Montgomery County Alabama public assistance.

Families living in poverty in Montgomery County Alabama can seek help from the Department of Human Resources. This office administers applications for both state government and federal programs. While there may be the possibility of receiving short term aid, of more importance is on ensuring the family has some source of income coming into their home during the near future.

The main public assistance programs are below. Each will be for very low income families and even those on the brink of poverty. Proof of income, residency, and number of household members will need to be provided to the department, along with other information that the county requires.

Cash assistance is part of the Montgomery County Family Division. This is the main place to turn to in order to apply for a wide number of social services and government benefits. Most of the aid is targeted at households with children, including single parents.

  • Basic needs can be met by short term cash payments. There may be grants available in Montgomery County to pay for everything from housing to medications or food.
  • Vouchers to pay for child care are available, and more information is below.
  • Any type of public aid comes with job training. Social workers from the county will ensure the client gains the skills they need for stability.
  • Medical needs can be met by Medicaid, vouchers for discount medications, and more.
  • SSI disability is run in partnership with the social security division in Montgomery County. Very low income disabled residents can have their daily living expenses paid by this program.

Most of the public assistance is for very low income families with children or infants at home. The child, and the parent for that matter, will often need to be employed, in vocational training or in secondary school.

When applying for Family Assistance, which is also commonly called TANF, an interview will also need to take place with the social worker. During this process they will determine the exact needs of the client. A plan will also be created between the applicant and the social worker to address the cause of why someone is in poverty. This plan will also need to be adhered too by the client in order for them to continue to receive public aid from the Montgomery County Human Resources Department.




Child Care Vouchers are administered as part of federal government grants. They are used to help low income parents that are working or in job training. The funds are part of the Child Care and Development Fund, and the state helps oversee this.

Montgomery County will help low income families, those with a disabled child, or even more moderate income families pay for day care as part of this service. They also have a list of approved providers that operate in the county. The goal is to give as many people as possible access to quality child care. In order to receive a voucher, among other things, the parent needs to be in educational training, working, or meet other requirements.

Any cash assistance, including from TANF, will also offer Short-Term Employment Services. This is for the underemployed and unemployed too. Social services in Montgomery County wants clients to both keep a job, or find a new one if needed. Having a source of income that allows a family to pay their bills is the best solution to ending a dependency on public aid.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will provide low income families with an EBT card that is used to pay a portion of their grocery bills. It is the state of Alabama and Montgomery's County main hunger prevention tool.

The amount of public aid from Food Stamps varies. It will depend on the applicant's income, household size, and number of children. Everything is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Medical assistance is also available in Montgomery County from Medicaid. This is the state's as well as county's primary health care program for the very low income. In most cases, the program will pay for a portion of the patient's bills and the family also needs to contribute a portion of the expense as well. Everything from check ups to medications and even more specialized care can be covered by Medicaid.

The Department of Human Resources in Montgomery County is located at 3030 Mobile Highway. To learn more about these public benefits or other programs, stop by or dial (334) 293-3100 to make an appointment.



By Jon McNamara

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