Jefferson County Alabama public assistance.

The public and government assistance programs in Jefferson County Alabama are focused on helping low income families, especially those with children, provide for themselves and their families. So short term aid may be provided for basic needs and living expenses. Social workers from Jefferson County and Birmingham will also work with the client so they can access employment services and job training.

The Department of Human Resources in the county will help lower income families, children, and seniors receive the most effective and least disruptive public aid and related services that they need, when they need them, and for a defined period of time. One of the main goals is to help children stay in their own home, or return them to a safe, stable environment.

The S.E.A. Program, or Short-Term Employment Services, is a local jobs club that focuses on job retention and developing employment skills. Examples of this include getting along with peers and reporting to work on time. Career search services may be offered too.

General/Public Assistance is a fairly generic term. In Alabama, it means any type of cash assistance, grants, aid, and other support paid out to the very low income. The Birmingham program provides financial assistance to disabled, elderly, low income and other qualified families. Government money is short term in nature and comes with restrictions and people needing to agree to employment programs. Cash can pay for things like food, baby formula, rent, and cooling bills.

The Family Assistance Program can offer some or all of the following. Get help including temporary cash payments, child care assistance for parents engaged in work and training activities, and register for work and job training services in Jefferson County Alabama.

The Family Coaches Program will help families receiving Family Assistance (see above) make a successful transition from receiving welfare to finding work. It can help low-income and working poor families achieve a better quality of life for their families.





The Jefferson County Food Assistance Division runs the food stamp/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for qualified individuals in Alabama. The state and federal government funded Food Assistance Programs purpose is to improve nutrition by providing monthly benefits to eligible low income households and to also end hunger. The public program can help people buy the food and groceries they need for good, long term health.

Child Care Services and Day Care assistance provides Jefferson County Alabama families equal access to affordable yet high quality child care services. The program is responsible for, among other things, the renewal and licensing for Child Care Centers in the region.

TANF is another federal government program that is officially known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. There are several components in Alabama, as indicated here. There is the generic Temporary Cash Assistance, which is limited to 5 years. It also provides for direct child welfare. An emergency component is called TANF Emergency Assistance, which can be provided on a more accelerated basis.

The Department of Human Services Fatherhood Initiative and the participants of this program are assisted by case managers. Together you will explore and work towards accessing job training programs at vocational training sites and two year colleges. Also get help in finding work while attending school. The county works closely with the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, the Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Jefferson County Department of Public Health, Department of Correction, Alabama Healthy Marriage Initiative, and other local businesses and non-profits in order to address the upward trends in these and other social problems.

Jefferson County Human Services is located at 2001 12th Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35234. Dial (205) 423-4300 to reach family assistance or call (205) 423-4200 for the food programs.




By Jon McNamara

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