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Sell Your Knowledge and Make Extra Money by Answering Questions On These Q&A Websites and Apps.

It is possible to get paid some extra money by answering questions on sites such as Quora, Just Answers, and several others. Find how the companies operate, what is required, and Learn more about how to get paid on QA sites below.

If you have ever spent time with a child, you may realize that they ask a lot of questions. As adults, our curiosity hasn't changed a bit. There is a need for information, and question – answer sites pay people (or give rewards) to those who participate.

The internet is overloaded with helpful information, and it is written by people just like you. We all accumulate unique life experiences that help others. Why not earn a little money for this knowledge, and just answer questions of others. As the fact is everybody knows something, and the internet has made it possible to help others with the right answers and get paid.

Life does not come with an instruction manual, and at some point, we all need advice on making a particular decision, and that's where we rely upon our best friend (Google) for answers.

There are countless internet searches for "what is" and "how-to" questions involving day-to-day activities. Sites like Quora are helping to answer these questions, and paying people to participate. As the internet has billions of articles which are intended for a worldwide audience and it can be hard to find the best answers. For a more personalized experience, many internet users are visiting Q&A sites, also known as "question-and-answer" sites for a specific answer to their problems.

Do you enjoy helping others or answer questions? Get rewarded in hard cash for that. Or win rewards or free stuff for answering questions. Share those life lessons.

These Q&A sites will add value to your life. It is a basic human desire to help others, and we often feel dissatisfied when this is unmet. In fact, meaningless work, lack of respect and recognition are some common reasons why most people hate and quit their jobs.




According to various research studies, the internet is great for connecting with others, making money, learning new skills and instant gratification. You can enjoy these benefits on Q&A sites, plus an opportunity to get paid for sharing unique knowledge.

Websites and apps that will pay you for answering questions The top-most visited Q&A platform community where people ask and receive answers from all sorts of people around the world. It also pays the most out in cash and rewards. It is a great platform to grow your knowledge and get help from people who know the answer.

Getting started is very simple. Just ask questions whenever you have them and answer questions whenever you can. First, start by following some interesting topics ranging from parenting advice, workplace stress, personal struggles and more. Quora is a powerful platform with over 600 million visitors per month. Here are the benefits of using Quora.

Quora's Top Writers Program: A recognition given to individuals who contribute the most valuable content on the platform. Top writers on Quora receive a badge on their profile, a top-writer kit (messenger bag, t-shirt & New York Times Subscription), your answers may get republished in popular news and media websites like HuffPost, Forbes, and Newsweek.

Top writers on Quora are also invited to Knowledge prize events to win cash and an opportunity to meet up and have dinner with smart, interesting people. They can also exchange messages and reap the rewards of satisfaction, recognition, and feeling valued and appreciated. Quora Top-Writers program is a great place for aspiring authors and writers to get feedback and to practice.





Quora Partners Program: An-invite only program that was introduced in 2018. Quora Partners Program compensates users for making contributions to the community. The goal of this service is to grow and share the world's knowledge. Therefore, only valuable questions and answers that meet people's demand for knowledge will be rewarded.

On average, top partners have earned $26,897 and asked over 8,000 or 45 questions per day. Top-10 partners have earned an average of $9,189 and asked 11,256 questions or 61 questions per day. Quora has various features to optimize your earnings, including a Partner Dashboard that gives suggestions and inspirations for questions, insightful tools on learning from other successful questions, a guideline of questions and accrue value.

These features make sure that everyone has the opportunity to leverage their own expertise and interest while avoiding unnecessary competition. Joining is completely free, and your earnings depend on the quality and value of your questions and answers.

Networking: Quora is a great place for finding professional contacts. It also breaks the barrier between the general public and famous people such as Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and other celebrities and CEO's.

Building an Online Presence: With over 600 million active users, Quora is the leading question and answer website as well as smartphone app. It is an excellent platform to build an online presence and getting exposure. Use your real name, mention your business and follow leaders in your industry.

Finding New Ideas: Quora is an excellent market research tool for finding ideas, topics, prospective customers and latest threads.

Quora For Business: Use your Quora account to drive traffic to your website/blog and to increase sales by answering questions and recommending your services and products. It can also be used for affiliate marketing

Confidence Boost: It is an amazing feeling to share your knowledge with someone and knowing that it is helpful and it made a difference to them. And of course the money you make is helpful as well for paying bills! Users can 'like' and 'upvote' your answer, which means more visibility. It is equivalent to receive a virtual high-five, social acceptance and a sense of appreciation that your voice and knowledge matter.

