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Cabarrus County Assistance Programs.

In an emergency, Cabarrus County non-profit agencies, churches, and other groups provide financial help. There may be funds to help pay for household bills including rent or mortgages, utilities, food, and others. Find how to apply for a grant or other assistance program, such as free medications or energy bill help, below.

There is other help in the county too, including the city of Concord. Whether it is government assistance, free eye exams, school supplies or clothes. Seasonal programs in the county also can provide grants to help with winter heating bills or free Christmas gifts for kids.

There is an organization, the Cabarrus County Community Foundation, that wants to know that you can always count on them, and your community for support and help. Five nonprofits in Cabarrus County, North Carolina have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and financial aid that were received from the Cabarrus Critical Need Response Fund. The grants have assisted Cabarrus residents that have been hit hard by the economic crisis.

The primary goal of the funds provided is to act as a short-term emergency relief program. The charities and organizations paying out the grants and disbursing the funds are the Baptist Sharing House, Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus County, the Cooperative Christian Ministry, Salvation Army Concord Corps, and the Mount Pleasant Food Ministry. These groups are using the funds specifically to help Cabarrus residents.

Some of the used for the money to date has been to provide shelter, mortgage and rent help, warmth, utility bill assistance, and free clothing to Cabarrus County residents.

Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus has received tens of thousands of dollars over the years as well. The funds have been paid out to assist residents who are unemployed and can no longer afford their mortgage payments or pay for their rent. The money provided by habitat has given families a few more months of mortgage or rent support while they try to find jobs or financial security. There are also free home repair grants as well for modification.

Get heating bill assistance

Families and individuals who need assistance with paying for their home’s heating costs can apply for the federal government funded Low Income Energy Assistance Program. There are several places people can go to to learn more about the program, or to apply. The Cabarrus County Department of Social Services will take applications for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. This is an annual service that provides cash grants to low income families, seniors, and the disabled.




In addition, applications will be accepted at the Cabarrus County Department of Social Services which is located at 1303 S. Cannon Blvd. in Kannapolis. Last, but not least, applications will also be taken at the Cabarrus County Senior Center which is located in Mount Pleasant, located at 8615 Park Drive, and at the Midland Fire Department at 12805 Hwy. 601.

When you apply, you need to bring verification of income for all household members. Also please be sure to bring the social security numbers and dates of birth for all household members, as that information is also required. If you apply and are accepted, the first Low Income Energy Assistance checks will be mailed to qualifying households in February of each year. This is part of the North Carolina LIEAP utility bill assistance program.

There are other options people have though for help. The Crisis Intervention Program is another program that is also available on a limited basis when the weather creates a crisis situation for those who need help with paying for heating bills. The Crisis Intervention Program is targeted for those people with heating emergencies only and it also sets a limit on the amount of assistance a household may receive. In addition, there also are other guidelines to determine eligibility for this program, including household composition, income levels, and outside temperatures.

For more information on LIHEAP or the Crisis Intervention Program, call the Cabarrus County Department of Social Services at 704-920-1400. Other resources may also be available from the government agency, and find more details on Cabarrus County Economic Services Division.

Emergency assistance programs

The Salisbury-Rowan Community Service Council, Inc., phone number (704) 633-6633, offers several programs including self-sufficiency. This provide counseling as well as financial assistance to people in need. Receive rent help, money for utility bills, and other financial aid as funding allows. They also administer the weatherization program, which can help people lower their home heating and energy bills.





The community action agency mostly offer referrals for these needs, so low income families in Cabarrus County can learn about local non-profits that may offer grants to pay a security deposit, energy bills, or food. They also have information on federal government resources, including SNAP food stamps and SSDI disability benefits. The SRCAA agency also offers job training and budgeting classes from a resource known as Family Services. Read more on Salisbury-Rowan Community action agency assistance programs.

Another non-profit charity organization is the Salvation Army. While they are located in Concord, they serve the entire county. You can call them at 704-782-7822. Receive shelter and transitional housing, cash for paying rent and bills (as funding allows), holiday programs, youth and senior assistance, and much more. There are also free items, ranging from back to school supplies to hot meals, Angel Tree Christmas toys and other goods. Click more information on Salvation Army Cabarrus County area.

