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Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency programs.

The non-profit Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency provides assistance to low income families and the less fortunate. The non-profit only runs a few program of their own, however they are closely involved in administering applications for a few different federal government resources, such as weatherization and Head Start. Get information on GED programs, grant money for paying bills, housing and other support.

The agency also provides information, referrals, and other support to seniors, the unemployed, and those that are struggling. The counties supported by the agency are Cabarrus, Davidson, Montgomery, Moore, Rowan, and Stanly.

Referrals to government benefits for bills and housing

Referrals, case management and other support is part of Family Services from SRCAA. This program helps those who choose to make a positive change in their life and financial situation. It is ride ranging and comprehensive.

For individuals and families from the counties that are enrolled in this program, the agency provides supportive services and referrals to help them overcome crisis for things like utilities, housing, childcare needs, education and job training.

Family Development Specialists from Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency provide low income clients with comprehensive supportive services and referrals to address their needs. Each client of the agency can focus on the problems and barriers they have encountered.

Family Services are run for up to 3 years. During this timeframe, they can work to secure employment, obtain education or increase their income. Vocational training and buttering workshops will help them make better use of their income, learn how to budget for bills including rent, and obtain and maintain standard housing. The program is funded with federal government community services block grant funds, or CSBG.

Case managers will also offer referrals to resources available in the Cabarrus, Davidson, and other counties. This can include many government benefits, such as rental subsidies for section 8, LIHEAP utility bill assistance, and food stamps. Most of these are targeted at very low income families in the area.




Weatherization was created in an effort to help Rowan County and nearby residents save money on their utility bills. The program is for those from the area that meet the federal government low-income guidelines.

Energy conservation will assist homeowners with saving energy and reducing expenses through the free installation of energy conservation materials. It also offers education as well as the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The Weatherization program targets individuals with disabilities, the elderly and families with children from the region. There is no cost to use this service and it is for qualified individuals. The program is funded by the federal government as well as the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

Another utility assistance program is the North Carolina Heating & Air Repair and Replacement. This is offered in partnership with the state and can help clients repair and/or replace inefficient heating and air conditioning systems in the homes of low-income or working poor families.

Job training and education from Salisbury-Rowan Community Action

Both Head Start as well as Early Head Start are administered by the Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency. This is the main national and state of North Carolina program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the cognitive, social, and educational development of children.

The agency, and its schools in counties such as Cabarrus, offer health, educational, nutritional, social and other social services to enrolled children and families from the counties. There are a wide variety of comprehensive services to preschool children, expectant mothers, infants, and even toddlers. The program promotes the overall well-being of families and children by creating positive and trusting relationships that encourage parents to become engaged in the learning experience and early development of the child. The community action agency also offers Head Start in the counties of Davidson, Rowan, Stanly, Montgomery and Moore North Carolina.

Education and Career Services will help clients find jobs that pay life sustaining wages. Or they can access training in an effort to acquire new skills. The Community Action Agency Career and Education Training Service offers assistance such as leadership development, comprehensive guidance and counseling, adult mentoring, tutoring and study skills training, as well as limited internships. The location also offers paid and access to unpaid work experiences.





Some adults or students can also benefit from occupational skills training and on-the-job shadowing. Most of the support is part of the federal funded Workforce Investment Act. Some of the sessions are as follows.

Budgeting and Life Skill Series will enhance the participants knowledge based on skills that people need to such as paying rent or bills, frugal shopping, keeping a check book, maintaining an apartment, finding and keeping a job, and child care. This is offered in all counties, including Davidson and Rowan. Another component is Continuation of Work Readiness 101, which is a series of workshops and classes that can help clients build work skills.

CRC is a so called portable certificate that promotes career development and overall skills for residents of the region. Salisbury Rowan Community Action Association offers this, as well as referrals and information on local employers.

GED services are available from SRCAA. The resources that does this is also known as Continuation of Alternative Secondary School, is a form of classroom instruction leading to the receipt of certification. This is available for an individual that wants to obtain their GED and increase their overall education.

Continuation of Basic Soft Skills includes networking, communication skills, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, and improves problems solving. This is yet another key service offered.


There are many assistance programs offered, ranging from grant money to budgeting, case management and more, The main center is at 1300 W. Bank Street, Salisbury, NC 28144. Call the center at (704) 633-6633.


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