Quora Opportunities: There are many CEO's, industry leaders and reputable companies on Quora. You can use it to find a job, build friendships, personal advice, improving communication skills and connecting with great people. Google loves Quora, and your answer might even get featured on the first page, resulting in more opportunities to make some cash or rewards.

 A Q&A website where anyone can ask questions and have it answered by an expert. It is a paid site that also has a smartphone app.

Sign up to become an expert on JustAnswers and get paid for sharing your knowledge and answering questions. There are hundreds of categories to select from, including law, homework help, medical and general categories like research, movies, and dream interpretation and so forth.

You can apply to become an expert in many categories as you like. However, you must provide professional verifications (state license, diploma or certificate), personal identification (ID, social security) and a resume with past work experience and reference. All potential experts must pass an 8-step quality process to guarantee knowledgeable and trustworthy help. Once approved, you will be able to set your own hours and price. Top experts on JustAnswers are earning more than $1000 per month for helping customers solve everyday issues. A market research/QA company that pays users for answering questions on 1Q app- available on iOS and Android devices. Companies and individuals ask questions, and you will instantly get paid via PayPal.

Questions typically takes 5, 10 or seconds to answer and it is based on target demographics and locations. For each answered question, you will be paid 0.50 cents to $1.00, with instant payment. It is a great app to make a decent amount of pocket money. A Q&A website that connects people with questions about companies and products and for experts who can provide answers. HelpOwl is free to join and once registered, you can start answering questions, writing reviews and participating in paid activities on site.

HelpOwl works by earning points for answering questions, which can be exchanged for an Amazon or Walmart gift card of up to $500. There are several ways to earn points on HelpOwl. You will be awarded $0.20 for each answered question, 1,000 points if you are first to answer a question, 10 points if your answer was marked helpful and 750 points for writing a company review. Additionally, your points will be doubled for uploading helpful resources like instruction manuals and how-to-do videos. A leading question and answer community that provides trusted and reliable resources for personal psychic advice. Sign up to become a psychic advisor if you are an expert or have an interest in horoscopes or the ability to provide live spiritual and tarot reading, which includes answering life advice questions, love life readings, and questions regarding compatibility with astrological signs.

You can also answer questions and get paid for insight on dream interpretation, past life readings, angel card readings and more. Keen is a great place to share your psychic gift and knowledge with the world.

Set your own price, choose your customers and promote your psychic business anywhere. Psychic advisors are protected and will be given a personal toll-free number. Keen offers a vibrant community to discover friendships with like-minded individuals who share the same passion. Rates are calculated per minute and the price varies. Some psychic advisors charge between $2.99-$12.99 per minute. A micro-consulting platform with a global network of professionals ranging from cardiologists to rice farmers and high school graduates. Registration is quick and easy.

Simply select an hourly consultant rate (the lowest rate is $25/hour) and answer a few questions about your skills. The system will contact you when there is a potential match for your expertise. You will be paid for responding to written questions, such as electronic surveys, telephone and virtual ideations (online discussions, brainstorming).

Maven offer opportunities to participate in bigger projects such as job opportunities, workshops & seminars, research & analysis, and in-person engagements. You can earn also earn significant referral commission for introducing other smart people to the platform.



 Get paid for helping others via online, email and phone. There are over 600 categories including health, life coaching, design, business, social media and more on this QA website.

Get started on PrestoExperts by creating a profile and uploading a professional photo of yourself. Your listed credentials are thoroughly checked. Upon registration, your profile will appear in selected categories and whenever a client search by keyword. On PrestoExperts, you will get to set your rate and accept work whenever you want to. You can also use social media and other platforms to drive traffic to your online profile. A question and answer marketplace that offers one-on-one expert advice with a wide range of business topics including entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking and more. Get started by creating a clarity profile and connecting to your LinkedIn profile (its a requirement). You are allowed to set your rate, which starts at $60 an hour but, generally an average $100-$300 per hour or $1.67-$5 per minute.

There are a number of QA websites out there. Some pay, some don’t. Earning money by answering questions and giving personal/business advice is a great way to supplement your income and to achieve personal fulfillment in your life.


By Jon McNamara














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