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Public assistance and government aid in Alabama.

Alabama Department of Human Resources administers a number of public assistance programs for the low income, unemployed, and others who need help. Get cash aid, food stamps, Medicaid and other government aid. Many of the emergency financial assistance programs focus on families with children, seniors, or the disabled. Find more information below by county and state on many of the social services provided for those who need help with bills and paying for basic needs.

Alabama Medicaid Agency – Both the state as well as federal government fund and run the Medicaid program. This public resource can help pay for immediate medical bills as well as long-term care services for children, low-income pregnant women, certain people on Medicare, nursing home residents, as well as individuals with disabilities and people who are at risk. The program does have criteria that need to be met, and individuals who apply for assistance must meet certain income and other requirements that are in effect across Alabama. You can call the Department of Human services to apply for Medicaid benefits and learn about other public assistance and health care programs that are offered by the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

ALL KIDS – This is a comprehensive, yet low cost, healthcare coverage program for children who live in the state who are under age 19. Benefits provided by the government include immunizations and regular check-ups, prescription drugs and medications, sick child doctor visits, hospitalization, substance abuse services, vision and dental care, mental health and much more.

Low income individuals can learn more about the eligibility requirements and find a provider of the low cost healthcare coverage program or other public health care services for children under 19. This is a program that is very similar and based on the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Alabama Department of Human Resources, Food Assistance Information – This government agency also administers the federal government funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Alabama. The primary purpose of the Food Assistance Program's is to improve nutrition and end hunger by providing monthly government benefits to eligible low income households, seniors and others. The goal is to help them buy the food they need for good health for their families and themselves.

Department of Mental Health – A number of medical programs are offered across the state that focus on mental health and the services that are available to those in need.




Immunization Programs – The Human Resources in Alabama offers publications of the Immunization Division's efforts to educate Alabamians of the importance of vaccination. Learn where to get shots from, the pros and cons, and other information on immunization resources across the state.

Clinics and health care provider services – Information and listings of facilities that offer public health care, clinics, and other medical programs are available.

Alabama WIC program – This is another program that is offered to Alabama families, but is funded and created at the federal level. The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is a supplemental nutrition program for women who had a baby within the last six months, pregnant women, infants, breastfeeding women, and children under the age of five.

In addition to those high level criteria, in addition someone who is applying for help needs to meet low income requirements and have a nutritional risk or a need for food and meals that proper nutrition could help to improve. Contact the Alabama Department of Human Resources to get the laws and eligibility requirements regulating the Woman, Infants, and Children supplemental nutrition program, and apply through this agency.

TANF Welfare in Alabama – This program, also widely known as the Family Assistance Program, offers a number of public benefits in the state of Alabama. Families will need to inquire and apply at the Department of Human Resources office in the county in which you reside in order to get TANF. In addition to completing a paper application at your local office, it is also necessary to participate in a personal interview with a case worker. To make an appointment or to get more information from your local office, locate your county DHR office on the list or call 334-242-1310.

TANF government benefits are determined based on the state of Alabama guidelines and dependent on factors such earned and unearned income, family size, rent, and housing expenses. In the state of Alabama, recipients of family assistance are provided with temporary cash payments via an EBT debit card. Cash payments provided to program applicants will range between $165 and $605 depending on the family size and other factors.

Additional benefits provided to Alabama families from TANF include workforce training services, job training and childcare assistance for adults in the household that are completing program work and training requirements. There are many limits to the resource, one of which being there is a 60 month (5 year) limit for receiving TANF public benefits in the state of Alabama. Find more details on the Alabama cash assistance program.







Subsidized child care is available in Alabama. For low income families in which the parents are working or attending school or training, the state may pay a portion of your day care costs. There is often a waiting list for this program and several conditions need to be met as well. Click more details on free daycare or child care help in Alabama.

Family Assistance Program is offered to help encourage and provide for the care of children in their own homes or relatives. This public assistance program can provide for work and job training services, short term cash payments, and also child care assistance for parents that are engaged in training and/or work activities. Any type of temporary cash assistance pay for the basic needs for low income families in Alabama with children under age 18 or 19.

Short-Term Employment Services is offered to help people remain employed or to secure new employment. Alabama can provide assistance that focuses on job retention skills, can offer individualized help with problem resolution, and offers referral to community resources for emergency aid. The state can also provide for the provision of limited emergency cash assistance as help with paying for car repairs, transportation expenses, or cost of work clothes or tools.

Local public aid in Alabama

The Alabama Department of Human Resources can be reached at (334) 242-1310. Call them for more information or to apply. Or find a local contact below. Each county in Alabama operates its own public assistance programs for residents, whether they are low income, unemployed, disabled, or elderly. Find details of the local Department of Human Resources by county below.

Jefferson County

Montgomery County


By Jon McNamara

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