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Tuscaloosa County assistance programs.

Find details below and a sampling of agencies that offer financial help in Tuscaloosa County. Low income families, or those in a crisis, can get everything free free medical care to emergency rent or deposit help, money for paying utility bills, loans, or government grants among other resources. The options available include churches, charities, government social service offices, and even non-profits, many of which are noted below.

Resources and organizations to turn to for financial aid for bills or rent

Thousands of people across the area and Tuscaloosa are struggling in today’s weak economy. The good news is that are several different charities, organizations, and other agencies that they can turn to for aid. Some of these places include the Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc. and also Tuscaloosa's Temporary Emergency Services. Find information on the programs and services they offer below.

Assistance from Tuscaloosa's Temporary Emergency Services is an option. Many struggling people are referred to this agency. For those who are referred to TES by a county social worker, the agency tries to provide them help any way they can, including assistance for paying a utility bill, food aid, and even free clothing. Last year, the agency had new space heaters to give, and they will distribute them as they have unit. And the demand across the area for help is tremendous.

Temporary Emergency Services of Tuscaloosa County is located at 1705 15th St.. They provide resources and help for utility bills through Project SHARE. In addition, they also distribute food, clothing, heating bill grants, and other items to people with referrals. Also contact them at 205-758-5535. The utility aid program is sponsored and funded by both Alabama Power and Alagasco.

Another place to turn to is the Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc. Some of the programs they offer are below. Contact them at (205) 752-5429 to learn more. They also have an office at 601 17th Street, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401.

  • Food Vouchers - This is provided to help families stretch their food dollars and ensure they eat nutritious meals. The CSP community action agency has partnered with several local charities, agencies, non-profit agencies, and churches to provide families with their food needs.




  • Mortgage, rent and eviction prevention resources - Mortgage, rent, and housing counseling services are offered to struggling families. Some of the programs offered include include pre- and post-purchase counseling, rental counseling and grants, mortgage default and foreclosure prevention, and even home improvement and rehabilitation and counseling to the homeless. Community Service Programs of West Alabama bring different resources and services to the needy. They utilize budget and debt management programs, provide help with credit card debt, energy conservation, weatherization, and home maintenance information in the housing counseling process.
  • They will help people with mortgage problems, and those who are facing a foreclosure. In the case of default and delinquencies on a loan or housing payment, CSP will first works with the clients of the agency to identify the source(s) of the problem and they will then helps the client search for resources within their means to correct the financial deficiency and get back on track.
  • When necessary, clients who are part of the agencies’s programs are counseled about avoiding potential eviction proceedings and/or stopping foreclosure and saving their home. CSP utilizes internal resources, programs offered by banks and lenders, credit card hardship programs, services for housing clients, and more to help people. They can also decide to refers clients to other community resources so that the family can make their rent or mortgage payments.
  • Help with heating and utility bills - CSP also offers several different assistance programs to assist individuals and families with paying for their high energy bills. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Project SHARE, Alabama Business Charitable (ABC) Trust Fund, and Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) all have programs that will assist people with home energy and heating bills.
  • Weatherization program - This is a free program to local families. The program provides energy conservation and saving measures to houses at no cost to the homeowners. These measures that are provided for free may included sidewall, attic, and floor insulation, compact fluorescent light bulbs, air sealing around doors and windows, minor roof repair, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and even carbon monoxide detectors.

The community action agency of West Alabama can be reached at (205) 752-5429. Or read more.





Catholic Social Services may be able to offer financial assistance at most once per month. People can also access food at most once every three month. Referrals may be offered to financial aid, ranging from security deposits to government assistance and more. The office is at 608 37th Street East, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35401, phone (205) 759-1268, or more Catholic Social Services.

Christ Episcopal Church may have funds (on Monday’s only) for water, gas, and power bills. Aid is very limited, and usually only the first several people, who are qualified, can get help. 605 Lurleen Wallace Boulevard. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, telephone (205) 758-4252. People can only get help at most once every 6 months.

Find help during the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holiday. A few churches and the Salvation Army assist low income families, the elderly, and the disabled among others. There may be free toys for kids, food baskets, turkeys at Thanksgiving, or even gift cards. More on Tuscaloosa County holiday help.

Society of Saint Vincent is a poverty fighting, Catholic Church type organization in Tuscaloosa County. They help the poor, less fortunate, low income, unemployed and others. Based on funding and client needs, as well as donations, there may be the following. (1) Free food or hot meals; (2) Clothes or household supplies; (3) Money to pay rent, mortgages or bills; (4) referrals to basic medical care including mobile clinics or medications (insulin); (5) ministry services or counseling and so much more. Continue with Tuscaloosa County St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Community Service Programs Of West Alabama also covers the Tuscaloosa region. Location is 601 Black Bears Way. The non-profit helps with utility bill assistance, food referrals, home counseling, rental apartments, and home repairs. Call (205) 752-5429

Focus On Senior Citizens is a non-profit for people who are 60 and older. Programs serve residents of Tuscaloosa and Northport. Get help and food from meals on wheels. Other services include income tax filing and thrift shop, as well as a number of recreation programs. 1920 Sixth Street, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, call (205) 758-3393

Salvation Army runs a food pantry at Old Goody's Building in Mcfarland Mall. Call (205) 758-2804. Get help at most once every 90 days. Groceries, meals, and other items are provided.

A few other Salvation Army centers are located around the greater Tuscaloosa area. The demand for assistance is high, especially when considering the weak economy. Funds are limited, and only a small number of families will qualify for help. Programs may provide holiday assistance (including Christmas), rent help, money for utilities, low income housing, and other aid. Find more details on Salvation Army programs in Tuscaloosa.

Rent help in Tuscaloosa - Low income residents who are faced with an eviction may be eligible for cash assistance for paying their rent. Other agencies focus on providing shelter, or helping people find and pay for low income housing units. Most of the rental assistance programs in Tuscaloosa Alabama also come with social services and case management. More details.

Temporary Emergency Services is available for qualified Tuscaloosa families. Dial (205) 345-7330, or stop by 1705 15th Street, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401. Qualified individuals can access emergency assistance is a crisis situation, which is defined as people that are victims of fire, need food even while waiting Food Stamp approval, need life supporting medications, teenagers or children needing school supplies.

Other resources may be able to help with some utility bill payments, prescription medications, and baby needs such as formula and diapers. Additional possibilities include City Bus tokens when absolutely necessary, some Dental assistance (such as emergency tooth extractions), cleaning products and toiletries.

Tuscaloosa County Churches - Numerous groups, with dozens of volunteers, work to help those facing a crisis. The ministries may have everything from free food to referrals to financial aid. Other resources from local churches may be Christmas assistance, back to school supplies, and diapers or baby formula. The faith based groups in the community also operate a Thrift Store and can coordinate home repairs. More Tuscaloosa County churches.







Free food, holiday and clothing assistance resources

Whether you need foods, groceries, clothing, or holiday meals, several charities, churches, and agencies in Tuscaloosa Alabama are available. Some of the leading centers are listed immediately below. Call them to apply for help, or for referrals. There are many other food pantries in the county as well. Or click here for additional locations.

First Wesleyan Church - Call (205) 752-4251. Various meal programs are offered.

Canterbury Episcopal Chapel can be contacted at (205) 345-9590. This religion organization helps the homeless and very low income with food and other aid.


By Jon McNamara

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