Western Nebraska Volunteers of America.

A leading non-profit organization is Volunteers of America. While they are a national group, they also provide assistance to the less fortunate in Western Nebraska including in the counties of Garden, Morrill, Sheridan and nearby regions. They have a number of volunteers and staff on site, partner with churches, and they work together to coordinate resources for the low income and working poor.

Utility bill and rental assistance is available in Garden County Nebraska. Volunteers of America works with the United Methodist Church of Oshkosh as well as the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska to offer this aid. Any assistance provided to qualified low income families will be based on federal government guidelines for income eligibility. Full proof of a hardship is needed, including copy of ID, your lease, social security cards, copies of utility bills and more. Dial (308) 778-5548 for an appointment.

Garden County food pantry is committed to ensuring that no one goes hungry. Churches joined with the Western Nebraska Volunteers of America to start this local food bank. Many fund raisers and youth groups raise donations and provide support to the pantry. Several other local clubs, businesses, individuals, and even churches donate food and money to keep the shelves full at the pantry. The demand for its services are high and the Volunteers of America do their best to meet those needs. It has really helped many people from the community, including those that live on fixed incomes or pensions.

Volunteers from the region and counties of Garden are critical for the long term success of the food pantry. They can help collect food, pass out boxes, pack items, and more. Donations of groceries, money and the time of volunteers make it possible to keep the food bank full and operating. So please help if you can. The local Food Pantry is located at Volunteers of America site in Lewellen Nebraska.

There is a Child Care Center in Chappell Nebraska. This was created to help support families in their community. It was created in partnership with other groups such as the Thomas Buckley Trust, Miller Memorial Nursing Home, and local residents.




The local child care center is certified by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. It can provide day care to children under the age of 13. It will ensure there is a safe and caring environment for all children in the region. Some subsidies may be provided as resources allow. (308)874-3494.

Christmas assistance and baskets may be offered by the Volunteers of America in the Western Nebraska counties of Grant, Garden, and Cheyenne. The non-profit and its volunteers provide Christmas and Holiday Baskets for families in need. A number of local youth groups help raise funds and collect gifts and food for the baskets. In addition, local charities and church members also donate cash, toys, and meals to the baskets.

A Community Closet Thrift Store allows people from across the region to buy low-cost goods. This serves as a strong alternative for low to moderate income families to purchase such goods. Families from across the region, including Arthur, Deuel, and Morrill shop at the store. AmeriCorps is a key partner on this resources and most of the inventory and goods for sale are supplied by donations.

The Volunteers of America Western Nebraska Community Closet is located at the Prairie Winds Collective building on Main Street in Oshkosh. The center will accept donations of and sell gently used children's clothing, winter coats, toys, books, dishes, electronics (in working condition), shoes, furniture, bedding, and towels.

The organization is committed to serving people in the region, including counties of Grant, Arthur, Cheyenne, Garden, Deuel, and Keith. From western Nebraska churches and charities collecting money, clothes and food for the pantry to emergency rent or utility assistance, Volunteers of America is committed to helping the less fortunate across the western part of the state.




By Jon McNamara

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