notices and disconnections. The agency does not pay bills themselves, but work with other organizations. Call (405) 354-9591.

Lords Harvest offers access to a food pantry. (405) 422-2001. Another option is First Christian Church, which can be called at (405) 354-5808.

Canadian County Aging Center - Both seniors and caregivers can call this agency for help. There is also some limited assistance for those with a disability. Information can be obtained on everything from medications to transportation to a doctor’s office or food. Much more is also available, and find Areawide Aging Agency services.




Additional Canadian County food pantries are in the region as well. Non-profit organizations, using donations and relying on volunteers, work to prevent hunger in the county. They may have everything from holiday meals to free boxes of food in an emergency. The pantries will help people regardless of their age, race, or religion. Read Canadian County food pantries.

Holiday meals and food boxes as well as free Christmas toys programs operate in Canadian County. Income qualified residents, seniors, the homebound, and single parents with a young child can get help. A combination of gifts, counseling, and kindness is provided. Read Holiday programs in Canadian County.


By Jon McNamara

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