Regional Catholic Charities - Society of Saint Vincent. The non-profit, faith based charity can provide crisis assistance and emergency financial (as funding allows) to the needy. Get help with free food, assistance with medication bills, clothing, fuel and utility bills. They help the less fortunate regardless of religion. Click here Society of Saint Vincent Catholic Charities Cabarrus County.

CCM - Cooperative Christian Ministry provides three main programs to qualified residents. They include free food from pantries and partner “grocery stores”.  Churches that are part of the faith based group in Cabarrus County may offer financial support or loans for certain bills, ranging from rent to medications. Other resources include housing from Single Mothers and Children Ministry, the backpack program for students, and shelters. Find more details on Cooperative Christian Ministry assistance programs.

Cabarrus Department of Social Services offers a number of public and financial assistance resources. Cash assistance is provided for such items as cooking fuel, rent, foreclosure, water, food and electricity bills. The county can help residents, including senior citizens and the disabled, access government grants for a number of different bills and needs.

In addition, apply for Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). This is a federal government funded assistance program which offers a onetime cash grant and financial assistance to low income families to help pay heating bills. 1303 S. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, NC 28083, dial (704) 920-1401, or learn more on Cabarrus County public assistance.

City of Kannapolis also can refer people to public assistance and offer help. 246 Oak Ave., Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081, (704) 920-4300





Housing assistance - The main assistance programs in Cabarrus County North Carolina include the following. Low income tenants, the homeless, and others can apply.

  • One time, emergency rent help.
  • Shelters, utility or security deposit help.
  • Free legal aid as a form of eviction prevention, rapid rehousing, and more. More on rent help in Cabarrus County.

Harrisburg Crisis Assistance Ministry provides crisis and emergency help to the needy and low income. The non-profit can serve free food, offer clothing, assistance with medication bills, and help with paying utility bills. HCAM has everything from a pantry to information on resources such as Head Start. The program is run from the Rocky River Presbyterian Church, 7940 Rocky River Rd., Concord, North Carolina 28025. Call (704) 957-8629. More on Harrisburg Crisis Assistance Ministry resources.

Regional thrift stores, furniture banks and free clothing closets have everything from low cost or free furniture to free school supplies, uniforms for work or school and Christmas programs. Clients range from the working poor in Cabarrus County to anyone looking to save a few dollars on family supplies. More information on free clothes, furniture and school supplies Cabarrus County.

East Spencer Housing Authority offers rental assistance to very low income families from the Housing Choice Voucher program, or section 8. There is often a waiting list. Address is 206 S. Long Street, East Spencer, NC 28039. Call (704) 637-1098.

Government housing programs from HUD, section 8 agencies, and other groups work to coordinate access to low income housing as well as financial aid. Agencies try to stop homelessness. They also battle discrimination and address legal needs. As an example, continue with Housing and Urban Development assistance.

There are Catholic Charity affiliated churches in the Concord NC region too. They help the poor, elderly, pregnant teens or woman and others. Whether free basic needs (clothes, furniture, groceries), shelter, pregnancy counseling, Meals on Wheels, or financial aid, there is help offered. Find how to get help from Catholic Charities.

Low cost or free medical clinic

If you do not know how you will pay for your next doctor bill or health care service, The Community Free Clinic, which is located in Concord, assists low income, uninsured, and people with limited health insurance who live in Cabarrus County. The facility provides comprehensive pharmacy services and healthcare to those who individuals lack the resources to obtain them or pay for their own medical bills. There may also be free dental care or cleanings too. Call (704)782-0650.

Free food assistance programs

If you or your family are struggling to provide for your next meal, or if you are faced with a crisis situation, there are several food pantries in Cabarrus County and Concord North Carolina. Unfortunately the amount of people who can receive help is limited to funding and local donations. But the food banks will try to help everyone they can.





The charities and non-profits to call include Operation Bread Basket which is housed at First Baptist Church (call (704) 788-3812), The Cooperative Christian Ministry (704) 933-2188) as well as the Baptist Association (dial (704) 788-6507). There are many other pantries in Cabarrus County, and click here for additional locations of free food pantries Cabarrus County.

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