Rental assistance in Tuscaloosa.

Many non-profit organizations, churches, and government programs across Tuscaloosa County Alabama provide emergency rental assistance, case management, low income housing, and shelter. Individuals can meet with representatives from the various Tuscaloosa centers to apply for funds to pay a number of housing expenses. there may be grants available for regular monthly rent, security deposits, and much more.

The organizations listed here may be able to provide access to housing services, money for rent, utility assistance, legal support and other aid. All of the resources they offer qualified clients will be combined with an intensive social services and case management program. Most agencies will develop a longer term plan with the tenant, and individuals must agree to this in order to get help.

Leading non-profits in Tuscaloosa for housing issues

Community Service Programs – Dial 205-758-4756.

Tuscaloosa Catholic Social Services – Phone number 205-759-1268.

Christ Episcopal Church - 205-758-4252

Salvation Army of Tuscaloosa Alabama. 205-758-2804. Location is 2902 Greensboro Avenue. This local corps of the Salvation Army may offer emergency financial assistance to those low income families and people facing eviction that qualify when funds are available. Applicants need to make an appointment. Click here for more information on the Salvation Army.

West Alabama AIDS Outreach Client Services runs programs for AID patients and people with HIV. Some housing support may be offered. 2720 6th Street, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, call (205) 633-2437

Community Service Programs of West Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL - 35401
The non-profit may assist those individuals in the area who have special needs or are low income. They offer assistance, including financial, through referrals to other non-profit agencies or direct aid to applicants. In some cases, emergency loans may be issued for back rent that is due. Telephone - (205) 752-5429





The Tuscaloosa Housing authority runs both section 8 vouchers and public housing. The clients rent will be based on the amount of their yearly income. Clients of the program will be given a rental/housing voucher for a certain amount of funding based on their income and number of family members.

The way the program works is that once suitable private housing, including apartments, are found by the applying family, the house or apartment will be inspected to ensure that all housing codes and safety standards are met.

If the landlord agrees to accept the federal government housing voucher as a form of housing payment, then part of the clients rent is paid by the Tuscaloosa Housing authority and their Section 8 Program each month. This will occur as long as the individual continues to meet Section 8 rules and income qualifications and regulations.

Family Endeavors of Tuscaloosa County runs the Supportive Services for Veteran program. The non-profit organization may have federal government grants for paying rent and housing expenses, such as a security deposit. Other support may be placement into a low income apartment, funds for utility bills, and money for back rent to stop evictions. The Northport office is at (205) 535-1010.

Helpline can provide referrals to emergency aid, including loans for rent, furniture, and more from local churches and charities. Call 211.

Legal Services of Tuscaloosa County can provide free advice from attorneys on preventing evictions, ensuring safe housing for the low income and seniors, and more. Lawyers also partner with charities on funds for rental costs or mediation if it can stop homelessness. Address is 2315 9th Street, Tuscaloosa, telephone (205) 758-7503.





While maybe not as focused on delinquent rent, these non-profits offer other housing, budgeting, and credit services. The Housing-HUD Counselors and Budget Counselors in Tuscaloosa include.

  • WestSide Community Development Counsel - 205-562-3215
  • Community Service Programs - 205-758-4756. 601 Black Bears Way, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
  • Tuscaloosa Extension – main phone number is 205-349-4630
  • Tuscaloosa Housing Counseling Program - 205-349-4630
  • Section 8 Housing vouchers in Tuscaloosa - 205-758-4997
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Alabama – dial 800-662-6119
  • Northport Housing Authority is located at 3500 West Cir # 39 Northport, AL 35476. Or call 205-752-8171
  • Habitat for Humanity - 205-349-4620

Shelters and very short term transitional housing is offered at

  • Catholic Social Services - 205-759-1268. Address 608 37th Street East
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401.
  • Salvation Army - 205-758-2804
  • YMCA Tuscaloosa – phone number 205-345-9622

Legal Services, which can offer legal advice on evictions, can be obtained from.

  • Volunteer Lawyer Program - 800-392-5660
  • University of Alabama School of Law - 205-348-4960
  • Legal Service - 205-758-7503



By Jon McNamara

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