Tri-County Community Action assistance programs.

The non-profit Tri-County Community Action Agency provides emergency assistance as well as job training, educational, and other support services to working poor families. The agency supports several counties, including Jasper, Upshur, Newton, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Tyler, Panola, and Harrison. Everyone from immigrants to seniors or entire families on a low income can get help.

There are several services available from their office in Center Texas. One of the main ones is energy and cooling bill assistance from CEAP. These use the Community Service Block Grant program to provide other emergency help too, mostly around food or housing. These government grants can also be paid out for employment and training needs, such as work clothing or bus passes among others.

Energy bill help and rent help from Tri-County Community Action

Funds can be issued by Tri-County Community Action in the form of a loan to help with utilities, rent, or a security deposit. All recipients from counties such as Jasper or Tyler are required to make monthly payments until the loan is paid back. The terms may be as follows.
-The money guarantees on behalf of Tri-County Community Action Agency is for income-eligible individuals and families desiring to find rental housing in the area.
-Landlords or other creditors are given the money.

In the event of default by not repaying the loan on time, any claim by the community action agency is paid using funds from the client's source of income.

For utility bill help from CEAP, also known as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), please visit the Tri-County Community Action office, your social service provider, utility company or the nearest community action agency if there is another one used in your town. Families can obtain an application and assistance with completing it, if necessary. Crisis assistance is also available in locations such as Sabine or Tyler County to help pay a gas or heating bill under this program.





The LIHEAP program in Texas provides financial assistance to eligible households struggling with paying home heating and cooling bills. Benefits are in the form of one direct payment or maybe a credit to the utility company. The staff from Tr-County will oversee processing this.

The assistance for energy bill is made on behalf of the client and any other household members. This government funded program is available on a first come, first served basis, as long as funds are available. Learn more on CEAP in Texas.





Educational and immigrant programs

Head Start and Early Head Start are child and family development programs for children from birth to age five from low-income families in Texas. It can also support immigrants and non-English speakers. It uses funds provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Using that money, both programs promote positive early childhood and family development. It also paysof rof doo, dental or medical care, and other needs of the kids. The federal education service will also help their parents, caregivers and siblings.

The Immigrant and Refugee Assistance Program serves newly arrived members of the state of Texas or regions including Shelby or Harrison. There is also help for immigrant youth and families through provision of the following prevention and intervention services. Programs include the following.

  • Parenting groups as well as Mentorship for the young.
  • Case management and Referrals help with financial needs.

There is also Youth counseling at targeted schools in southeast Texas, Parent and student advocacy, ESL classes for adults, Therapeutic summer camp, and information on housing and job programs.

Many immigrants need to send money back home. There are stores as well as online services. It is part of repatriate funds. Find more details on transferring money overseas.

Matched savings from Tri-County Community Action Agency IDA helps clients clients save money. It also enables people to build assets, open credit cards, join the financial mainstream, and achieve the American Dream. Long story short, the Individual Development Account is a program rewards working poor families as they make monthly deposits toward the purchase of assets that may include a first home, post-secondary education, or a small business. It operates in all Southeast Texas counties, including San Augustine, Newton, and Tyler.

Tri-County Community Action Agency free health and dental assistance

Dental clinics in Texas – Get help with Dentures (full or partial), Extractions, Fillings, Root Canal, Cleanings, X-Ray, Sedation, and more. The staff at Tri-County Community Action Agency can direct residents to a local clinic. To receive free or low cost dental care, patients are required to show a written referral. They also need to meet income and insurance guidelines. Find more information on dental clinics.

The referral needs to be from a license dentist, dated within the last six months. Also, the clinic will require a complete a hard-copy application with appropriate attachments. The applicant will also need to participate in either an in-person or online orientation. Consultations are also arranged for patients of the clinic (or applicants) that have questions.





Case workers also try to help the low income as well as indigent get the free or affordable medical care they need. There are community clinics in Texas, including in counties including Upshur, San Augustine, Tyler that have doctors as well as dentists on site. They give check ups and other care. Find locations of Texas free community clinics.

Applying to Tri-County Community Action Agency

They are part of the nationwide and federal community action agency network. The regional Tri-County Community Action is based at 214 Nacogdoches St, Center, Texas 75935. Call them at (936) 598-6315 for information.

By Jon McNamara

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