Assistance from Community Service Programs of West Alabama.

Low income, seniors and the working poor may receive services from the Community Service Programs of West Alabama. The nonprofit organization provides resources to low-income in Tuscaloosa, Choctaw, Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, and Sumter County Alabama. Programs include rental help along with housing counseling, education, and other supportive services. In addition to that, CSP provides weatherization services in Pickens County Alabama.

Financial help for paying bills, rent or housing from Community Services

Housing programs are for eligible families as well as partners with area communities to build and/or rehab existing homes and properties. Families that are qualified will have several housing choices from new and rehabbed single-family housing to apartment homes. The staff from CSP provide a wide range of services to assist families in making the best choices for their housing needs.

Free counseling is available for the purchasing activity, mortgage and financing, leasing/renting, energy conservation and related real estate issues are available to eligible participants. In addition, CSP has a Homebuyer Education Program for those interested in learning about credit repair, financial management, finding the right home, getting ready before you start home shopping and much more.

The community action agency also offers a Lease/Purchase program for those with less than perfect credit and/or do not have the funds for receiving a traditional home mortgage or making the down payment.

Tenants can also receive rental counseling and maybe financial aid for paying their rent. The homeless can receive counseling and information on security deposit programs. Eviction prevention and rehousing are key undertakings. These are part of the homeless prevention programs in Alabama.





In the case of delinquent rent or default on a home loan, CSP works with the client to help them find and apply for resources within their means to correct the financial deficiency. If an when it is necessary, clients are counseled from Service Programs of West Alabama staff about avoiding potential eviction proceedings or a foreclosure on their home. The non-profit can refer clients to other community resources so that the family can make their mortgage or rent payments on their own in the future. Other rental assistance can include occupancy and rent subsidies, such as section 8 vouchers. housing, as needed.

Energy bill assistance is for individuals and families that qualify. They may be able to obtain financial assistance to pay for their energy bills over the short term, including gas, electric, etc. Programs available include the Project SHARE, Alabama Business Charitable Trust Fund, the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Project, and the federal government Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP). These are just some of the grant programs that will help those eligible pay for their utility bills.





Help with food or hunger prevention from Community Service Programs of West Alabama

Food assistance and vouchers are for eligible families are able to receive one voucher per week that can be used to obtain groceries, meals and food. The community action agency works with local area agencies, charities and churches to provide food to the needy. There are countless areas in Western Alabama that are available, and locate free food pantries in Alabama.

Meals on Wheels is offered in partnership with several non-profit organizations including FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), churches, the City of Tuscaloosa, government aid from EFSP (the Emergency Food and Shelter Program), as well as private donations. The free Meals on Wheels program will deliver midday meals to those who are unable to prepare meals to seniors and those who are homebound. Volunteers deliver meals.

Food insecurity is a major issues in counties including Hale, Bibb, and others in Western Alabama. The USDA, partnering with community action, can help. they assist people with identifying and applying for everything from free breakfast or lunch programs to SNAP and more.

Job and educational services in Western Alabama

Many residents in Western Alabama need job skills or are seeking a higher paying position. The Community Service Programs of West Alabama can assist them on their journey. Everything from work at home jobs to IT training, resume reviews, side gig jobs, apps for employment, and more can be organized by the Community Service Programs of West Alabama. The goal is self-sufficiency, and learn more on non-traditional opportunities such as question and answer sites that pay for interaction.

The West Alabama community action agency runs the Early Intervention program, the Head Start and Early Head Start resources. These government subsidized programs help to prepare children to learn effectively.

The Head Start programs are all encompassing. Infants, children and their parents or families work with teachers and staff right from the beginning of the process. The social workers and staff help with planning, assisting families to obtain needed services and government resources, as well as connecting families with what they need when they are outside the scope of the program are all offered by staff.




The Early Intervention program is for infants and children under the age of 3 who might be experiencing some form of developmental delays. Children from West Alabama under the age of 3 with possible delays in the following areas may be eligible to receive help. It is for those impacted by emotional, adaptive, cognitive, communicative, motor, and/or social development challenges.

As part of this process, a general development assessment and review of the child’s health needs will be done as well as their medical records. There are also assessments conducted by specialists occur to determine a child’s eligibility to receive these services.

If found to be eligible, the child’s social worker and other service providers from Tuscaloosa County will work with the parents to create a Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). This outlines services to be provided to the child. Almost all the Early Intervention services will be provided at no cost to the family.

The Service Programs of West Alabama Early Head Start program offers its services to newborns, expectant mothers, infants, and toddlers from the area. Services provided in a center or home based locations. Note that the Early Head Start program is only available in Tuscaloosa County Alabama.

Head Start administers numerous assistance programs, services and resources to children and their families. It is done through nutritional, educational and healthy habit programming. The Head Start program’s view is on the entire child. Educational needs are met as well as health and nutrition needs.

As part of Head Start, children from low income families receive both free medical and dental care. In addition, the program’s Fatherhood Initiative provides activities and learning opportunities for Pregnant women and children (birth to age 3). They may be eligible for the Early Head (see above). All families from western Alabama that have children that meet all eligibility guidelines will not have to pay for any bills or costs associated with the Head Start type programs.

Offices of Community Service Programs of West Alabama

The no-profit is set up by county. Whether grants for bills or job programs, food or something else, assistance is offered by the community action agency. The main locations of Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc. are noted below.





Bibb County Office, 200 Second Street, Centreville, Alabama 35042, Telephone (205) 926-9384
Fayette County, 316 Second Avenue N E, Fayette, Alabama 35555, (205) 932-3218
Greene County, 116 Prairie Avenue, Eutaw, Alabama 35462, dial (205) 372-4562 for intake
Hale County, 800 Hall Street, Greensboro, Alabama 36744, Telephone number is (334) 624-4455
Lamar County, 145 Columbus Avenue, Vernon, Alabama 35592, (205) 695-9573
Choctaw County, 129 North Mulberry Avenue, Butler, Alabama 36904, (205) 459-3964
Sumter County, 106 Hospital Drive, Livingston, Alabama 35470, main phone (205) 652-1346

By Jon McNamara

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