Rental assistance in Modesto and Stanislaus County.

Several non-profit organizations and government programs focus on providing rental assistance in Modesto and Stanislaus County. The terms and eligibility of each program will vary, and some provide direct financial assistance, and others can help individuals apply for the resource in question, such as section 8 housing vouchers or government grants.

Most of the agencies also offer case management, counseling, and information, and this is mostly done as money available for rental expenses is limited. Tenants can therefore learn about many government programs, such as public assistance and section 8 housing vouchers. As the counselors at these non-profits want to ensure that families and individuals in Stanislaus County California become self-sufficient over the mid to long term.

Below is a listing of the primary agencies and charities to call in the Modesto area for rent help or low income housing. Their hours and funding will be limited, so it is always strongly suggested that someone calls in advance. Also be sure to call for help as early as possible if you need rental assistance. Oftentimes it is too late if someone has already received an eviction notice.

Community Temporary Shelter Services - Both farm workers and other very low income persons can get renters assistance, transitional housing and case management. Desarrollo Latino Americano, 704 I Street, Modesto, California 95354-2224, dial (209) 526-5348

Harvest of Hope - This location offers a number of social services, information on low income and rent assistance, and other support for underprivileged families and individuals in the area. 727 Sutter Avenue, Modesto, California 95351, dial (209) 521-7183

Mighty Women of Modesto - This non-profit will only help women, including single moms. Access emergency shelter, counseling, loans for rent expenses and training through the agency. 664 Paradise Rd., Modesto, CA 95351, (209) 522-5598





Community Housing and Shelter Services - Programs administered include low income Housing Services, Section 8 vouchers, emergency shelter for families, and also emergency rental and security deposit assistance. The non-profit will also offer general housing counseling. 823 15th Street Modesto, California 95354, dial 527-0444

Stanislaus County Salvation Army - There are several locations around the county and Modesto. They may have limited rental assistance, clothing, shelter, case management, and a number of other housing programs and services. Dial (209) 577-3600

Community Sharing Christian Center - Eviction prevention and homeless programs. Oakdale, California 95361. Phone number - (209) 847-3401. There are also more national and regional services, and learn more on how to get rent help. The list of resources to the low income and working poor is extensive.

Stanislaus Housing Authority - Housing Services - Direct rental assistance for low and moderate income individuals and families as well as other subsidized low income housing is available. In addition, the government supported Housing Authority administers a number of Section 8 rental housing voucher assistance programs for low-income families and individuals.

The main objective of these resources is to provide adequate homeless prevention as well as low income housing solutions for families. This is done mostly by subsidizing a family’s rent in a privately owned rental home or apartments. 1701 Robertson Rd., Modesto, California 95351, (209) 557-2000

Community Impact Central Valley offers various housing solutions, ranging from emergency loans for back rent to shelter and motel vouchers, which are limited. There is help for the disabled as well as residents with AIDs. Other resources include funds for security deposits and referrals to charities in Stanislaus for additional rental assistance. Address is 900 H Street, Modesto, CA, 95351, dial 209-572-2437.

Project Sentinel is a HUD agency. They can arrange free legal aid to stop evictions, ensure safe housing and apartments for seniors and the working poor, and offer support to tenants. There is advice to people behind on their rent or that need help with deposits and more. Dial 209-236-1577.




Homeless Prevention - Rapid Rehousing is available in Stanislaus County. Referrals can be given to agencies that help with rent, security deposits, or that even have free motel vouchers for children or single moms. A combination of government agencies as well as non-profits provide eviction or rental assistance to tenants. More details on Stanislaus County eviction and rehousing assistance.

Central Valley Opportunity Center - Modesto - The non-profit offers emergency financial assistance to families and single parent families when funds are available for rental assistance. In addition, call to ask them about emergency shelter (shelter), transportation, eviction prevention and homeless assistance. The address is 1581 Cummins Drive Ste 100, Modesto, CA 95356, (209) 577-3210. Or learn more on rental and housing assistance from Central Valley Opportunity Center.

Stanislaus Community Assistance Project - Housing and landlord/tenant programs are run. 2209 Coffee Road Suite A, Modesto, California 95355, phone (209) 572-2437

By Jon McNamara

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