Help from Family Promise Of Greater Modesto.

Everything from a box of food to personal hygiene items may be provided by Family Promise Of Greater Modesto to the less fortunate. Relying on volunteers and donations from churches and other charities, the non-profit will also try to assist seniors with home delivered meals, or maybe arrange transportation for someone who needs a ride to an interview. Those are just some examples of what Family Promise Of Greater Modesto may provide.

With the demand for help in this challenging economy continuing to increase, support is limited and targeted at people who need a hand up so they can gain stability. The assistance is not a hand out for individuals who are not taking personal responsibility. Also, when seeking assistance, be prepared with proof of income and copies of leases and other bills. So resources are limited.

Food and essential items may be provided from local pantries that are part of Family Promise or the Interfaith Hospitality Network. There may be groceries for people who are facing a one time crisis, or they may be passed out for people waiting for benefits such as Food Stamps to start. Or, if someone is going on an interview, then there may be toiletry and personal hygiene items so they can prepare.

The Family Promise Of Greater Modesto pantry is supplied by donations and fundraisers from churches, generous members of the community, and fund raisers. There are often annual drives held to collect items needed to keep the pantry supplied with the essentials, so please contribute canned goods and other items. The demand is highest around the holidays.

Meals-on-Wheels will help the elderly maintain good health. Food will be delivered to people confined to bed, the disabled, applicants that lack transportation, or are too frail to cook for themselves. Not only will a hot or frozen meal for later preparation be delivered, but the regular visits also provide a visitor to check on the health of the senior.

Transportation may be arranged by volunteers who partner with local churches and the Family Promise Of Greater Modesto. They may give someone a ride to a local job interview, or maybe a senior citizen a ride to the doctor office. Volunteers are always needed, and low income families, with a focus on seniors, may benefit from these programs too.




There may also be referrals to car repair programs. All across Stanislaus County, many cars have been made drive-worthy for families, including single moms, desperate to get to work. There are some mechanics that volunteer with churches or other charities to provide minor work.

All the parts will usually need to be paid for by the client, but the garage may due some of the labor or other repair work at a reduced price. This is done when possible as sometimes the ability to get off public assistance and to gain financial stability is simply a matter of having a car in decent repair so that it provides transportation to a job.

Employment services in Stanislaus County

Vocational Programs are focused on people that have some type of barrier to finding and retaining a job. It was created as a multi-faceted approach that offers many opportunities for senior citizens in the community or individuals with developmental disabilities, whether physical or mental. Several avenues of training are available based the goals, skill-set and desires of the individual seeking help.

Family Promise Of Greater Modesto has information on Workforce and One Stop Job centers too. These are federal centers that will direct the under or unemployed to classes that can help them improve their skills, and ideally find a job. Specialists will review resumes, provide access to computers and databases for job searches, and coordinate other employment resources.

Homeless services

There may be limited financial assistance to income-eligible persons facing eviction. This will be for those that have paid their rent on time in the past, have some form of income, and that were stable in the past. Financial assistance or some form of loan may be available to eligible households, which will give them some short amount of time while families regain self-sufficiency.





Or learn about other more unique programs such as the Continuum of Care. This is when local non-profits, using State of California and local governments partnerships, try to quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families. The goal is to minimize the trauma caused to homeless individuals in Stanislaus County, so this addressed all aspects of housing, such as shelter or emergency funds.

Family Promise Of Greater Modesto offers referrals and assistance is for anyone in the community that needs a little guidance. There are also resources focused on seniors. Clients can get linkage to the county social service office, state of California benefit programs, and other programs. Among other things, learn how to apply for public assistance Child care vouchers, Food stamps (SNAP), Medical assistance such as Medicaid, TANF Cash assistance and more.

For information on Family Promise as well as resources available from its churches, call 877-211-7826.



By Jon McNamara

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